Inside and Out: Splendor of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Architectural Evolution: The transformations of Galeries Lafayette's design

Paris’ Galeries Lafayette is one of the most prominent retail malls worldwide. This department store has been functioning for over a century and is regarded to be one of the biggest in all of Paris. Apart from being a great place to shop in Paris, Galerie Lafayette also has stunning architecture, both from the outside and inside. As a result, we may list Lafayette Gallery among Paris’s tourist attractions.

The upscale department store Galerie Lafayette has locations all around the world and in France. Famous brands are sold at different prices in this store. “Gallery Lafayette” is one of the chain’s luxury shopping centers, whose main store is located on “Boulevard Haussmann” in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Further to Paris, this shop has branches in France and in other countries. In 2009, Galerie Lafayette registered an income of more than one billion euros. This shopping center is a part of the “Galerie Lafayette” company.

Lafayette Gallery History

In 1895, Théophile Bader and his cousin Alphonse Kahn opened a small fashion shop located on rue La Fayette in Paris. In 1896, their company bought the entire building at 1 Lafayette Street. In 1905, they also bought buildings No. 38, 40, and 42 on Osman Blvd. Bader hired an architect named Georges Chedanne and his apprentice to design the Osman Street store.

The glass and steel dome and the Arnovian staircase of this building were completed in 1912. The Lafayette Gallery consists of three parts, including the main store, men’s store, and homewares store with a dining hall. The glass dome of the main store with its stained glass is more than a century old. You can sit and watch modern art in the gallery on the first floor or go to see a fashion show. Watching the panoramic views from the roof or relaxing in one of the 24 cafes and restaurants here will be very enjoyable.

Lafayette Gallery History
Lafayette Gallery History

Lafayette Gallery, as a famous brand and a symbol of French splendor and Parisian chic, leaves you with a memorable experience of the fashion world during and after shopping. Here you will find lower prices of luxury brands and various facilities before, during, and after your purchase. At Galerie Lafayette, the world of fashion comes to life again.

If Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world, Galerie Lafayette is its number one exhibition that displays a collection of 2,500 creative brands in a space of 70,000 square meters. It is not bad to know that this department store, with its world fame, is the second most visited attraction in Paris after the Louvre! A great deal of emphasis is placed here on giving customers a distinctive buying experience.

Lafayette Gallery branches

Galerie Lafayette in Paris is currently only one of the branches of Galerie Lafayette, although it is the main branch, apart from this branch there are several other branches around the world including:

  • Istanbul [opened in 2017]
  • Luxembourg [Opening November 2019]
  • Dubai [inside Dubai Mall, opened in 2011]
  • Jakarta [opened in 2013]
  • Berlin [opened in 1996]

Additionally, a monthly fashion show is held at this mall. Therefore, if you are interested in fashion salons, you can count on this shopping center for this purpose.

Lafayette Gallery branches
Lafayette Gallery branches

Facilities of Lafayette Paris Gallery

The facilities of this large and beautiful mall include a VIP welcome, private shopping, express shipping, exchange, multilingual guides inside the store, stroller and wheelchair rental, taxi reservation service, parking, etc. In the homewares store, there are cooking lessons in the Cooking Workshop and home improvement tutorials in the Atelier de l’Archi. Special services are provided for non-French customers, which include multilingual reception, international shipping, and various fashion shows. Office gift services are also available for businesses.

Suite Lafayette Gallery

The latest example of a store’s ability to satisfy eager customers as much as possible is the reopening of a 400-meter apartment on the sixth floor of the Haussmann store, which is known as “La Suite Galeries Lafayette”. Customers may tailor their shopping and leisure experiences in this one-of-a-kind location, while simultaneously enjoying views of both Paris and the Sacré-Coeur. Special clients may enjoy one of the most convenient and gratifying shopping experiences at La Suite.

You may learn from eminent and talented fashion professionals right here. Busy employees, fashion addicts, French shoppers, or international customers can find great things to suit their needs. The luxurious fashion and design of Paris may be accessed safely through La Suite. Lafayette Gallery goes above and above to ensure that its consumers are entirely happy by providing services such as health and beauty clinics, exchange services, and expedited delivery. For recreation, opulence, and satisfaction, this is the ideal location.

Suite Lafayette Gallery
Suite Lafayette Gallery

The Galeries Lafayette’s architecture

Théophile Bader appointed architect Georges Chedan to oversee the first major renovations, which were completed in 1907. Ferdinand Chanot, a student of Georges Chaudan, designed the store’s 43-meter (141 ft) neo-Byzantine dome. The opening ceremony of this store was held in October 1912. In 1932, the store was renovated in Art Deco style by the architect Pierre Pato.

