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11 interesting facts about Dubai

Dubai is a glamorous city in The United Arab Emirates situated next to the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf in the middle east. Dubai is a famous city with a large number of visitors every day. Dubai is a city offering modernity and tradition at the same time and is famous for its luxurious vibe. We want to talk about this beautiful city in this article and give some information to help visitors plan a better trip to this city.

Dubai was rated the twenty-second most expensive city in the world and the fascinating beauty of Dubai brings a lot of travelers to this city every year.

Dubai is one of the most advanced and modern cities in the Middle East and its charm has made this city famous all around the world.

Continuing we will give you some basic facts about Dubai that will help you know the city better and have a much more pleasing experience there.

Falls of Dubai
Falls of Dubai

Facts about Dubai

  1. Dubai is a tropical country and it experiences hot weather most of the year so it’s better to plan your trip in fall and spring. Click here if you want more information about the weather in Dubai.
  2. Dubai is a city in the UAE that is an Arabian country. Arabic is the main language in Dubai but because Dubai is a touristic city, most of the people in Dubai know English and you won’t have a problem with communicating.
  3. The currency of Dubai is Dirham (AED).
  4. Dubai has about 4 million populations but most of them are emigrants.
  5. Most of Dubai’s residents are Muslim but the dress code in Dubai is not like other Muslim cities and you are able to wear whatever you want.
  6. Dubai provides a lot of modern entertainment like scuba diving, sky diving, boat riding, desert safaris, camel riding, etc.
  7. Dubai is an island so it has a lot of public and private beaches.
  8. Dubai is one of the safest cities on earth. Despite the great number of visitors that go to Dubai every year, Dubai has created a safe environment for tourists and local people. The crime rate is very low in Dubai.
  9. Dubai has a lot of wonders and some of the world’s greatest buildings and centers like the world’s tallest skyscraper, world’s greatest mall, world’s biggest aquarium, world’s greatest mall, etc. click here for more information on famous places in Dubai that you shouldn’t miss.
  10. Drinking is not allowed in public spaces. You can only drink in some places that are specified for drinking. Drugs are illegal too and doing will result in prosecution.
  11. The weekends in Dubai are Fridays and Saturdays.

Dubai is known as the Manhattan of the Middle east. When you think of Dubai, you think of the charm and you will find a collection of the world’s greatest things in this city. The beauty and glamour of Dubai can not be described in words but we tried our best to give a short profile of Dubai city in this article to help you know the city better.

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