The Best 8 Popular Thailand Amusement Parks

Top 8 Amusement parks in Thailand

Thailand, one of the Southeast Asian nations, is regarded as one of the world’s most alluring tourist destinations. This country is renowned as the land of smiles, and its locals are kind.

In order to attract more tourists, the authorities of this country have created many tourist attractions in Thailand in different cities. Thailand’s entertainment centers are very famous world wide world, and every year many people travel to this country to have fun in them.

By traveling to Thailand, you can enjoy its good weather and be happy in its entertainment centers. In the amusement parks of Thailand, there are many entertainments that all children and adults are attracted to.

In the following, we will introduce the famous amusement parks of Thailand.

Top 8 Amusement parks in Thailand

As you know, the capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Many tourists visit this city every year. Bangkok and other cities in Thailand have many exciting entertainment centers, and we will introduce some of the most well-known ones.

1. Dream World, Bangkok
2. Siam Amazing Park, Bangkok
3. Dinosaur Planet Theme Park, Bangkok
4. Funarium, Bangkok
5. KidZania, Bangkok
6. Imagine, Bangkok
7. Art in Paradise, Bangkok
8. FantaSea, Phuket

Dream World, Bangkok

Dream World is considered one of the best amusement parks in this country, which is located in Pathum Thani province and Thanyaburi region. This amusement park is about 50 kilometers away from Bangkok.

This amusement park offers various entertainment, such as roller coasters, roller coasters, and cable cars, thanks to which very exciting and enjoyable moments are provided for users. This place has games and a very suitable environment for children to have fun.

Among the games suitable for children in this amusement park, we can mention the ball pool and the blue land. Very entertaining shows are performed in this Thai amusement park.

Also, visitors can enjoy walking in the parts designed similarly to the Polar Regions and observing the animals of the zoo.

Dream World, Bangkok
Dream World, Bangkok

The area of this Thai recreation center reaches about 25 hectares and has been operating since 1993. It is interesting to know that this amusement park is very similar to Disneyland.

Dream World Thailand amusement park is built in completely free space. There is a small lake in this amusement park, and because of its existence, tourists can enjoy very interesting activities such as boating.

Dream World, one of Thailand’s best amusement parks, has a stunning environment for photography. This entertainment center offers over 40 exciting games for people of all ages. This amusement park also has restaurants, shops, lockers, restrooms, and transportation services.

Siam Amazing Park, Bangkok

Siam is one of the oldest parks in Thailand and is located in Bangkok. The establishment of this amusement park dates back to 1980.

The native people of Thailand built this amusement park, and foreigners had no role in its design. Thailand made tremendous headway in building entertainment centers and began to establish Thailand’s man-made beaches after the creation of this amusement park.

Siam amusement park includes two sections of games and a water park. This amusement park has more than 40 attractive games, and it can be said that the best water park in Thailand is located there. The water park of this place consists of 7 parts, and many exciting recreational facilities can be seen in it.

The area of this entertainment complex reaches about 100 hectares. This amusement park is located in the Khan Na Yao area, Suan Siam Road. To enter this center, you have to pay about 30 dollars for adults and about 25 dollars for children.

For the comfort of people, facilities such as a dressing room, wardrobe, parking, and restaurant are provided in this complex. Siam Park Thailand playground equipment is completely safe, and you can use them safely.

Dinosaur Planet Theme Park, Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet Theme Park is among the best theme parks in Thailand, where everything revolves around dinosaurs.

In this amusement park, there are many scary replicas, fossils, and skeletons of dinosaurs so that children can learn about the history of these fascinating animals by observing them and are also given lessons.

Dinosaurs have always had a special importance for children and teenagers, so these people are very interested in watching the environments and movies related to these creatures. This age group of people gets excited by watching dinosaur toys, games, and movies.

This Thailand amusement park is located in Khlong Tan, Sukhumvit Road, and the “EM” complex. To enter this center, you have to pay about 600 baht, and children are charged about 400 baht. The working hours of Dinosaur Planet Thailand are from 10 am until 10 pm every day.

Dinosaur Planet Theme Park, Bangkok
Dinosaur Planet Theme Park, Bangkok

Funarium, Bangkok

Funarium is one of the cheapest amusement parks in Thailand, which is closed. The center is located in Watthana District, Sukhumvit Road 26.

It should be noted that you cannot take food inside with you in this complex. This recreation center is equipped with a restaurant whose food is served at a relatively high price.

Among the game equipment of this recreation center, we can mention big slides, jumping boards, and a ball pool. Various ceremonies and celebrations, such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, are held for children in this clean amusement park.

The personnel of this amusement park are very polite and play with children and teach them with great patience. You have to pay 200 baht to enter this amusement park. The working hours of this complex are from 9 am to 7 pm.

KidZania, Bangkok

KidZania is one of the special amusement parks in Thailand. In addition to enjoying various games and entertainment, children can learn the correct ways of life in this collection. This recreation center was established in 1999.

This amusement park is located in the Pathum Wan area of Bangkok and Rama 1 Road.

The officials of this amusement park have provided conditions so that children can interact with their peers. In this collection, some jobs are simulated in the form of games. Children can discover their talents and interests in these types of games.

In career games, children can go on a mission and complete a specific task together. In the end, the team that finishes its work in the best possible way gets a prize.

You must spend around 950 baht to enter this location. You may think the price is exorbitant, but with this collection, you may expose your child to new games and take an important step in their creative growth.

KidZania, Bangkok
KidZania, Bangkok

Imagine, Bangkok

If you like to have fun with some digital and computer games while your child is playing, Imaginia Playland will be the right choice for you. The physical play equipment of this collection, including large twisting slides and a net tent that children climb on, are generally of interest to young children. If your beloved child is in the teenage years, you can use computer games together and have a good time together.

The building where Imaginia is located is a commercial center, and parents usually relieve their children’s fatigue after shopping by playing in this amusement park. Remember that if your child is under 12 years of age, they must be escorted by an adult to enter Imaginia.

Art in Paradise, Bangkok

Bangkok provides a solution for those who don’t want to ride roller coasters, Viking ships, or horror trains: the city of Art in Paradise is one of the locations that blends a distinct flavor of adrenaline with visual illusion and inspires you.

There are several areas at this amusement park with three-dimensional and hyper-realistic paintings drawn on the ceiling, floor, and walls, and they appear so genuine that it is improbable that anybody will not fall victim to their optical illusions. Among the most renowned paintings at this location are The Emperor’s Coronation, Suleiman’s Carpet, and Stairway to Hell. The paintings, each with their own magnificent visual impact, let visitors feel the excitement with their imagination in a secure environment without the risk of riding on electric gadgets.

But remember to bring your camera since this amusement park, with its unique 3D visuals, may give a very attractive backdrop for shooting unforgettable shots and as a wonderful keepsake of the trip to Bangkok.

FantaSea, Phuket

FantaSea Amusement Park is one of the most famous entertainment places in Phuket. This vast amusement park is famous for several reasons. First, FantaSea has lively nights and is suitable for night entertainment. Secondly, there is a very attractive show that introduces you to 12 Thai legends and myths, and thirdly, it has very exciting and fun entertainment facilities.

This entertainment complex is open every day from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm, and if you happen to want to watch its special show, you have to pay 1800 baht per person.

FantaSea, Phuket
FantaSea, Phuket

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