The Best 17 Cafés in UAE

Top 17 Cafés in Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is an absolute federal kingdom in the southwest of the Asian continent and in the east of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East, bordering Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the south, Oman to the east, and the Persian Gulf to the north.

Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain are among the Emirates cities formed after independence from Britain on December 2, 1971.

Most people start the day with a cup of coffee. Some cities of the UAE, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman, have a vibrant coffee culture. In addition to traditional Arabic coffee, several coffee shops in UAE serve other internationally popular coffee blends and flavors. Let’s take a look at the best coffee shops in UAE.

Top 17 Coffee Shops in Emirates

It is well known that the Emirate is home to a large number of chic cafés where you may have a cup of coffee and a shot of gram. The stylish café culture in Emirate is gradually growing, as many who reside here are aware. From eateries with a natural vibe to rustic decor.

  1. Tom & Serg, Dubai
  2. Book Munch Cafe and Bookshop, Dubai
  3. Crumbs Elysee, Dubai
  4. Baker and Spice, Dubai
  5. Public Café, Dubai
  6. Tawa Bakery, Abu Dhabi
  7. Brunch and Cake, Abu Dhabi
  8. La villa cafe, Ajman
  9. The secret garden cafe, Ajman
  10. Rain café, Abu Dhabi
  11. Cafe on first, Ajman
  12. The Pick, Sharjah
  13. Hoof Café, Sharjah
  14. Arabica, Abu Dhabi
  15. Calm Cafe, Sharjah
  16. Kaffeine, Sharjah
  17. Alstroemeria, Sharjah

Tom & Serg, Dubai

Tom & Serg Cafe is among the greatest and most well-liked coffee cafes in Dubai among tourists and locals. The special coffees this café gives its customers are among its appealing and distinctive qualities. As a result, if you are a coffee enthusiast who is also knowledgeable about several sorts of coffee, you should stop by this coffee shop on your visit to Dubai.

Tom & Serg, Dubai
Tom & Serg, Dubai

This coffee shop serves not only excellent coffee but also really tasty meals. The popular Tom & Serg cafe is located in Alkeuz and has two floors. People are amazed by its attractive and distinctive design.

The great customer service provided by the employees, in addition to the coffee shop’s other favorable aspects, enables patrons to spend extended periods of time eating and drinking there. It’s also a lot of fun to visit this coffee shop with family or friends.

Book Munch Cafe and Bookshop, Dubai

Book Munch Coffee Shop is among the best coffee cafes in Dubai. It might be interesting to know that this coffee shop is also a local bookstore. You may visit this café by yourself or with company and take in the wonderful ambiance, and distinctive flavor of the tea served there.

Crumbs Elysee, Dubai

Among Dubai’s famous and popular cafes is Crumbs Elysee Cafe, located on Sheikhzadeh Road. One of the notable points about this Cafe is its unique menu, which has a lot of variety.

The best meal served in this coffee shop is its English breakfast, which includes Turkey bacon, grilled mushrooms, and eggs. Also, if desired, it can be served with fried potatoes and onions.

In addition, the atmosphere of this Cafe is family-friendly, so you can enjoy your time with your family and children in this Cafe.

Baker and Spice, Dubai

Baker and Spice Cafe is another excellent coffee establishment in Dubai. It is suggested that you visit this café while in this nation and enjoy the cuisine and drinks that are provided there.

This coffee shop is extremely close to the Dubai waterfront, and residents and travelers may easily access it after admiring the magnificent shoreline. Additionally, the Dubai waterfront completely encircles this Cafe’s spacious and lovely terrace, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to other noteworthy aspects of this coffee shop, it should be noted that it is situated in Al Bahar Bazaar, one of Dubai’s biggest and most well-known markets. After exploring and purchasing in this market, buyers and visitors can spend hours relaxing at Baker and Spice Cafe.

People are able to fully enjoy their time spent in this café because of the exceptional service and employee interactions with customers.

Baker and Spice, Dubai
Baker and Spice, Dubai

Public Café, Dubai

The Public Cafe is another location in Dubai where you can have a fantastic cafe tour. This lovely café offers wonderful cuisine from across the world in a tiny yet quite nice and intimate setting. Most significantly, Guwara’s traditional and cosmopolitan beverages have enabled it to rank among the greatest cafés in Dubai and draw in a huge clientele. Savor Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.

Tawa Bakery, Abu Dhabi

Tawa Bakery is a distinctive 100% gluten-free bakery and café that stands out on Abu Dhabi’s cafe scene. It was established on the tenet that being gluten-free should never mean compromising on flavor or quality. On the menus are delicious French toast and gluten-free all-day breakfast options, while colorful salads, burgers, and pizza are available for larger meals.

