Elephant Nature Park (ENP)

All you need to know about Elephant Nature Park

The Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park is one of the best natural attractions of this green province and Thailand’s sightseeing places where worn-out, old, and disabled elephants are kept like a nursing home. Saving the lives of street dogs and cats sent them to this supernatural park. The remarkable thing about Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park is that, unlike other Thai zoos, you will not be allowed to ride elephants here.

The elephant is one of the valuable symbols of Thai culture. Therefore, elephant training is common among Thai people, especially in the northern regions of Thailand. Around the city of Chiang Mai are camps and parks for keeping trained elephants, where it is possible to ride elephants. It is provided for tourists on Thailand tours.

By visiting this park, you will witness the splendor of these animals, and you will see them in a herd and individual formats. You will also be able to approach and touch them with the help of a local guide or experience riding on them. For a memorable experience of staying in a peaceful and natural environment, visitors can use the tour programs of this park and see the rice fields, rice cultivation process, harvest, threshing, etc., during this visit.

ENP, or Elephant Nature Park, has provided a safe home for elephants retired from a life of performing in shows and elephant riding. There are over 90 elephants in this nature park; most of them live the latest years of their lives. But there are some young elephants in the Elephant Nature Park that were born and raised in this park.

Elephants in ENP, Thailand
Elephants in ENP, Thailand

Spending time with elephants is a must-do activity when visiting Thailand. Elephant Nature Park is the perfect place for a picnic. You can spend a whole day with Asian elephants accompanying you. You can feed the elephants from your hand in the Elephant Nature Park, bathe them, or touch and observe them.

What can you do in the Elephant Nature Park (ENP)?

  1. Bathing the elephants: you will get a small bucket from those in charge of the park. The afternoon is the bathing and snacking time. You can throw and splash water on elephants in the Elephant Nature Park with the buckets that were given to you. It would help if you changed clothes before this activity.
  2. Touching the elephants: touching the elephants is another exciting thing you get to experience in the Elephant Nature Park. Although rules for touching elephants change every now and then, you can still touch them, but you have to be careful not to violate any law.
  3. Feeding the elephants: feeding the elephants in the Elephant Nature Park of Chiang Mai is one of the most entertaining and exciting opportunities you get in this park. Elephants can spend up to 18 hours of their day eating. You can help them in the eating process and feed them directly from your hand.
  4. Observing the elephants: observing the elephants in the Elephant Nature Park is the most basic thing you can experience. You can watch and observe them as they live their normal everyday life.
The Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park
The Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park

Final words about the Elephant Nature Park (ENP)

There are several elephant parks in Thailand and especially Chiang Mai. But the Elephant Nature Park or ENP is double special. The guards and leaders in this park are mostly volunteer workers and are very protective not to harm the elephants. Make sure you visit this amazing park on your trip to Chiang Mai, as you will see both the cultural and natural importance of Asian elephants in Thailand. Have a great time.

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