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Best Time To Visit Turkey

rkey is one of the few countries in the Middle East that has a lot of tourists. Every year a lot of travelers come to turkey for vacation, especially in summer and spring. One of the main reasons is the weather and climate of Turkey.

Turkey has 4 different climate zones

  1. Mediterranean: the coastline of the Aegean Sea has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and not-so-cold, rainy winters.
  2. Ocean (Black Sea) climate: the coastal areas of the Black Sea in the northern part of Turkey have a temperate oceanic climate with warm, wet summers and cool, wet winters. The weather in these parts of Turkey is not intolerable like very hot or freezing.
  3. Humid Continental Climate: the interior areas of Turkey have Humid Continental climates with very cold, wet winters and hot, dry summers.
  4. Transitional Climate: the coastlines of the Marmara Sea in Turkey have transitional weather between Mediterranean and Ocean climate with moderate weather most of the year; mildly cool in winters and a bit hot in summers.
Turkey has 4 different climate zones
Turkey has 4 different climate zones

The climate of touristic cities in Turkey

  • Antalya: Antalya is in the Mediterranean climate zone. 300 days of 365 days of the year Antalya has sunny weather. So, the weather has made it great for sports like surfing, water skiing, kayaking, etc. The average temperature of Antalya in summers is between 35 to 45 degrees centigrade and the humidity is between 65 to 85 percent.
  • Istanbul: Istanbul is in the transitional climate zone of Turkey. the perfect time for traveling to Istanbul is the second half of spring and the first half of fall because the weather is very temperate; neither cold nor hot. Istanbul gets a bit freezing in winter and a little hot/humid in summer. The Summers in Istanbul is not very hot. It even gets a little cool in the evening and at night. Istanbul is the most crowded in summer because of the ideal weather and the concurrency of vacation season and the perfect climate.
  • Ankara: Ankara has a Mediterranean climate, hot/dry summers, and temperate/rainy winters. Summers in Ankara are not intolerable; You may even find them pleasant.
  • Izmir: climate of Izmir is also Mediterranean with hot, dry, sunny summers and temperate, rainy winters.
    The climate of Turkey in different seasons

You might want to keep in mind that Turkey has different climates and different cities experience different climate changes. But in this section, we are talking about the weather in Turkey in general. We explained the climate of the most known cities of Turkey in the previous section and the different climates of Turkey.

The climate of touristic cities in Turkey
The climate of touristic cities in Turkey

Spring in Turkey

The springs of Turkey are very pleasant with a medium amount of rain. The weather in Turkey in the spring is neither cold nor hot.

Summer in Turkey

The Summers of Turkey are primarily hot and dry. The temperature is not that high to make it intolerable; it even gets a bit cold in the evenings. You can enjoy water sports without the fear of getting cold or getting sunburned.

Fall in Turkey

The Falls of Turkey is very dreamy with temperate weather and scattered rain. A lot of people choose Fall for the time of their trip To Turkey and it gets crowded during this season.

Winter in Turkey

The weather in Turkey in winter is cold and mostly dry. In some areas of Turkey, you might experience freezing weather with snow and a lot of rain in the winter.

Perfect time to travel to Turkey

Choosing the perfect time for traveling to Turkey depends on your travel plan. What are your plans on visiting Turkey? Do you want to go to the beach and enjoy water sports or you are looking for winter sports like skiing, climbing, ice skating, etc?

Perfect time to travel to Turkey
Perfect time to travel to Turkey

If you are planning on experiencing water sports you should go to Turkey in the first half of fall and spring. But if you want to experience water sports you should go there in winter.

What to pack for a trip to Turkey?

As we said before, even in summer the weather may get a bit cool at night. So, it doesn’t matter what time your trip to turkey is, you should always pack some clothing for cold and rainy weather.

You have to choose the destinations and cities that you are planning to visit. And based on their climate zone, pack a proper suit. I hope you have a memorable memory of the beautiful cities of Turkey.

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