The Best 20 Thailand’s Souvenirs

Top 20 Thailand's souvenirs

Thailand is definitely one of the best destinations that you’ll visit in your entire life. This charming country with rich history and extraordinary culture that amazes every visitor. Thailand is located in southeast Asia, full of wonderful picturesque attractions and fantastical culture.

Every traveler visiting a country likes to bring something back home besides the wonderful memories of their visit. Walking around Thailand’s gorgeous streets, you’ll be amazed by the many interesting products that you will see. The variety of souvenirs in Thailand confuses every visitor. You may find it difficult to choose one to buy. We wanted to help you make an easier decision in selecting a souvenir to purchase for yourself or for a loved one. Keep reading to get more information about Thailand’s souvenirs.

Thailand’s Top 20 souvenirs

Thailand has a variety of souvenirs, from edible souvenirs to handmade fabrics and wooden carvings. You can find all kinds of souvenirs in this country, from luxurious, expensive products to inexpensive ones. We’ve listed down some of Thailand’s most amazing souvenirs that you can choose from.

  1. Thai Spices
  2. Thai sauces
  3. Thai Silk
  4. Thai accessories
  5. Muay Thai shorts
  6. Instant Thai noodles
  7. Pad Thai
  8. Thai Soap
  9. Bento Squid Thailand
  10. Thai Triangular Pillows
  11. Thai Amulets
  12. Thai footwear
  13. Thai Ceramic made dishes
  14. Thai traditional bags
  15. Thai trinkets
  16. Counterfeit consumer goods
  17. Spa Products
  18. Thai coconut products
  19. Takabb anti-cough pills
  20. Edible insects

Thai Spices

You have definitely tried Thai cuisine on your trip to this charming country. Thai foods are famous for being rich in flavor and using several spices in every recipe. If you are one of those people who fell in love with Thai recipes and want to bring a piece of that unforgettable taste back home, you have to go for the spices.

Be careful about the customs regulations of Thailand and your country. Carrying some spices might cause you a cost, so it’s better that you buy spices that are already in a package.

Thai Spices
Thai Spices

Thai Sauces

Another great souvenir to bring home from Thailand is their traditional sauces. As we mentioned earlier Thai foods are famous for being flavory and spicy in most cases. Another option for those who want to bring a part of Thai cuisine back home is Thai spices.

Some kinds of Thai spices are used during the cooking process, and some are used on the side of the food. Thai sauces are an important part of Thai cuisine and a great souvenir to bring back with you.

Thai Silk

Thailand is one of the sources of making silk fabrics. Clothes made of Thai silk or just a sheet of Thai fabric for itself is a great souvenir to bring back with you. Thai silk is an expensive souvenir from Thailand but definitely valuable.

There are several kinds of Thai silk, from expensive to inexpensive ones. Expensive ones are handmade, and inexpensive ones are machine-made.

Thai accessories

Thailand is a mine of precious stones such as sapphire and red ruby, lapis lazuli, and a stone that looks like a diamond. Despite precious stones that can easily be found in Thailand, silver pieces of jewelry are another kind of accessory that is very common in Thailand.

Silver jewelry and stone-made ones are popular souvenirs that you can purchase from Thailand. Prices of these kinds of souvenirs are also changeable, and you can find them from very expensive to low prices.

Muay Thai shorts

Muay Thai is a popular sport in Thailand, also known as Thai boxing. Muay is known as the national sport of Thailand and one of the symbols of this beautiful country. In order to practice this sport, you have to wear a special kind of shorts that is easy for free movement.

Muay Thai shorts are very famous among locals and tourists for being comfy, and most people like to bring back at least one of these shorts. They are a popular souvenir to bring back from Thailand.

Muay Thai shorts
Muay Thai shorts

Instant Thai noodles

Noodle is one of the most popular foods in the world that matches every person’s taste. Thailand is home to some of the world’s most delicious noodles. You can’t possibly visit Thailand without tasting Thai noodles and filling your bags with instant Thai noodles to bring back home.

Some of Thailand’s famous brands for instant noodles are Wai Wai, Mama, Yum Yum, etc.

Pad Thai

You may think that Pad Thai is the same thing as instant Thai noodles, but it really isn’t. Pad Thai is another delicious Thai food with boiled egg, shrimp, vegetables, bean sprouts, and some other optional things on the side. The main ingredient of Pad Thai is rice noodles. All the ingredients of Pad Thai are fried in a wok together.

Pad Thai is a popular souvenir to bring back from Thailand. You can bring back the noodles and cook the Pad Thai whenever you miss your good memories of Thailand. It has an easy recipe, and apart from the noodles, all the other ingredients of Pad Thai are found anywhere in the world.

Thai Soap

Thai soap is another great souvenir to take home with you from Thailand. Thai soaps are carved like a piece of art and made to look like a sculpture of blooming flowers. Thai soaps are very beautiful solid soap bars that are carved and colored. Thai soaps are a perfect souvenir not only for women but also for men.

Thai carved soaps are mostly in the shape of fruits or flowers and smell like that too. Thai soaps are so beautiful that they can only be used in decoration. These kinds of soaps are so cute that you will fall in love with them immediately.

