Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya, Thailand

Tourist should know: Pattaya Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of truth, or the wooden temple of Pattaya, is one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand that attracts many people every year. Sanctuary of truth is also known as Wang Boran by locals. Sanctuary of truth is 105 meters in height sanctuary where several Buddhist symbols are seen in its architectural design. Another name for this Sanctuary is Prasat Satchatham. In the Thai language, Prasat means palace, and Satchatham means philosophy.

The Sanctuary of truth is still unfinished. This Sanctuary is more of a museum than a regular temple. The main designer of the Sanctuary of truth is Lek Viriyaphan. But several artists were involved in the process of building this temple. Construction of this museum started in 1981, and it is still ongoing. It is anticipated that the construction will end in 2025.

In this article, we want to talk about the Sanctuary of truth and share a brief profile of this outstanding temple in Thailand with you.

Architecture of Sanctuary of Truth
Architecture of Sanctuary of Truth

Architecture of Sanctuary of Truth

This magnificent castle is located next to the Gulf of Thailand with concrete fences. When you look at this castle from a distance, it seems to be floating on the sea. The Sanctuary of Truth temple is completely made of hard and high-quality teak wood, and its highest part is 105 meters in height.

In the architecture of this building, the style of visual art is used and conveys the message of the builder to the viewer. The interesting thing to note in this temple is the place where all parts are connected to each other, which uses traditional Thai connection methods such as tongue and groove, and no nails or glue are used.

In order to enter the temple, there are 4 gates, and on these gates, you can see traditional oriental decorations. Along these 4 gates, there are 4 east, west, north, and south halls, which finally reach the central hall of the temple.

An Introduction and History of Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is made of wood and includes different parts, each of which has a special meaning, and each of the artists and builders of this structure has carved their religious beliefs on the walls of this temple. The construction of this temple started in 1981 and is still going on, which is expected to be completed in 2025. The architectural style of this building is Thai, and the wooden sculptures are made with remarkable elegance. You will see figures from Hindu and Buddhist myths in this temple.

The purpose of building this temple is to show the art and culture of the Thai people and Eastern philosophy. By going to the Temple of the Sanctuary of Truth, you will definitely change and reconsider your ways of life because by watching this building, which is a combination of art, religion, and philosophy, you will touch it closely and you will see the world in a different way for several moments.

History of Sanctuary of Truth
History of Sanctuary of Truth

Different parts of Sanctuary of Truth

There are more halls and parts in the Sanctuary of truth, but we will name and introduce three more spectacular ones.

  1. The southern hall of Sanctuary of truth: the southern hall of Sanctuary of truth is also known as the sun, moon, and stars hall. The sun, moon, and stars hall are believed to be the three creators of life. The wooden carves of this hall are supposed to show these three elements of Buddhist beliefs.
  2. The western hall of Sanctuary of truth: the western hall of this temple is called the โ€œOriginโ€ hall. In the origin hall of the temple, there are hundreds of wooden statues, all of which represent the origin of life. The statues and carved wooden sculptures represent the creation of the earth by the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. Every element has a god or goddess that represents it. Shiwa is the earth and fire god. Brahma is the god of air; Vishnu is the god of water.
  3. The central hall of Sanctuary of truth: the central hall symbolizes the five precepts of lord Buddha to avoid killing, adultery, lying, stealing, and vices of Buddhism beliefs.

Rules for visitors visiting Sanctuary of Truth

  • In general, Buddhist temples are the most sacred places in Thailand, so you should not enter with shoes.
  • Women should cover their knees and arms.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to remove wooden sculptures and ornaments.
  • Smoking is prohibited in this place.
  • Do not bring food inside the temple.
  • Last but not least, do not enter the temple with shoes. Wear special slippers when entering.

Interesting facts about Sanctuary of Truth

You must wear a helmet to enter the Sanctuary of truth because it is still under construction.

There is no lamp or electricity in the Sanctuary of truth. Some doors and windows all over this temple brighten up inside the temple with natural light during the day.

This temple is situated on a beach 3 kilometers from central Pattaya.

Sanctuary of Truth Exterior
Sanctuary of Truth Exterior

Every part of this temple is handmade. Designers of the Sanctuary of truth used not a single nail in the construction of this striking temple. Everything is carved and built by hand.

You canโ€™t enter this temple with any outfit. In order to respect this holy place, your clothes should cover most of your body.

Due to the proximity to the sea and its moisture effect on wood, they are constantly being repaired and preventing decay.

Recreation and facilities around Sanctuary of truth

You can finish your visit to the Sanctuary of truth with a pleasant memory of riding a horse around the temple, riding on a motor boat, or riding an elephant. Other experiences you can have near the Sanctuary of truth are taking pictures with the statues, water sports, getting a massage, watching dolphins performs, etc.

Location, timings, and accessibility of Sanctuary of Truth

  1. Location: 206/12 เธซเธกเธนเนˆเธ—เธตเนˆ 5 12 Pattaya-Na Kluea Rd, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand.
  2. Timings: every day from 8 am to 6 pm.
  3. Accessibility: One way to access the temple of the Pattaya Truth Refuge is a device called Songthaew, which operates on the Pattaya-Naklua Road and stops in front of Naklua Street; From there, you can reach the temple with a little walk. Taxi is another option to go to this temple. You can go to some place near the temple by taxi and pass the rest of the path with local motorcyclists
Sanctuary of Truth Interior
Sanctuary of Truth Interior

Final words about Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of truth is one of Thailandโ€™s top attractions and one of Pattayaโ€™s main attractions. This fascinating temple is more than a typical Buddhist temple. When visiting the Sanctuary of truth, you will also visit a museum, and an art project focused on Thai culture and Buddhism.

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