Cafés in Istanbul

The Best 10 Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Istanbul is regarded for having the greatest cafés in the world! Of course, not all cafés are wonderful, and you can’t choose the finest cafe based just on pricing. I did my best to expose you to the greatest cafés in Istanbul and provide suggestions. I hope you found this article informative and that your visit to this city was enjoyable. Of course, there are several reasons to visit this nation. From its food to markets and cafés, and learning about this country’s rich culture!

Top 10 Cafés in Istanbul

Maybe this article can solve some of your doubts about this country and even inspire you to travel to Turkey, the bridge between Europe and Asia!

  1. MOC Nişantaşı
  2. Galata Konak Café
  3. Akali Café
  4. Drip Coffeeist
  5. Çorlulu Ali Paşa
  6. Mangerie Bebek Terrace
  7. Petra Roasting
  8. Mim Kemal Oke Cafe
  9. 180° Coffee Bakery Cafe
  10. Pierre Loti Cafe, Halic

MOC Nişantaşı

MOC Nişantaş is the most well-known coffee shop in Istanbul. If you are interested in coffee, this cafe has served the best kinds of coffee in Istanbul for three generations. MOC Nişantaş has 15 branches in Turkey, which has 12 of them in Istanbul. You can find your favorite coffee here and savor a great curated assortment of coffees from around the globe. MOC coffee shops roast their coffees in the Australian way, which produces a delicious flavor. They also have special meals and coffee if you want to try something different.

Galata Konak Café

Galata Konak Cafe is one of the most famous and best cafes in Turkey, which is famous for serving authentic coffee and delicious and fresh sweets in Istanbul. The founder of this cafe used to bake delicious sweets of Istanbul, and later he established his own cafe and offers genuine Turkish coffee to his customers along with these sweets.

Galata Konak Café
Galata Konak Café

The lovely nature around this cafe will allow you to enjoy your coffee in a peaceful and relaxed setting. Galata Konak Café is located in Istanbul’s old district and provides a unique and eye-catching perspective of the city. The distance from this cafe to Galata Tower is only 5 minutes, and after visiting Galata Tower, you can easily invite yourself to a Turkish coffee drink with delicious Istanbul sweets in this cozy cafe, which is considered one of the best cafes in Istanbul.

Akali Café

The second café on the list of the greatest cafes in Istanbul is Akali Cafe, which is located in the Beşiktaş area. In this cafe, you may spend a wonderful afternoon with your friends or family. The cafe’s serene and pleasant atmosphere is entirely comfortable, and you will enjoy excellent pastries as well as authentic Turkish coffees. Of course, this café provides great cuisine in addition to coffee and sweets, and it serves Italian, Turkish, American, and, of course, different and popular vegetarian dishes.

The café’s décor is distinctive, and the floor tiles, together with the gorgeous decor and the wooden counter, are one of the main reasons that visitors and travelers visit this cafe. The café is open from 12 p.m. to midnight, and after a unique tour of the city, you can treat yourself to a cup of Turkish coffee, pastries, or a great meal of the countries.

Akali Café, Istanbul, Turkey
Akali Café, Istanbul, Turkey

Drip Coffeeist

Drip Coffeeist cafe, which is considered one of the best cafes in Istanbul, started its work for the first time in the Asian part of Istanbul. But it became so popular that it was able to open other branches in the European sector as well.

One of the most popular drinks in this cafe is cold brew coffee served with ice, and we suggest you try this coffee. Drip Coffeeist Cafe has an open terrace, which makes it a cozy space among other cafes, and you can taste the flavor of aromatic Turkish coffee in this unique cafe.

Çorlulu Ali Paşa

It’s safe to say that if you’ve seen a list of the top cafés in Istanbul, the name of the Çorlulu Ali Paşa Cafe has caught your eye. The Turkish Prime Minister Ali Paşa is responsible for the name of this 300-year-old coffeehouse. The cafe’s location is entirely far from the city’s clamor, and its tranquility is unusual and weird. It is not terrible to know that friendships made in the setting and ambiance of this cafe—which is open from 7 am to 2 am—are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. If you meet someone in the city, we advise you to go to this café and sample one of its Turkish coffees.

Mangerie Bebek Terrace

Istanbul’s Mangerie Bebek Terrace Cafe is one of the best places to enjoy the bitterness of a cup of coffee with Baklava pastry. You can find everything from salads to burgers and Turkish dishes in this cafe. Even if you are not one of those people who likes coffee, you can try the fresh juices of this coffee shop.

Mangerie Bebek Terrace, Istanbul, Turkey
Mangerie Bebek Terrace, Istanbul, Turkey

Petra Roasting

From the point of view of tourists who travel to Istanbul, Cafe Petra Roasting is considered one of the best cafes in Istanbul, which is located in the European part and is located in Beşiktaş neighborhood. As you know, in Istanbul, Taksim Square is one of the most spectacular and popular neighborhoods that if you go to this square and get tired of sightseeing and visiting shops and shopping centers, you can invite yourself to a Turkish, authentic, delicious and aromatic coffee at Petra Roasting Cafe.

Mim Kemal Oke Cafe

“Mim Kemal Oke Cafe” was recognized in 2011 as one of the most expensive cafes in Istanbul. This famous cafe is one of the street cafes. The surrounding space and its proximity to Taksim Art Gallery make this street look more like a museum than a cafe! This was once a hangout for many wealthy citizens in Istanbul. This cafe has been able to attract many famous people. It is good to know that it is so popular that some people believe that you will always feel good whenever you visit it.

Mim Kemal Oke Cafe, Istanbul, Turkey
Mim Kemal Oke Cafe, Istanbul, Turkey

180° Coffee Bakery Cafe

Some of the cafes in Istanbul have interesting names that are recorded in the human mind. 180° Coffee Bakery can be mentioned among the cafes in Istanbul. In fact, this cafe got its name because of the variety of cakes that are baked at 180 degrees. You can eat all kinds of cakes, cookies and muffins in this cafe. Of course, according to customers, the English-style sandwich at 180° Coffee Bakery has many fans.

One of the special features of this cafe is borrowing books. So that when you are there, you can pick up your favorite book. After finishing the book, put it inside the shelves. If you brought a new book to the cafe, you can take your favorite book home.

The second attractive and delicious feature of 180° Coffee Bakery is ordering any piece of cakes and sweets you want. This feature is for people who do not know which of them is delicious and is compatible with their taste.

Pierre Loti Cafe, Halic

Pierre Loti Cafe, Halic is recommended after a cable car ride, so if you want to take the cable car on your trip, it’s not a bad idea to treat yourself to a delicious coffee at the top of the hill. Pierre Loti Cafe Cafe, which is one of the best cafes in Istanbul, attracts everyone’s attention at the beginning of your arrival with the traditional clothes of the waiters.

Pierre Loti Cafe, Halic, Turkey
Pierre Loti Cafe, Halic, Turkey

This cafe has an impressive view towards the Bosphorus, which offers you a beautiful view of the city of Istanbul, and that is why it is included in the list of the best cafes in Istanbul. Of course, we should also remind you that this place was the hangout of a French naval officer who frequented here under the nickname Pierre Loti, and that is why this name has remained on the cafe.

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