Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium, Thailand

All about Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium of Thailand

Pattaya Underwater World Aquarium, located in Thailand, is one of the world’s most renowned and largest aquariums, with a capacity of 3.8 million gallons of water.

As you may be aware, Thailand is a tourist country in Southeast Asia with several attractions that draw people from all over the world every year. Pattaya is considered as one of the most attractive towns in Thailand for sightseeing and enjoyment in terms of tourism; this city has many admirers and is constantly popular with travelers.

Here, we want to talk about one of the most beautiful and amazing places to see in Pattaya, the Pattaya Underwater World Aquarium. In this location, time stops, and you enter a different world, so it is considered one of the three largest tourist aquariums in the Asian continent.

Underwater World Pattaya is home to beautiful coral, sea critters, and marine life from the Gulf of Thailand. This Pattaya aquarium is a location to enjoy your leisure time and a marine life study center, making it an excellent alternative for a family excursion.

Walking through the 105-meter-long glass tunnel, 6.4 millimeters thick with sea fish and other marine creatures gliding above you, provides a fantastic sense of an underwater world.

In Pattaya’s underwater realm, 5500 aquatic animals of 200 different kinds exist, including sharks, sea otters, sea urchins, and animals having shark and sea urchin traits.

Ecology of Underwater World Pattaya

When the Koi Fish water-kiss you from the other side of the glass wall for your picture shoot, the turtles and tortoises will definitely lure you in with their friendly demeanor. You may also get up close and personal with some of the seas’ most fascinating corals. In the future, be prepared to see some of the most beautiful sharks and sting rays found in marine seas and in a range of varieties!

After navigating those stunning jellyfish and some of the largest fish in the water, you can play with the slithering snakes as much as you like. Last but not least, the otters will undoubtedly delight you with their antics and notoriety.

Interior of Pattaya Aquarium
Interior of Pattaya Aquarium

Zones and Activities at Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium

Touch Pool Zone

The touch Pool zone resembles a coastal habitat and has live marine life. There is a large starfish here. If you haven’t seen or are curious about the appearance of starfish skin, you may try to capture it, but don’t pull the aquatic animal above the water’s surface!

Magic Tank

You can experience some strange feelings at the Magic Tank with your children due to the idea of Mystical Gravity Interaction.

Oceanic Zone

Enjoy the swarms of colorful fish swimming in the Oceanic Zone of the acrylic waters of the Underwater World Aquarium.

Coral Reef Zone

The magnificence of coral and attractive fish species will be on display in Coral Reef Zone. There are Fish that children like, such as the clownfish, and the most hazardous, such as the stonefish, which comes with a lethal venom that can kill humans in a matter of minutes.

Open Ocean Zone

Sharks and rays may be seen floating in the ocean nearby as you go through the glass tunnels in this Zone.

Giant of Siam Zone

Explore the man-made shipwrecks that are the cozy homes of some of the most stunning Fish and other aquatic creatures in the Giant Siam Zone.

Reptile Zone

The highlight is undoubtedly being photographed with an albino python, which is large but not aggressive. You may effortlessly wear them around your neck and shoot photos with them.

Otter Tank

Take photographs with the adorable otters while you watch them frolic in their aquariums! Additionally, when visiting Underwater World Pattaya, you may partake in a wide range of other activities.

Jellyfish Zone

For the last visit, the Jellyfish World exhibit is located after you emerge from the glass tunnel. Despite the fact that this exhibition space is smaller than the others, you will undoubtedly be able to capture stunning photographs.

Pattaya Aquarium, Thailand
Pattaya Aquarium, Thailand

Feeding Program at Underwater World in Pattaya

All animal lovers, especially those who are passionate about marine life, are encouraged to visit the Underwater World during the aquarium’s feeding times, which are:

  • Moray Eel Tank: 2:00 afternoon forwards
  • Coral Reef Zone: 10:30 Morning slot and 3:00 Afternoon slot
  • Open Ocean Zone: 11:00 Morning slot and 4:00 Afternoon slot
  • Giant of Siam Zone: 11:30 Morning slot and 3:30 Afternoon slot

Things to do at Underwater World Pattaya

  • Feeding the Koi Fishes: Using milk bottles, you may feed the koi fish in the koi fish tank along with your family.
  • Feeding the Turtles: While feeding turtles in their aquarium, pay close attention to how simple they are.
  • Sleepover with Sharks & Rays Camp: This two-day, one-night camp at the Underwater World in Pattaya is specially created for schoolchildren and other young children. During this camp, they will learn about sharks and stingrays while monitoring them with torches throughout the tunnels.

Amenities of Pattaya Underwater World Aquarium

This aquarium includes good amenities, including a cafe, restaurant, and fast food serving a variety of Thai and international dishes. The next thing is the tourist guide, who is fluent in English and explains all parts of the aquarium. There are restrooms, ATMs, special rest chairs, a photography department, and finally taxi service.

How to Reach Underwater World in Pattaya

The location of the Underwater World Pattaya is on Sukhumvit Road in the city’s Jomtien neighborhood. If you are a visitor to the city, you may just get in one of the cabs or hire a car. Take a trip in one of the well-known Tuk-Tuk taxis to get to the aquarium if you want to go on a budget.

View of Pattaya Aquarium, Thailand
View of Pattaya Aquarium, Thailand

Hours and cost of visiting Pattaya Underwater World Aquarium

The starting time to visit the Underwater World Pattaya aquarium is daily from 9:00 morning to 6:00 afternoon. The admission fee is different for adults and children. The recommended time to visit this place is 1-2 hours to enjoy all its beauty.


  • Don’t try to go in the water when there are open pools.
  • Keep your possessions out of the water as you feed in the open pool.
  • Do not attempt to break the aquarium’s tunnel’s glass walls.
  • Avoid engaging in any activities that can provoke aggression in reptiles or aquatic creatures.
  • Do not give the animals any food other than what the aquarium staff has given.

Attractions close to Pattaya Underwater World Aquarium

  • Jomtien Beach: 4.7 km
  • Buddhist Art Museum: 8.4 km
  • Mini Siam, Pattaya: 8.7 km
  • Sanctuary of Truth Museum: 12.7 km
  • Frost Magical Ice of Siam: 17.4 km

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