Lights, Camera, Hollywood! 10 Attractions You Can’t Miss

Discover the Glitz and Glam of Hollywood: Top 10 Tourist Spots

The Hollywood sign is located in the Hollywood neighborhood, which is about eight miles northwest of central Los Angeles at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains. Hollywood is synonymous with the American film business and the glamour and success that come with it.

From Universal Studios’ backlot excursions to Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard’s upscale shopping and people-watching, the city is packed with sites that pay homage to the entertainment industry and its outsized reputation.

While most visitors come to Hollywood to soak up the glitz and glitter of Tinseltown and keep an eye out for their favorite stars, the city also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, cultural sites, and historical landmarks. Use this guide to Hollywood, California’s top sites, to plan your perfect trip.

Top 10 attractions in Hollywood

Hereโ€™s a list of Hollywoodโ€™s top 10 attractions. Have a great time!

  1. Walk of Fame
  2. Hollywood Sign
  3. Hollywood Boulevard
  4. Hollywood Bowl
  5. Runyon Canyon Park
  6. Dolby Theatre
  7. TCL Chinese Theatre
  8. Warner Brother’s Studio
  9. Hollywood Wax Museum
  10. The Hollywood Museum

Walk of Fame

Both Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street are part of the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here, the most famous names and personalities in Hollywood have been memorialized in the form of metal stars set into the pavement. This street is, without a doubt, one of the best tourist attractions you get to visit in Hollywood, California.

Walk of Fame
Walk of Fame

People who have made significant contributions to the fields of film, television, radio, audio, and live theater/performance are among those who have been honored. Nominations for new stars continue to be revealed every June. There are currently around 2,500 stars on the streets, with a modest increase occurring annually.

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign, perched atop a slope, is arguably the state’s most recognizable landmark. The first version of the sign went up in the 1920s to promote a neighborhood called Hollywoodland. It was never meant to be a fixed marker, so it gradually deteriorated over time. After being rebuilt in 1978, the sign’s iconic “Hollywood” lettering became an instant landmark and one of Hollywood’s top attractions.

The sign can be seen from a number of locations during the day when the weather is clear, but this is not always the case. Hiking or an equestrian journey through the Hollywood Hills is the best way to see the sign, and the guides will take you to the finest spots. Visitors can take a guided horseback tour of the ranch’s paths and learn about other excellent spots to see the Hollywood sign from the friendly locals who work there.

  • Address: Los Angeles, CA 90068.

Hollywood Boulevard

Come here if you want to find some nighttime entertainment in Hollywood. The major east-west avenue is Hollywood Boulevard, which has been likened to New York’s Broadway due to its theater and nightlife. Hollywood, on the other hand, has lavish theatres like the Chinese and Egyptian Theaters, both of which were constructed in the 1920s by Sid Grauman. This place is not only one of Hollywood’s best attractions but is also one of America’s most famous boulevards.

Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Boulevard

The Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Kodak Theatre, where the Academy Awards are held annually, are the two most recognizable landmarks on Hollywood Boulevard. Most of the action on this street takes place in the evening when the renowned landmarks are illuminated, and the street is filled with pedestrians.

Hollywood Bowl

For over a century, musicians from all over the globe have taken the stage at the Hollywood Bowl, an open amphitheater where concerts are held. The Bowl, which was originally constructed in Bolton Canyon in the 1920s, has since expanded to become a massive arena with seating for 20,000 and standing room for 10,000 more. Performers from the performing arts, both musical and dramatic, have graced the platform.

Danny Elfman, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, John Williams, and countless others are just some of the famous performers who have appeared on the show, which makes this place one of Hollywood’s best attractions.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, which calls this venue home, holds its “Symphonies Under the Stars” series there every summer. The Hollywood Bowl Museum is open to the public and provides insight into the history and cultural importance of the Bowl for music and history lovers.

  • Address: 2301 N Highland Ave, LA, CA 90068.

Runyon Canyon Park

Tourists who want to see a star in their environment of choice may want to go on a walk in Runyon Canyon even if they don’t normally enjoy the outdoors! Runyon Canyon Park’s north-south route from Hollywood’s Fuller Avenue to Mulholland Drive is a popular spot for A-listers to get some exercise, and the park’s off-leash dog area is equally popular. This park is one of Hollywood’s top attractions to visit on your trip to the area.

