Downtown Circle

Downtown Circle - The giant UFO in Dubai

Downtown Circle is a demonstrative design which is built by ZNera Space, an architectural company. Whether you like it or not, cannot deny the ambition of this idea for the skyline of Dubai. When you look from far away, it is similar to a giant UFO which is landed in Dubai. With a close investigation, the future of this UAE megaproject is a tall ring with a height of 550-meter and a circumference of 3 kilometers wrapped all over the Burj Khalifa.

The Idea of Making this Ring Giant

The co-founders may be inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies. Maybe it doesn’t have the potential to control middle earth, but it certainly can turn Dubai into a self-sufficient city. The recent pandemic, covid-19, acted as a catalyst for the company to revise the design of the city.

Downtown Circle Dubai, UAE
Downtown Circle Dubai, UAE

The Structure of this Project

Downtown Circle has five levels in five parts located on the land. This ring named Skypark is considered an environmentally-friendly belt that works like an effective idea to provide perfect solutions for plants. for example: dealing with agriculture issues like solar power systems, and rainwater harvesting. This Downtown circle has a great tram that takes visitors around the ring and shows a 360-degree view of the city at the speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

The Purpose of this Project

This project aimed to build a vertical city in the sky, and the co-founders say we wanted to build a completely horizontal building environment for understanding the concept of gated communities. They also added Downtown was the perfect place for discovering this concept.

Why did they publish the picture of the Downtown circle?

Najmus Chowdry said the Downtown Circle design was registered in a design competition started by the Dubai Future Foundation. We submitted the design two years ago and were told that our design was shortlisted. However, due to time running out, we have decided to release the images.”

The view of Downtown Circle Dubai, UAE
The view of Downtown Circle Dubai, UAE

ZNera Space, one of the co-founders of this project, said: “the downtown circle idea makes a supportable and a self-adequate vertical urbanity. This building complex will make a hyper-effective urban center that backs the environment while simultaneously having the possibility of livability. With a height of 550-meter-tall, the structure is the best replacement for the singular and unconnected high-rises found in most metropolitan areas. The Middle East used innovative designs because Saudi Arabia’s Neom is another remarkable place copied from a sci-fi film.

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