Oxygen Park: Where Nature & Sports Converge in Doha, Qatar

The Sports Zone: Unleashing Your Athletic Spirit in Oxygen Park

Qatar now has a large number of parks, including Oxygen Park. This stunning and sizable green park, part of Education City, is 130,000 square meters. Visitors are invited to explore Education City, which makes them feel revitalized and active.

A wonderfully planned and manicured open area, Oxygen Park combines sports, recreation, and history in a pleasantly relaxed setting. Although it is appropriate for all ages, athletic families with older kids searching for a place to kick a ball or run around will find the park most entertaining. Even families with smaller kids will like taking strolls around the landscaped greenways.

About Oxygen Park

Environmental issues have increased in frequency recently. The worsening air quality brought on by air pollution and the absence of green open space in urban areas is one factor that cannot be ignored. Based on this issue, AECOM created a “green lung” for the Education City Campus in Doha, Qatar, dubbed Oxygen Park. The park is split into four buildings, a garden with more than 100 plant species, most native and adapted to the desert, a jogging track, riding paths, sports grounds, and shaded and covered trails.

Oxygen Park
Oxygen Park

Now a popular attraction for the neighborhood, Oxygen Park offers the ideal relief from the scorching heat. The park features an astonishing 130,000 square meters of green space, 7,000 meters of paths, a shaded covered promenade, a 1,600-meter jogging track, a 4-meter horse track, sports fields, and gardens with more than 100 plant species, the majority of which are indigenous and adapted to the desert.

The Architect of Oxygen Park

The creation of molten soil and wind-eroded rock in a natural desert setting inspired the architecture of Oxygen Park. In addition to allowing for a range of athletic events and other community gatherings, the goal is to make the most of the wind that blows through the park as passive cold air. Additionally, as this region is renowned for being hot, this is done to make the most of the cool wind. These amenities are located in a specific area of Oxygen Park.

As a sustainable park, Oxygen Park is built to hold rainwater collected in a bath buried in the soft-scape region, improving the soil’s inherent capacity to drain water. Finally, an intelligent irrigation system with sensor technology is installed on the grass field to regulate and lower water use for sporting activities.

View of Oxygen Park
View of Oxygen Park

Facilities of the Oxygen Park

Four more structures serve as cool rest places, classrooms for teaching and learning activities at Oxygen Park, and the available amenities. The fourth comprises a reinforced concrete building that has been “planted” on a hillside and has a cantilevered green roof to increase thermal mass and decrease solar heat.

The Sport area of Oxygen Park

One side of park area is designated for sports, and the other is for recreation. The sports area is on the park’s western side. It includes both professional and amateur sports bowls. Three circular, multipurpose sports fields, including volleyball courts and a running track, are located on the bottom level.

A partially covered, fantastic promenade surrounds the perimeter of the athletic fields. Thanks to its discreet air conditioning units, the shaded pathway offers a pleasant break from the heat and a spot to unwind with chairs and low lighting.

Oxygen Park in Doha
Oxygen Park in Doha

As you pass, cascading waterfalls over the side of the walkway provide a fantastic photo opportunity and a cooling shower of water. And also, you can find a space to sit and observe athletic events and activities thanks to the grassy banks and the amphitheater seats. The sports zone’s top level in Oxygen Park includes:

  • A horse-riding track.
  • A picnic and dining area.
  • Hills.
  • A ring-shaped promenade that looks down on the lower sports bowls.

The Recreation area of Oxygen Park

The leisure area is located northeast of the site and includes a history area which is still being built, a playground for kids, an amphitheater, and private gardens. Subtly carved wind passageways allow wind to circulate across the property, keeping the air clean.

Kids may climb the undulating mounds on the covered playground to access the different play structures. In the milder months, picnics are best enjoyed on the concrete benches and grassy banks surrounding the area.

The Sport area of Oxygen Park
The Sport area of Oxygen Park

How you can reach to the Oxygen Park?

The Oxygen Park Parking Lot number P3’s basement has plenty of parking space. Elevators 5 and 6 in the parking lot go to the park entrance.

Take the tram (Yellow Line) and get off at Oxygen Park Station in Education City.

Remember to visit the Qur’anic Botanic Garden while you’re here and the nearby Torba Farmers Market (held every Saturday in winter).

Some Tips

  1. The facility is accessible through a continuous, smooth concrete route with sloping pathways and steps to access various levels.
  2. There is a ton of seating around the park, including several grassy mounds where you can relax and people-watch or set up a picnic.
  3. Some of the walks, one of the gardens, and the play area are shaded, and newly planted trees will offer plenty of shade after they have matured. Many grass-roofed structures with air-conditioning seats are available; however, it is still being determined if they will be used for public events, hiring, or general public usage.
  4. Plenty of lighting around the area makes it simple to go on nighttime playdates, strolls, or play a bit of football to let off some steam.
  5. There are bins all across the park, including containers for recycling garbage (metal, paper, plastics, and glass).
  6. There are no establishments to purchase food or beverages inside the park. Still, the HBKU Student Center has a food court with various alternatives, including Elevation Burger, Zaatar W Zeit, Papa John’s Pizza, and more.
The Sport area of Oxygen Park, Doha, Qatar
The Sport area of Oxygen Park, Doha, Qatar


Oxygen Park in Doha is the best place to go if you want to take in the great outdoors. It’s the perfect location to get together with family and friends and work up a sweat because it has jogging paths, volleyball courts, and various multi-purpose fields.

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