Runyon Canyon Road is the most convenient way because it is a broad, smooth, and off-limits fire road. The Star Trail is an excellent choice for those looking for a more difficult hike, and those with more hiking expertise should consider the Hero Trail, a more challenging route that goes to the park’s highest point, Indian Rock.

  • Address: 2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.
  • Timings: every day from 6 AM to 6:30 PM.
Runyon Canyon Park
Runyon Canyon Park

Dolby Theatre

The Dolby Theatre, part of the enormous Hollywood & Highland retail and dining complex, is a legendary theater that has played home to both the Academy Awards and the Grammys. It has also been the site of a wide variety of musical, theatrical, and artistic events, from orchestral symphonies to Steven Tyler concerts. This theatre is surely one of Hollywood’s best attractions.

The building’s foyer and audience seating area are particularly beautiful and are renowned for their Italianate influences, even if you don’t end up seeing a performance here. Daily tours give guests the opportunity to gain insight into the structure’s background while viewing its most notable features.

  • Address: 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.

TCL Chinese Theatre

Sid Grauman constructed the Chinese Theatre in 1927; it has since gone by many different titles. The venue underwent a name change to the TCL Chinese Theatre after the most recent ownership transition. This Chinese-themed theater has played home to three Academy Award ceremonies and numerous other high-profile events, including the 1977 premiere of the first Star Wars picture.

Various personalities have been honored by having their footprints and handprints displayed in the “autograph collection” in the entryway. There are handprints, footprints, and even impressions from the wands of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, among others. This theatre is another one of Hollywood’s top attractions.

  • Address: 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.
TCL Chinese Theatre
TCL Chinese Theatre

Warner Brother’s Studio

Visitors can experience what it was like to work on the sets of their beloved films and television shows by taking a tour of the Warner Brothers backlots. Make sure to visit this place on your trip to the region, as it is one of Hollywood’s top attractions. If you have seen at least one of Warner Brothers’ famous sitcoms and movies, you will find this place amusing.

The stages, including some of the most prominent fictitious locations in Hollywood, are on display for visitors to view. Fans of Pretty Little Liars will know the Brownstone Street lot, and fans of Gilmore Girls will recognize Stars Hollow on “Mid-West Street,” a location that has been used in almost 400 programs and films over the past 80 years.

Fans of the long-running TV series Friends can recreate classic scenes from the show by taking photos on the famous Central Perk sofa or on the show’s opening titles pond. Fans of The Big Bang Theory can visit real-life locations from the show, such as Sheldon’s residence and the canteen in the Caltech Physics Department, where the show is filmed.

Visitors can try on original costumes and handle artifacts like the Harry Potter Sorting Hat during their studio visit. In addition, there is an immersive experience where guests can participate in every step of the filmmaking process.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Taking a picture with a Hollywood celebrity is out of the question for most visitors, but there are a few alternatives. The wax figures at Madame Tussauds and the Hollywood Wax Museum are so lifelike that you can pose with them for photos or play out scenes from your beloved movies with them. This museum is one of Hollywood’s top attractions.

Hollywood Wax Museum
Hollywood Wax Museum

Both the Hollywood Wax Museum and Madame Tussauds offer interactive exhibits that encourage tourists to get into characters, such as virtual reality experiences and time travel missions, respectively.

The Guinness Book of World Records Museum, where visitors can try their hand at breaking world records, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, home of the renowned tiny heads, are also close by and are popular with families.

  • Address: 6767 Hollywood Blvd, LA, CA 90028.
  • Timings: every day from 9 AM to 12 AM.

The Hollywood Museum

There are four stories of displays at the Hollywood Museum, and most of them are devoted to artifacts from the studio’s early days and Hollywood’s golden era. The museum is a celebration of “Hollywood Regency” Art Deco and is housed in the historic structure that once housed the offices of the famous Max Factor.

Makeup workshops that were pioneering when they were built have been lovingly restored for modern audiences to appreciate. This museum is another one of Hollywood’s best attractions.

Fans of classic films will love the museum’s genuine atmosphere and the many displays honoring Hollywood’s biggest stars, from Cary Grant’s Rolls Royce to a shrine to Marilyn Monroe. The museum houses thousands of photos, costumes, props, mementos, and personal items, and there is a special exhibit in the cellar devoted to “all things creepy and scary,” where visitors can explore some of Hollywood’s most terrifying sets, such as Hannibal Lecter’s prison cell.

  • Address: 1660 N Highland Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028.
  • Timings:
    1. Wednesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.
    2. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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