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All about the Dubai Frame

Dubai is a touristic city with so many attractions and wonders. A special part of Dubai’s wonders is its glamorous towers and skyscrapers. Dubai has so many skyscrapers that it is known as the jungle of skyscrapers in the world. Every one of these many towers and skyscrapers is famous for a reason like being the world’s tallest tower (Burj Khalifa) or their special design.

One of Dubai’s greatest towers that is famous all around the world and one of Dubai’s many wonders is the Dubai Frame. The Dubai Frame is a newly built tower in Dubai city in the shape of a picture frame. This tower building with 150,25 meters in height and 95,53 meters in width is supposed to provide a panoramic view over Dubai city. The Dubai Frame is the world’s biggest frame and one of Dubai’s many wonders that its construction started in the year 2013 and was inaugurated in the year 2018.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Dubai Frame and tell all about the details and facts that help you know more about this fascinating tower in Dubai city.

Accessibility and timings of the Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park and it is open to visitors every day of the week from 9 AM to 9 PM. The exact address of the Dubai Frame would be Zabeel Park jogging track, Za’beel, Al Kifaf, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • Taxi: you can take a cab from any place in Dubai to take you to the Dubai Frame. Taxis in Dubai cost much less than in European cities.
  • Subway: the nearest subway station to the Dubai Frame is the Al Jafiliya station on the red line.
  • Bus: there are several bus lines that will take you to the Dubai Frame but the closest bus stop to this place is the Al Jafiliya stop which is closer to the entrance way of the Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park.

Different sections of the Dubai Frame

The entrance of the Dubai Frame

For entering the Dubai Frame, you have to purchase a ticket. You can get the ticket from gateway No 4 of Zabeel Park. After purchasing the ticket, you will go into an open area in the park, and after a few minutes walk, you will get to the entrance of the building. You will see the greatness and wonder of the Dubai Frame as you take your head up and see a grand tower with two glass elevators on both sides.

The Dubai Frame
The Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame Elevator

The Dubai Frame has two glass elevators on both sides that is transparent and you can see the whole Zabeel Park as you are moving up in the transparent cubical. The Dubai Frame has 48 floors and the elevators will take you up from the first to the last floor in only 75 seconds.

The Dubai Frame, UAE
The Dubai Frame, UAE

Dubai Frame Gallery (Skydeck)

As you go up to the last floor of the Dubai Frame you will get to the upper edge of the frame which is 95 meters in length and it’s like a transparent bridge made of glass. In this gallery, you will see some facts about Dubai city and see all the wonders and world records that are held in Dubai. This section of the Dubai Frame has the capacity for 200 visitors at the same time.

The Dubai Frame Night
The Dubai Frame Night

Future Dubai Gallery

After finishing your visit to the Skydeck of the Dubai Frame you have to take the elevator and come back to the first floor. On the first floor and on the exit way of the Dubai Frame you will walk past a fascinating tunnel that displays a movie that shows Dubai City in the future (the year 2050) and their plans for innovations to make this city even greater.

The Dubai Frame view, UAE
The Dubai Frame view, UAE

Units and attractions inside the Dubai Frame

There’s a small café on the last floor of the Dubai Frame where you can rest and enjoy a tasty drink while you are enjoying the great view of the city beneath you.

There are also several units and shops on the last and first floors of the Dubai Frame where you can purchase souvenirs and gifts from them.

Facts about the Dubai Frame

  • The design of the Dubai Frame is inspired by the logo of EXPO 2020.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Dubai Frame alone and they have to visit the tower with an adult.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Dubai Frame.
  • It is also prohibited to bring drinks and food to the Dubai Frame from the outside.
  • The Dubai Frame provides a great view of the fireworks that happen on special occasions.

Final Words

The Dubai Frame is just one of Dubai’s many wonders and world records that made this city special in the world. In this article, we tried to introduce this luxurious and symbolic tower in Dubai city to help you gain a little perspective on the greatness of the Dubai Frame.

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