Shop at Lafayette Gallery

There are many stores in this shopping center and all kinds of goods are sold in them. In order to provide a guide to buying from this department store for those who plan to travel to Paris, I must introduce the best stores of this department store one by one:

The best stores to buy men’s clothes

Men have many options to buy men’s clothes from this gallery, including:

  1. Men’s Clothing Festival: This festival is usually held at the end of the year and near Christmas in this mall. A festival during which different brands sell men’s clothes in different designs and prices.
  2. HUGO: This store is located on the second floor of Galerie Lafayette and sells only men’s clothing. It is one of the most popular among Lafayette stores and is definitely one of the best options for buying men’s clothes.

    stores to buy men’s clothes
    stores to buy men’s clothes
  3. A.P.C: It is one of the best French brands of men’s clothing, and although it started with the supply of jeans, it gradually included all men’s equipment and clothing. Currently, 67 stores of this brand are operating in different cities, including London, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, etc., one of them is located on the second floor of Galerie Lafayette in Paris.
  4. AAPE: This store is located on the first floor of Lafayette and offers a wide range of men’s clothing.
  5. Remember that these are only a handful of the men’s clothing stores in Lafayette Gallery; there are also other general businesses in this mall where you may buy all types of men’s apparel.

The best stores to buy women’s clothes

You may find many different types of men’s clothes at Lafayette Gallery’s general stores in addition to these four, so keep in mind that these are only a handful of the men’s clothing retailers there. Among the best and most famous stores in this shopping center for buying women’s clothes, the following can be mentioned:

  • Longchamp LGP: This store is one of the best stores in Lafayette Gallery to buy women’s clothes, and besides the branch it has in this gallery, it also has branches in several other cities. The Lafayette Department shop’s first level is where this shop is situated.
  • Valextra: Valextra celebrated its 80th anniversary this year. This is an Italian luxury leather-based product company that claims to be the heir of the Milan, Italy scene. Bags and other luxury leather goods can be purchased in this store. To get there, go to the first level of the Lafayette Gallery.

    Stores to buy women’s clothes
    Stores to buy women’s clothes
  • Aristocrazy: Aristocrazy is a special brand in the Parisian jewelry field. Gold, ruby, emerald, silver, diamond, and black spinel are among the elements that are used with great delicacy in making jewelry by this brand. If you don’t have a limit on spending, you can visit this store on the ground floor of the main store to buy luxury jewelry.
  • LONGCHAMP: This store has been operating in Paris for over 60 years. All kinds of leather and luxury bags and luggage are offered in this store. You must purchase it on the ground floor.
  • LABORATORIES: Several laboratories on the first floor of Galerie Lafayette have been established in recent years and are dedicated to luxury women’s clothing. Designer Lab and Luxury Lab are two of their most famous ones. All kinds of clothes are offered in these two laboratories on the first floor of the gallery, from home clothes to formal clothes.

These items are just a part of Lafayette Gallery’s many women’s stores. On each floor of this shopping mall, you will discover various women’s stores.

The best stores to buy children’s clothes

There are a few special stores for buying children’s clothes in Lafayette Gallery, among the best of which I should mention the following:

DISNEY: This store recently moved to the Lafayette Gallery and occupies a space of 370 square meters. It has a very beautiful decoration and all kinds of children’s clothes and children’s equipment can be bought there. It can be said that the best place to buy children’s accessories in Galerie Lafayette Paris is this store. This location is on the fourth level of the Lafayette department store.

On the main floor of the store, during the summer months, a children’s clothing discount festival is held.

The best stores to buy children's clothes
The best stores to buy children’s clothes


Lafayette Gallery sells fragrances, colognes, creams, shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics at moderate costs. Both in the ground floor hall of this general shopping center, there are cosmetics stalls, and on its multiple floors, there are many luxury stores that offer French cosmetics. When you visit this mall, you will notice that you can buy various sorts of products step by step, therefore if you like purchasing cosmetics, you will certainly like exploring this shopping center.

Lafayette Gallery Restaurants and Cafes

Several restaurants and cafes operate in this large department store, some of which date back decades. There is a separate space for restaurants and cafes in this shopping center known as LAFAYETTE GOURMET. Among the best restaurants and cafes in this shopping center, I can mention the following:

  • CRU: The main dishes of this restaurant are Mediterranean and seafood. The restaurant itself has a pleasant atmosphere and is located on the third level.
  • PETROSSIAN CAVIAR: Most of the dishes served in this restaurant are seafood. The ground level of LAFAYETTE GOURMET houses this restaurant.
  • LA MAISON DE LA TRUFFE: This is also a great restaurant in Galerie Lafayette that offers a variety of European cuisine. The first level of LAFAYETTE GOURMET is where this restaurant is situated.

    Lafayette Gallery Restaurants and Cafes
    Lafayette Gallery Restaurants and Cafes
  • BAR KASPIA: This is both a restaurant and a bar and is located under the glass dome of Lafayette. There, you may order any type of food or beverage, although seafood is extremely popular.
  • LAFAYETTE CAFÉ: This cafe is actually a restaurant and serves as a cafeteria. In this cafe, multiple meal and drink selections are offered along with sweets and desserts. To get to it, you must ascend to the sixth story.
  • ANGÉLINA: Actually, it’s a bar and it serves less food. It has a very beautiful environment and offers a variety of drinks. It is located on the first floor under the dome.

Events held at Lafayette Gallery

Visitors can attend the store’s free fashion show every Friday at 3 p.m. Participation in these events is only possible if booked in advance. Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann has a hanging Christmas tree every year, the first of which was hung from the dome in 1976. The holiday season sees a variety of exhibitions and performances organized by this shop.


Lafayette Galerie is the most beautiful department store in Paris and it is considered a good place for shopping. Try to visit this shopping center during your trip to Paris.

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