The Story of Paris Saint-Germain: From 1970 to Today

Exploring PSG: History and Achievements

The team name of a French football league is Paris Saint-Germain Soccer Club. This club is sometimes known as Paris and PSG. With one French League 1 title, 14 French National Cup championships, nine French League Cup championships, and ten French Super Cup championships, this club has been able to claim these domestic titles.

The soccer team Paris Saint-Germain was originally established in Paris, France, on the 12th of August 1970. It evolved since then to be categorized among France’s foremost soccer clubs. The huge investment of Qatari shareholders in the 2010s made this club gradually become the proudest French club.

The initial outfit for this club was red and blue. This was subsequent to a white suit and a black suit. Maybe many people know the color of the shirt of this Paris Saint-Germain team as dark blue, but before this, the men of P.S. Jay used lighter shirts and the blue color is the symbol of this club. The Eiffel Tower appears at the center of a blue circle in the club’s emblem. The Le Clasico game between Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain from the Port of Marseille is one of this team’s most crucial games.

Paris Saint-Germain’s past

Paris Saint-Germain's past
Paris Saint-Germain’s past

The establishment

A group of ambitious businesspeople made the decision to construct a sizable club in the French capital in the summer of 1970. After the promotion of Stade Saint-Germain under the ownership of Henri Patrelle to the French League 2, Guy Crescent and Pierre-Étienne Guyot decided to start their new club called Merge Paris Football Club with that club and make a new team.

In the meanwhile, the creation of Paris Saint-Germain was significantly aided by the football team Real Madrid. Before they met Santiago Bernabeu, the president of Real Madrid, these three guys were unaware of the outcome of their investment. Bernabéu told them that capital pooling is the best solution to create a new team.

PSG was formally established on August 12, 1970, following the signing of a petition by 20,000 persons. Fans made financial contributions to the founding of a football club for the first time in French football history.

Parc des Princes, PSG stadium
Parc des Princes, PSG stadium

The honors of Paris Saint-Germain

PSG is the proudest club in the FA Cup, League Cup, and French Super Cup. In addition, after winning another title, this team became the most ecstatic Ligue 1 club in France. This Parisian club has won three vice-titles as well as two international championships. Paris Saint-Germain is among the proudest clubs in French soccer history as a consequence.

Record holders

The record holders of the most games in Paris Saint-Germain

PSG defender Jean-Marc Pilorguet between 1975 and 1989 holds the record for the club with 435 appearances. With 371 games in the French Ligue 1, he also holds the record for playing for Paris in the league. Marco Verratti holds the record with 67 appearances in European competitions.

Paris Saint-Germain
Paris Saint-Germain

The top scorers in Paris Saint-Germain’s history

Edinson Cavani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were the two greatest goal-scorers in a club’s history all over the decade of the ’10s. Cavani is also the club’s top scorer in Ligue 1 (138), domestic cups (32) and international competitions (30).


Paris Saint-Germain Football Club with the unofficial and popular name of PSG is one of the proudest French football clubs with more than 40 official championships. This club at the international/continental level, has won a championship title in the European Cup Winners’ Cup, Intertoto Cup, and European Champions League.

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