Sharjah Desert Park

All You Need to Know About Sharjah Desert Park

For those who tend to wildlife, this desert park is a great place that you can go and enjoy. This place is the perfect place to gain both knowledge and entertainment for all ages. This park is among the famous tourist destination in Sharjah. This Desert Park is divided into four parts: Wildlife Centre houses of Arabia, the oryx, the Arabian leopard, and some rare animals.

There are a Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden in this park which offer important information about the flora and fauna. This park also has a place for Endangered Arabian Wildlife which is called Breeding Centre. If you decide to visit this wonderful park, here you can find some necessary tips about Sharjah Desert Park to make your planning easier.

About Sharjah Desert Park

This park was opened in 1995 in the Seih Al-Masmout Reserve, the aim of establishing the park was to make a conservation center for flora and fauna that was endangered. Over time, it was changed into an informative park with a beautiful botanical garden, a place for breeding rare animals, and a petting farm.

About Sharjah Desert Park
About Sharjah Desert Park

What can you do at Sharjah Desert Park?

The Sharjah Natural History Museum includes several sections according to Sharjah’s history: The first one is called ‘Journey through Sharjah.’ It presents different protected habitats along with graphic illustrations from various types of climates to display the way of local flora and fauna in the city. The second part is the Desert Life section which shows the desert atmosphere and displays the way of surviving the organisms in harsh desert conditions.

The third one is a “time journey” which describes the timeline of the earth as a center of geological exhibits. This part also shows the fossilized thigh bone of a dinosaur, fossils of raindrops, the first real meteor from space, the world’s oldest rock, and a massive slab of petrified copper ore. The fourth hall which is named ‘The Living World’ displays the way of living organisms and also the way of their impact on humans, other creatures, and the environment. The fifth section which is named ‘The Living Sea’ shows replicas of fishes and marine creatures. This is an amazing spot to learn more information about underwater living and its ecosystems.

Sharjah Desert Park
Sharjah Desert Park

The Sharjah Botanical Museum is among the famous family-friendly destination for travelers in the Emirates which is established in 2008. This museum helps visitors know about various types of plants like algae, fungi, grass, trees, and herbs. The Sharjah Botanical Museum is a perfect place for all ages and those who are interested in botany can learn here about the plants that are back millions of years ago.

The Ticket Price of Sharjah Desert Park

You can prepare tickets both online and at the venue. The entry fee for adults is AED 15, for kids under 12 is free, and for children over 12 is AED 5. By getting a ticket you allow access to all the halls except one center which is the breeding center, so as most visitors say, the prices are perfect and worth it. Moreover, you can have guided tours on your ticket.

The timeline of Sharjah Desert Park

Here, you can find an overview of the timeline of Sharjah Desert Park:

  1. The opening hours of Sharjah Desert Park on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm
  2. The opening hours of Sharjah Desert Park on Fridays: from 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm
  3. The opening hours of Sharjah Desert Park on Saturdays: 11:00 am to 05:30 pm

NOTE: On Tuesdays, the park is closed.

The location of the Sharjah Desert Park

This park is located on the outskirts of Sharjah, on Al Dhaid Road. The Park is not far away from the city, and it is just seventeen minutes from Sharjah International Airport.

The location of the Sharjah Desert Park
The location of the Sharjah Desert Park

The specific rules that you should know

If you have a plan to visit Sharjah desert park, it is essential to know that:

  1. In this park, Photography is forbidden.
  2. every type of activity or violation that will destroy the ecosystem would be both penalized and fined.
  3. It is not a good spot for pets.
  4. And finally, wearing a modest outfit is recommended too, if it is summer you can wear light and cool clothes.

The Center of Wildlife in Sharjah Desert Park

Among the best spots in the desert park in Sharjah, this center was established by the Ruler of Sharjah in 1999. This is the first center that is opened in a nature reserve in the UAE. The main focus of Arabia’s Wildlife Center is on educating those who visit the center and want to know about the differences between living species. This Zoo and Wildlife Center includes several parts like the House of Reptiles and Insects, Aviary, Nocturnal animals, Large carnivores and primates, and a Cafeteria and viewing area.

The Farm of children in Sharjah Desert Park

This park was opened in 1997 at Sharjah Desert Park and offers the children a chance to relate to domesticated animals and birds. In this center, the little ones can feed the animals like sheep, cows, Arabian horses, and goats and pet them in the outdoor part of the center. And also, all the people can participate in workshops to get familiar with animals and birds.

the Sharjah Desert Park
the Sharjah Desert Park

Breeding Center for Endangered Arabian Wildlife or BCEAW

The first aim of BCEAW is to protect endangered animals. This place was opened in 1998 and become a center for investigating several animals that are the most threatened species such as Arabian Leopard and Arabian Cobra.

Islamic Botanical Garden

This Garden which was opened at the Sharjah Desert Park in 2014, is the first garden of its kind in the UAE. This garden has 100 kinds of plants like pomegranates and figs that are mentioned several times in the Quran. There are some cards and touchscreens that help visitors to know more about the plants.

Amenities in Sharjah Desert Park

  1. Observing the most animals is available for all at the café and in their outdoor resorts.
  2. It is also possible to see the birds through glass panels; these panels are air-conditioned.
  3. And also, there is a parking space for the comfort of people.

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