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Where Coffee Meets Art, History & Science

The Coffee Museum in Al Fahidi’s historic hub is housed in a villa, a typical Emirati home, and the moment you step inside, you’ll be swept away by the intoxicating scent of freshly brewed coffee.

Here, you may sample authentic Turkish and Ethiopian coffee and learn everything about the history of coffee, from its humble beginnings to the modern machinery used to manufacture aromatic, high-quality brews. The personnel dressed in period garb pouring coffee would provide an extra dose of nostalgia.

The museum’s upper floors have a children’s play area, a library, and a hip café, all designed to distract visitors from getting bored. Guests may expect a fusion of regional architectural styles designed to maximize their comfort and relaxation. It is almost 10 kilometers away from the heart of Dubai.

Dubai Coffee Museum
Dubai Coffee Museum

Tucked away in the Al Fahidi cultural center area of Bur Dubai lies the Dubai Coffee Museum, a veritable heaven for coffee connoisseurs.

This quirky museum celebrates the shared passion of its visitors for the ritual of sipping a freshly prepared pot of coffee. The Coffee Museum, located in its imposing abode, charts the history of coffee and the fascinating voyage of its bean from all corners of the globe.

As a gesture of respect for the Arab tradition of hospitality, museum visitors are typically offered a hot cup of coffee and some popcorn as soon as they come inside.

Coffee Museum in Dubai
Coffee Museum in Dubai

The Dubai Coffee Museum is a great place to learn about the great history of coffee, the many methods used to prepare it (such as roasting and grinding), and the many varieties of roasted coffee beans that can be found across the world.

Mr. Khalid Al Mulla, owner of the well-known coffee firm “Eastern Men and Company,” proposed the idea of a coffee museum in the Middle East for the first time. Villa 44 is a modest museum in the Bastakiya district of Bur Dubai that is home to a coffee museum, a one-of-a-kind gift shop, and a quiet café.

Stop by to learn the history of coffee, from its beginnings in the Ethiopian highlands to the legend of Kaldi, a goat herder who is credited with discovering the humble coffee bean.

Coffee Museum in Dubai, UAE
Coffee Museum in Dubai, UAE

The History of Dubai Coffee Museum

The idea for the Dubai Coffee Museum was conceived by Mr. Khalid Al Mulla, proprietor of Eastern Man and Co., who had amassed a small collection of coffee-related items. In response to the growing number of coffee connoisseurs who were frequenting his humble residence, Khalid decided to turn this building into a museum dedicated to the beverage’s 15th-century Ethiopian highland roots.

The museum features collections ranging from First World War-era coffee grinders and brewers to ancient brewing pots from Egypt, Yemen, and Ethiopia, and tells the stories of its discovery and spread to Italy, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia, and the rest of the European stretch of countries that worship coffee as a beverage to stay alert.

Dubai Coffee Museum in UAE
Dubai Coffee Museum in UAE

What to expect from a Dubai Coffee Museum Tour?

The Coffee Museum in Dubai tells the story of coffee from its earliest days to the present when it is more than simply a popular drink—it is essential to getting through the city’s hectic daily routine. There are two levels to explore at the museum.

Visitors can learn about the discovery of coffee beans and the various brewing and roasting techniques used in different areas of the world, as well as peruse antiques and artifacts from all over the globe that have been collected for this purpose.

The first floor of Villa 44 houses the museum’s second section, where visitors may delve into the history of coffee through a plethora of literature and manuscripts.

Coffee Museum in Dubai, UAE
Coffee Museum in Dubai, UAE

Over a refreshing cup of coffee and some refreshments, the authorities also broadcast several documentaries and films demonstrating roasting and brewing skills from the beginning of the age of Ethiopian mythology to today’s operations.

How to get to Dubai Coffee Museum?

In the heart of Dubai’s historic Al Fahidi district, you’ll find the Dubai Coffee Museum. It is accessible via bus, taxi, metro, and town vehicles in Dubai. The Dubai Coffee Museum is around a four or five minutes walk from the nearest Metro stations, Faheidi and Bastakia.

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