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Anything about Sariyer District of Istanbul

Sariyer district is located on the European side of Istanbul along the Bosphorus shore near the black sea, the district contains of multiple neighborhoods and covers an area of about 161 kilometers and has a population of about 300 thousand people. The Sariyer district is one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul where Istanbulโ€™s richest and most elite live. If you plan on visiting this district or are interested in learning more about it, keep reading this article.

History & Introduction of Sariyer District, Istanbul, Tukey

Sariyer district was a small fishing village before the Ottoman era but over the time the rich started building their summer residence there and during the Ottoman Empire it was the hunting ground of the kings. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the area turned into a wealthy neighborhood with beautiful mansions and villas. Since then the price of houses there has increased gradually and is now a popular neighborhood for celebrities, businessmen, and politicians.

Sariyer was originally named Simas until the Ottoman era. Sariyer is translated to golden place; some people believe it is named after two golden-haired soldiers who were beside Sultan Mehmet and were buried by a mosque in this neighborhood. some people believe it is because of the gold mines in this district.

Sariyer District, Istanbul, Tukey
Sariyer District, Istanbul, Tukey

Location and Neighborhoods

sariyer is on the northernmost part of Istanbul and is bounded on the south by the Besiktas neighborhood and on the north by the black sea and is bordered on the west by the Ayub Sultan neighborhood and on the east by Bosphrus strait.

The Sariyer district consists of around 40 neighborhoods including Emirgan neighborhood, Istinye neighborhood, and Maslak neighborhood. Zekeriyakoy is the most expensive neighborhood in the area, Tarabya is one of the oldest neighborhoods with some of the classiest buildings, Yenikoy is another neighborhood where most of the forest villas are located.

How to get to Sariyer

There are different ways you can get to Sariyer, you can either use boats and ships that take you to the Bosphorus coast and then take a taxi or use the bus to get around or if you prefer to use a cheaper and more eco-friendly way you can easily use the underground metro which takes you to the main street of Sariyer and you can easily use the buses and minibuses that are available along the Bosphorus coast to get around the neighborhoods.

What to do and Where to visit in Sariyer

Sariyer is a fairly big district and there are a lot of various activities you can enjoy doing in there, you can start your day by having Turkish breakfast at one of the famous cafes on the Bosphorus shore and try the famous borek and walk or swim along the coast, you can go fishing, shop at some of the luxurious markets at Istinye neighborhood, visit art galleries and enjoy the beautiful views of the parks, forest, classic architecture of the neighborhoods, and the sea.

Walking in Belgrad Jungle
Walking in Belgrad Jungle

Walking in Belgrad Jungle

Belgrad forest is one of the most important national parks of Turkey which is very close to the Sariyer district, the forest is about 1300 acres wide with camp and picnic areas, jogging tracks, and various resources to accommodate visitors. You can try hiking, having a barbeque in the forest, and even staying the night in the camping areas. Below the Belgrad forest, you can find the lesser-known Ataturk Arburetum with about 700 acres of forest and a camping area which is also very nice for having a picnic and spending time in the woods.

Enjoying in Sariyer Beach

The shores of Sariyer are very popular for water activities like swimming, riding boats, fishing or even just relaxing on the beach. Kilyos Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul, the water and shores are very clean and safe so you can easily swim and walk around in this area. Or you can take some time and go to Rumelifeneri which is a small fishing village in Sariyer, Istanbul; rumelifeneri is a very quiet and peaceful town so you can relax and enjoy the delicious seafood and beautiful views there.

Relaxing in parks in Sariyer

Emirgan Korusu is one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul, the park is located near the Bosphorus shore and is gorgeous in the spring during the Tulip festival, the Emirgan Korusu is the perfect place for having a picnic or just spending some time away from the city.

The Rumeli Hesari or Rumeli fortress was built by Sultan Mehmet in the 15th century on the narrowest part of the strait. The building is a medieval fortress that played an important role in the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople and was used as a prison until the end of the Ottoman era. Rumeli fortress now serves as a museum and occasionally as a venue for concerts and events.

A park in Sariyer
A park in Sariyer

Visiting museums in Sariyer District

If you enjoy visiting museums Sariyer district is the perfect place for you with some of Turkeyโ€™s most famous museums like the Rumelihesari museum which is on Bosphorus shore.

Sadberk Hanim museum is a 19th-century building that was built in honor of Sadbberk Koc, the late wife of a famous businessman, Vehbi Koc. This museum is located on the coast of Sariyer, this museum opened in 1980. Sadberk Hanim museum was the first private museum in Turkey and locals celebrate the cultural history of Turkey and the Sariyer district in this museum.

The Sakip Sabanci museum is also the biggest private museum in Turkey which was previously the house of Sakip Sabanci, the Turkish businessman, and is dedicated to works of calligraphy and illuminated books.

Famous food and Snacks of Sariyer

Sariyer is also very famous for its delicious pastry, especially Borek which was opened in 1895. You can try all kinds of pastries in cafes with the beautiful view of Bosphrus coast.

Overall, you probably are not able to visit the whole neighborhood in one day, although it is definitely worth the exciting experience. you can make some of your best memories of Turkey in the Sariyer district.

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