The Sevens Stadium: A Spectacular Destination in Dubai

Embracing Green Initiatives: The Eco-Friendly Features of The Sevens Stadium

Arab nations have achieved major advances in a variety of disciplines in recent years. These nations make every effort to maximize the capacity at their disposal and constantly upgrade their infrastructure. The focus on the tourist sector has been one of the most significant factors in the advancement of Arab nations.

By taking care of the city, making it beautiful, and offering a variety of tourist amenities, they have been able to succeed greatly in this industry. The presence of the most modern stadiums in Arab nations, however, is one of the most significant factors that have drawn tourists to these nations, which has tremendously aided in their economic development and provided them with a huge source of cash.

Seeing the great reception that has been received from the stadiums of Arab countries. These countries were motivated to create different types of modern stadiums in different cities and they have been successful in this field as well. The Sevens Stadium is one of the most modern stadiums.

The Sevens Stadium
The Sevens Stadium

About The Sevens Stadium

The Multipurpose Sevens Stadium, owned by Emirates Airlines (one of the most famous and largest Airlines in the Middle East), was launched in 2008 in Dubai with 44,000 people. 8 grounds for sports such as football, Australian football with Aussie Rules law, Gaelic Football and Rugby, 6 for cricket, 1 pitch for basketball, 4 pits for tennis and networker; Double field exercise is also one of the other sports at the stadium.

One of the stadium’s additional features is a big area where various concerts may be held. The stadium hosted the most prominent concerts, including Justin Bieber on May 4 and 5, 2013, One Direction on April 4, 2015, and Kylie Minogue on December 6, 2019, to commemorate Rugby’s 50th anniversary. Cricket is one of the other disciplines in the stadium.

View of Sevens Stadium
View of Sevens Stadium

The Sevens Stadium Facilities

The Sevens Stadium in Dubai, UAE, has become even more environmentally friendly, with the launch of the region’s first and biggest solar carport at a sporting complex, owned and operated by the Emirates Group.

The solar carport, which was officially inaugurated by Emirates Group Chairman HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, provides shaded parking for approximately 550 automobiles, including four charging stations for electric vehicles. It will also create enough renewable energy to run all of the Stadium’s operations throughout the year, with the exception of the week of the Emirates Dubai 7s, when additional power will be necessary for the city’s largest athletic and leisure event.

The Sevens Stadium also uses biodiesel to power events and has sophisticated watering systems that use non-potable water. Garbage reduction efforts saw 52% of the garbage produced at the 2021 Emirates Dubai 7s removed from landfills through recycling. The World Rugby Broadcast, registration, and referee tents, changing rooms, the HSBC lounges and ATMs in the village, and the lighting and x-ray machines at the main entry were all powered by over 30,000 gallons of biodiesel at the 2021 Emirates Dubai Sevens.

The Sevens Stadium Facilities
The Sevens Stadium Facilities

The Sevens Stadium’s new solar carport

  1. uses 4,500 solar panels spread across 10,550 square meters to create 3.6 GwH of renewable energy in its first year
  2. offers covered parking for 555 vehicles, including four charging stations for electric vehicles
  3. annum cuts The Sevens Stadium’s carbon (CO2) emissions by 1,496 metric tonnes
  4. provides enough energy to power:
    • floodlighting for its eight grass fields, six ovals (grass and sand), and four multi-purpose courts
    • There are 1,042 lights on all fields, pitches, and courts.
    • 256 streetlights
    • 57 water and irrigation pumps are located throughout the property.
    • 2 chillers of 300 tonnes each
    • The Grandstand structure, Players clubhouse, and staff quarters
Wide-View of Sevens Stadium
Wide-View of Sevens Stadium


Emirates Airlines is the owner of Sevens Stadium in Dubai, which is one of the biggest stadiums in Arab countries. It has a capacity of 44,000 people and was established in 2008. This stadium has different fields for different sports such as; Cricket, basketball, football, tennis, etc. Also, due to the large area of this stadium, important and big concerts are also held there.

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