Bento Squid Thailand

Bento squid is another interesting souvenir to take home with you from Thailand. Bento squid is a popular seafood snack in Thailand that is very famous among tourists visiting Thailand for the first time. The strange flavor of Bento Squid, which is a mix of several spices, creates a spicy flavor that most people enjoy it. Even if you are not a fan of seafood and spicy flavored snacks, you must try this snack at least once.

Bento Squid Thailand
Bento Squid Thailand

Thai Triangular Pillows

Sitting on the floor is a tradition in Thai culture, and Thai triangular pillows are to make you more comfortable and put you at ease when sitting on the floor. Thai triangular pillows are one of those souvenirs that impress tourists the most.

Thai triangular pillows are heavier and bigger than other Thai souvenirs that we mentioned earlier, and it might be a little bit difficult to bring them back home, but it is definitely worth the trouble.

Thai Amulets

Thailand is famous for its spiritual culture and religion. Amulets are very popular in Thailand, and getting one as a souvenir for yourself or your loved one is very common. By getting a lucky charm or a bracelet, you will get not only an amulet but also a piece of art and a cultural thing.

Thai amulets are mostly in the shape of an accessory with a picture of Buddha carved on it. These blessed pieces of jewelry are supposed to bring joy and bless you.

Thai footwear

Thai footwear is another top souvenir to bring back from Thailand. This fascinating piece of clothing is famous for its reasonable price and durability. Thai footwear is also very comfy, and there are numerous kinds of them.

All kinds of Thai footwear, from comfy sandals to high heels, can easily be found on almost every street in Thailand. Some are leathery, and some are made from silk.

Thai ceramic made dishes

Thai ceramics are another popular souvenir from Thailand that is an artistic and cultural product. Ceramic-made dishes have a special design that makes them unique. Historical and cultural shapes from Thai culture are carved on dishes made of ceramic. These ceramic-made dishes are mostly used in decoration. You can purchase one as a souvenir for your home or for a loved one to have a piece of Thai culture always in your home.

Thai ceramic made dishes
Thai ceramic made dishes

Thai traditional bags

Thai traditional bags are an important part of Thai people’s style. Thai traditional bags are some kind of shoulder bags that can be found at a variety of prices, from expensive to cheap ones. Thai traditional bags that are more expensive are mostly handmade.

If you keep looking, you can find Thai bags that are made of Thai silk, which makes it double special. Thai traditional bags are a perfect unisex souvenir as both men and women use them. It can easily be styled as it is just like tote bags that are very trendy nowadays. Using Thai bags adds glam to your style.

Thai trinkets

Thai trinkets are the perfect souvenir to bring home from your visit to Thailand. Keychains, small accessories, coins, small decorations, etc., are great for remembering your trip to Thailand or sharing a small part of Thai culture with your loved ones.

Thai trinkets are mostly in the shape of elephants which are holy creatures in Buddhist culture, or look like traditional Thai coins or symbols of Thai culture and Buddhist religion.

Thailands Souvenirs
Thailands Souvenirs

Counterfeit consumer goods

Counterfeit is one of the strangest yet greatest souvenirs to bring back from Thailand. Counterfeit goods under famous brand names are very easy to find in Thailand and most Asian countries. There are some markets in Thailand (mostly Bangkok) where you won’t see anything but fake products. They are known as fake t markets.

It is illegal to purchase or sell fake products in American and European countries, not in Thailand. You can easily find fake products of famous designs and brands. In fact, counterfeit products are so rife in Thailand that the original brands and designs are hard to find. If you or your friends and family are one of those people eager to see a counterfeit good, you must search for it in Thailand.

Spa products

Spas are popular places in Thailand, and getting a massage is a famous activity among tourists and locals. There are a lot of spa resorts on every corner of Thailand’s streets. Getting a massage in a Thai spa should be a part of your trip to Thailand.

Apart from getting a massage which is a popular activity among tourists in Thailand, you can purchase spa products like essential oils, bubble baths, aromatic candles, etc. Spa products are a popular souvenir to bring back from Thailand.

Thai coconut products

Another one of Thailand’s top souvenirs is coconut. Coconut is a popular fruit in Thailand that is used in many different ways. You can either use the fruit itself or use the derivative products of coconut like coconut oil, milk, flour, etc.

Coconut derivatives are very common in Thailand, and they are one of the best souvenirs to bring back from Thailand, mostly coconut oil.

Thai coconut products
Thai coconut products

Takabb anti-cough pills

Takabb anti-cough pills are another Thai product that tops the list of Thailand’s souvenirs. These pills are made of organic ingredients, and it is believed that a few of them will cure a sore throat and a cold in general.

This pill is a great souvenir to bring from Thailand, and there are no limitations in using it as it is all organic.

Edible insects

Edible insects are an interesting part of Thai cuisine which makes it double special. Most people visiting Thailand are curious to taste these insects and bring some back for their friends and family that couldn’t come to Thailand. Insects are the main part of Thai cuisine due to their convenience and deliciousness.


Final words about Thailand’s best souvenirs

Thailand is a beautiful country with an interesting culture, attractions, scenery, and rich history, which helped Thailand to become one of the most popular destinations among tourists.

About 7 to 10 million tourists visit Thailand every year, and the number rises yearly. Thailand, with its amazing and symbolic culture, gives you numerous options for souvenirs that you can bring home. We’ve listed down some of Thailand’s best souvenirs that you can bring back. Hope you find it helpful.

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