Chiang Dao cave, Thailand

Tourists should know: Chiang Dao cave, Thailand

This cave is one of the main attractions of Chiang Dao National Park. When you are approaching the cave entrance, you can see the beautiful scenery of the Doi Chiang Dao mountain range in the distance. It has suitable routes for climbing with spectacular views and is the best place to cool off.

The Chiang Dao cave complex consists of more than 100 caves that are found ten to twelve kilometers inside the mountain, but tourists can only visit five caves in this country.

Tham Phranon, the Cave of the Reclining Buddha, is the major cave. This cave is lit and features several statues, pictures, and other interesting things. It is simple to get there. The first cavern is “Plong Jaeng,” which has several Buddha sculptures. According to information on a board, these photos date back to 1635, during the Burmese conquest of North Thailand.

Following that, you will arrive at a location where the local guides will be waiting. You may either go to the end of Wat Phranon or enter one of the three less-lit and more daring sections: Tham Maa, Tham Kaew, and Tham Naam.

Introduction to the Chiang Dao Cave Temple

Chiang Dao cave Temple is located 70 km north of Chiang Mai on a beautiful mountain. This mountain is located around 10 kilometers west of the town of Chiang Dao in the Chiang Dao district of the province of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Dao Cave Temple
Chiang Dao Cave Temple

For hundreds of years, the Chiang Dao Cave Temple has been one of the most revered destinations for the locals. Since at least the 17th century, humans have utilized this cave as a refuge and a place of prayer.

The cave is part of a large temple complex that includes pavilions with sculptures of monks and hermits, Buddha images, and other structures. The Chiang Dao Cave may easily be visited for 1.5 hours.

Legends about the Chiang Dao Cave, Thailand

The tale associated with this cave is one factor that has drawn people to it. According to the folktale, a hermit once lived in the Chiang Dao cave.

He persuaded the angels to build the cave’s marvel. Miracles such as the stream of water that poured from the golden statue’s feet, Naga, the divine elephant, and a tomb for this ascetic exist deep within the cave and have never been seen before.

A tiny shrine has been erected in a portion of this cave now in honor of this ascetic so that the locals may worship there.

Chiang Dao Cave Sculptures

You will see many natural sandstone formations while walking along the path of this cave between lanterns and pillars.

If you visit this cave during the rainy season, you may observe many blue streams near the subterranean rivers; however, the floor of the cave is covered with sand during the non-rainy season.

After viewing the three caves, you can visit the Tam Phra Nan cave and start your excursion. This cave is brighter and, safer than other caves, so you can visit it alone.

There is another cave that can be visited without a guide. It is named Tam Sewa Dao Cave. Both of these caves are full of sacred places and religious statues, making them attractive.

Chiang Dao Cave Sculptures
Chiang Dao Cave Sculptures

Chiang Dao cave lanterns

On the outside of Chiang Dao Cave, Thailand, you will see unique sights and views, such as small pools with azure waters and colorful fish swimming in them. By visiting this cave, you will see natives who are feeding the fish of these reservoirs.

These natives believe that by feeding the fish, something good will happen to them. On the left side of this reservoir is a small holy place behind which you can see ancient statues whose surface is covered with plants due to the passage of time.

A new golden statue has been placed at the foot of this mountain, which can be seen before climbing the stairs and reaching the entrance of the cave.

Visiting fee and important points about Chiang Dao cave

To reach this cave’s main entrance, tourists must climb several steep and slippery stairs.

For all Thai people and natives of this neighborhood, this cave is sacred, so all people must wear appropriate clothes to enter and visit it. Also, if you don’t have clothes suitable for visiting this cave, you can buy a suitable one from this cave by paying twenty baht.

At the entrance of Chiang Dao cave, there are two holy places whose beauty will keep you attracted. This cave has very little light; only the corridors with prominent columns and lanterns are lit with one or two lamps, bringing light to the visitors. Other parts of this cave are very dark and you must have a guide with you to explore it.

View of Chiang Dao Cave
View of Chiang Dao Cave

If you pay 100 baht, you can use a gas lantern and have a guide for another 100 baht. The guide this place will take you to visit three caves, Tom Ma, Tom Q, and Tom, which are more than 500 underground.

Some of the directions are very narrow and you have to jump a couple of times to pass them. If you suffer from claustrophobia and have a phobia of tight places, we do not recommend you go to this cave.

Attractions outside the cave

Outside the cave, you will be blown away by the breathtaking views, a small reservoir with azure waters, and colorful fish that you can feed. The natives believe that by feeding these fish, karma will bring good things to you.

On the left side of this water reservoir is a little holy site with antique sculptures whose surfaces have been covered with vegetation over time.

Before climbing the steps and entering the cave, you may notice a new golden statue at the foot of the mountain. If you want to get to this cave from Chiang Mai, it will take you about an hour and 15 minutes by car.

Attractions outside the Chiang Dao cave, Thailand
Attractions outside the Chiang Dao cave, Thailand

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