Brunch and Cake, Abu Dhabi

Brunch and Cake, a popular UAE restaurant with origins in Barcelona, has finally opened in Abu Dhabi after making its long-awaited debut in Dubai last year. Brunch & Cake Abu Dhabi, situated in the Marsa Al Bateen Marina, offers warm, boho-chic décor and a sizable selection of specialties from Abu Dhabi. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are served in a setting that is photogenic, and menu highlights include burrata toast, deep-fried pizza nibbles, and New York cheesecake ricotta pancakes.

Brunch and Cake, Abu Dhabi
Brunch and Cake, Abu Dhabi

La villa cafe, Ajman

La Villa Café a top-rated coffee shop in the center of Al Jurf Ajman, is a well-liked gathering place for locals and visitors. La Villa café was created with the idea of opening a unique café in Ajman by a young Emirati entrepreneur.

Ajman’s La Villa Café menu offers a selection of delicious hot and cold coffee blends. You must try the summer rose latte and the popcorn latte, two extremely distinct coffee flavors. In Ajman, Chemex cold brew is a surefire hit among the locals. Ajman’s La Villa Café also offers a selection of premium teas from China and England.

The secret garden cafe, Ajman

One of the hidden beauties in the city that visitors must see when in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, is The Secret Garden Café. One of the city’s fine-dining luxury cafés, The Secret Garden’s atmosphere makes you feel as though you’re enjoying your favorite beverage while surrounded by a lush, gorgeous garden.

This café is a neighborhood favorite because of the flower arrangements and the welcoming atmosphere. The Secret Garden Ajman menu offers a wide selection of delectable appetizers, entrées, and coffees. The English breakfast, cheesecake, coffees, shakshuka, and rose milk are some of the must-try menu items.

Rain Café, Abu Dhabi

Homegrown Rain Cafe is popular with locals, so you know the coffee is delicious. It’s a specialty coffee shop known for its substantial breakfast meals, colorful bowls, punchy, packed sandwiches, and its concentration on crafting the perfect freshly made pours. Rain Cafe has multiple locations.

Rain Café, Abu Dhabi
Rain Café, Abu Dhabi

Cafe on first, Ajman

In Ajman, do you need a bar, a sheesha joint, and a decent coffee shop all at once? Your go-to spot is Café on First! One of Ajman’s top coffee shops, Café on First, is a bar, sheesha lounge, and is part of the Ajman Hotel.

The Café on the First Ajman menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, and major entrees for people who wish to get a tasty nibble while sipping on a fine coffee. It is the ideal three-in-one café. A night out with pals is perfect for this cozy little café.

The Pick, Sharjah

The Pick, a café that opened in August 2021, is a terrific place to have breakfast since it provides a variety of delectable tartines and toasties every day till 4 p.m. Its inside is quite tranquil as well, with green accents seen in the furniture, coffee makers, and terrazzo tabletops. Recently, The Pick introduced a variety of macaron ice cream flavors, including pistachio, Nutella, and berry.

Hoof Café, Sharjah

Hoof Cafe is a cozy haven that only just opened in June in Misk, Aljada, Sharjah. Its interior, which is filled with indigenous components like rattan furniture and light terracotta walls, creates a grounded, comfortable atmosphere. It’sInterestingly, each Hoof Cafe location never offers the same kind of coffee; instead, they all provide a different selection. Due to this, it is definitely recommended to visit any and all Hoof Cafe locations, including the one in Dubai Mall.

Arabica, Abu Dhabi

Whatever your order, it’s a well-liked place to get a coffee, thanks to its extensive beverage menu that goes far beyond standard brews. The interior space is clean and all-white. It also has two branches at Corniche at Al Jazira Tower and Al Bateen.

Arabica, Abu Dhabi
Arabica, Abu Dhabi

Calm Cafe, Sharjah

Calm Cafe is the place to go if you enjoy sweets. They undoubtedly have anything you can think of—brownies, puddings, eclairs, cheesecakes. The Cafe’s straightforward decor and floor-to-ceiling windows provide an unassuming atmosphere where the sweets may speak for themselves.

Kaffeine, Sharjah

With its calm rattan furniture and contemporary off-white walls, Kaffeine, one of Sharjah’s more recent cafés, will transport you to the beaches of Bali. To finish it all off, the menu offers some deceptive sweet treats. Fudge-drenched pound cakes, Paris flan, and tiramisu are just a few of the outstanding dessert options that are perfect for pairing with your favorite oat milk latte.

Alstroemeria, Sharjah

Alstroemeria is a nice hangout since it is contemporary and basic. The café stands out against the bustle of its surroundings despite being located in an industrial district because of its immaculate furnishings.

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