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How much do world cup tickets cost? (Qatar World Cup 2022)

One activity that binds many people from all around the world is sports, and sports enthusiasts gather in one place and enjoy sports together. Certain events can have more followers and lovers than others, and football or soccer is one of these activities. One of the most important events in this world is the World Cup tournaments that get indicated in certain countries every four years.

In this statement, we will be talking about the Qatar 2022 world cup tournaments and the tickets you have to get to watch this fantastic event conducted by FIFA. We shall discuss the matter of the openings and different sections of this event. In the end, you will know how much you have to pay for each ticket to get into the event. keep in mind that the prices will be different from the previous tournament due to the time period and country. So, letโ€™s get to the article and discuss this matter, shall we?

World Cup trophy
World Cup trophy

The different parts of the Qatar World Cup tournament

In this part, we will talk about the different parts of the Qatar World Cup, so you have a better decision for buying tickets. Let’s get started.

Opening match

The opening matches of each tournament will be held the first game as the starter game. The teams that are chosen for this part are determined in advance.

Group matches

These matches are the first part of the World Cup matches which are held in certain orders and FIFA decides about it.


In the Quarterfinals, most of the teams get eliminated, and some of them go to the semifinals section of the events. Consider that for every part of the event, you need a separate ticket.


As the name suggests, in the semi-finals two teams get declared to the final of the Qatar World Cup2022. This is an essential part of these matches and if a team reaches this far, it would be considered an outstanding victory.


The last part of the Qatar World Cup 2022 is the final, in this part, only one winner will be the champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 and will receive the world cup.

We talked about all the parts of the Qatar World Cup 2022, now, it’s time to talk about the ticket prices of each part.

The cost of World Cup tickets
The cost of World Cup tickets

Ticket prices for Qatar World Cup 2022

you must put into account that the prices we listed here are just for the events, and the other expenses during your residence in Qatar will be added to this cost.

Now let’s get to the list of tickets:

  • ยทOpening matches: $54.85 โ€“ 301.68
  • The group plays: $10.97- $219.40
  • Quarterfinals: $82.28 – $425.10
  • Semifinals: $137.13- $954.41
  • Finals: $82.28 โ€“425.10

These are the prices we have gathered for the Qatar World Cup 2022, and we hope that you decide on which tickets you want as soon as possible. It is interesting to know that these prices are different for Qatar citizens and if you want to buy a ticket out of this price range, you shouldn’t be non-Qatar resident. And finally, remember that if the team gets eliminated, the rest of the money that you have paid on the tickets for a specific group will be returned to you.

The logo of Qatar World Cup tickets
The logo of Qatar World Cup tickets

Timetabling of the Qatar World Cup 2022

The World Cup in Qatar kicks off on Sunday 20th November 2022 and continues until Sunday 18th December 2022. The first two games will start at 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, and 22:00 according to Arabia Standard Time (AST).

At the endโ€ฆ

We have discussed every part of the Qatar World Cup 2022 and explained how much cost you have to spend for the Qatar World Cup 2022 tickets. And hope that the information which was provided for you will be useful and help you to get your ticket easily.


Can I still buy the Qatar World Cup 2022 tickets?

ยท When you read this article, there is still plenty of time to get the Qatar World Cup 2022 tickets; however, we advise you to act fast before the limit is filled.

When is the next World Cup event?

ยท The world cup is one of the events conducted every four years in different countries, so you have to wait four years for the next world cup.

Can I watch the Qatar World Cup 2022 if Iโ€™m not in Qatar?

ยท Yes, you can get the tickets, especially for non-Qatar citizens, and while these tickets will be different in price, you can get these tickets even from outside of this country.

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