Discover a World of Wonder at Magic Planet Dubai

Let Your Imagination Run Wild at the Ultimate Entertainment Destination in Dubai!

Whether you’re searching for a thrill ride or a calm place to unwind, you’ll find it at Magic Planet. There are two Magic Planet stores at both City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif in addition to Mall of the Emirates. It’s Dubai’s biggest indoor amusement park. You can find arcade and online games that are fun for small or large groups of people.

You may compete with your friends on the racing simulator, go on one of the various attractions, or just relax at the pool tables, ten-pin bowling alley, or watch a 4XD movie. It’s not only a video game center, though. It’s like a small amusement park inside of a mall.

Consequently, the Sky Trail and climbing wall are the games to try if you want to see how far you can push yourself. There are also several trampolines, a merry-go-round, and dodgem vehicles with which to have fun.

On the soft adventure course, kids may run about and create their own experiences. More time spent playing means more points to spend on goodies at the end. When the parents need a break, they, too, may go to one of the several restaurants nearby. The whole family may spend hours having fun together at this amazing amusement center.

Magic Planet Dubai
Magic Planet Dubai

These attractions have been making people’s lives a little bit more magical since 1995. Magic Planet is a multi-award-winning family entertainment center that is widely considered one of the best of its kind in the Middle East. Your children will have a blast at these establishments all day long, thanks to the abundance of arcade games and new releases available in high definition.

What to do at Dubai Magic Planet?

You can take your kids to try playing one of these huge attractions and not worry about them being bored for hours. The Magic Planet offers a wide variety of entertainment options.

A wide variety of arcade video games, skill games, redemption games, and product games are all available. Mario Kart, Moto GP, Jurassic Park, Daytona USA, and Baby Air Hockey are just a few of the arcade games that can be played at Magic Planet Dubai.

The interior of the Magic Planet Dubai
The interior of the Magic Planet Dubai

This is a perfectly safe place for kids to try out their reflexes and hand-eye coordination with some skill-based activities. Play games like “Balloon Bust,” “Bazooka Blast,” “Paw Patrol,” “Lobster Pot,” and “Bob’s Fishing Hole” against your pals.

You may compete for rides, toys, and other prizes at Magic Planet Dubai‘s redemption games. Ticket Circus, Pirates Fall, Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Treasure Quest, Pirates Hook, NBA Hoops, and countless others are just a few of the many redemption games available.

Toys, action figures, souvenirs, and more might be up for grabs in the merchandising games. E-Claw, Mega Color Match, Dunk Tank Prize, Big One Xtreme, Candy Town, and Crop the Hook are just a few of the merchandising games available.

Magic Planet in Dubai
Magic Planet in Dubai

At Magic Planet, your children may enjoy a wide variety of rides. Carousel, Cindy Scooter, Funny Eggs, Let’s Go Island, and more can be found in the child rides area. Children may enjoy a variety of simulation rides, including the Xt-360 Simulator and the Trident Simulator at Magic Planet Dubai. Besides the Bumper Cars and G-Force attractions, the XD Dark Ride is another family-friendly favorite.

Experience the thrill of being suspended 13 meters from the earth on the Sky Trail and Climbing Wall. As you test your mental and physical limits, keep an eye on the shoppers below. You may let your wild side out at the attractions.

Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park is the greatest trampoline park in Dubai, where you can test your jumping talents and defy gravity. You may use it to soar through the sky or simply to have fun bouncing about the park.

Magic Planet in Dubai, UAE
Magic Planet in Dubai, UAE

It’s a great destination for families seeking something entertaining to do after school. However, please be aware that children must be taller than 75 cm in order to enter. Wearing your own socks is required. Getting new socks will cost you 5 AED if you don’t want to.

Enjoy a variety of kid-friendly soft play activities in a risk-free setting with your young ones. This space is tailored to help toddlers interact with their parents via age-appropriate play. Parents are welcome to join their children here.

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