Top 8 Koh Kood Beaches, Thailand

The Best 8 Beaches in Koh Kood, Thailand

Despite being Thailand‘s 4th biggest island, Koh Kood (Ko Kut) is relatively unknown to tourists. Furthermore, the roads are nearly vacant, making it a perfect island for scooter exploration. There is no transportation to the island, like Koh Mak.

Koh Kood is in the Gulf of Thailand, becoming increasingly famous among visitors owing to its beautiful beaches.

As part of the Koh Chang archipelago, which also includes Koh Mak and Koh Chang Island, Koh Kood Island is situated in the eastern region of Thailand.

The island’s waters are crystal clean, and the beaches on the west shore are some colorful coral reefs. In the western and southern shores of Koh Kood are home to some breathtaking white sand beaches.

Koh Kood’s breathtaking beaches are undoubtedly the jewel of this lovely island. They provide tourists with a delightful sense of limitless freedom and amenities for bathers’ comfort, cool fruit smoothies, warm blue water, and caressing winds.

8 Top Beaches in Koh Kood

There are several wonderful beaches in the vicinity that are worth visiting. You can have a unique experience by wading in the water and having a relaxing day in the sun with some really picturesque images.

If you wish to go from coast to coast in a unique way, you may hire a kayak and take a leisurely voyage.

  1. Klong Chao Beach
  2. Ao Tapao Beach
  3. Bang Bao Beach
  4. Ngam Kho Beach
  5. Ao Noi Beach
  6. Ao Phrao Beach
  7. Takhian Beach
  8. Klong Hin Beach

Klong Chao Beach

The primary shore on Koh Kood is Klong Chao Coast.

Amongst beaches on Koh Kood, this one is the busiest and most populous. In contrast to other islands, this one does not have any stores selling trinkets, tattoo parlors, tailors, or the like. However, there are restaurants, cafés, shops, and even an ATM.

The 600-meter-long Klong Chao beach strip is coated with fine, light sand. It is just a tiny corner of heaven; therefore, it is understandable why it has grown to be a well-liked beach over time.

The best hotels on the island may be found at Klong Chao Shore, several of which are situated directly on the shore. Hostels and homestays may be found behind the beach and along the northern bank of the river that empties into the water near the beach.

The beach is in great shape for a vacation. You may enjoy the tranquility and be as active as you like here. Beach activities that are common include canoeing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Klong Chao Beach
Klong Chao Beach

Ao Tapao Beach

The second-most visited beach on Koh Kood Island is Tapao, which is also regarded as its most picturesque. Half a kilometer of white sand, huge palm palms, and ethereally clean water draw tourists.

Even a few tens of meters from the shore, the sea off the beach of Tapao is tranquil and not too deep. The beach water has an extraordinarily lovely vivid green tint. Although the bottom is sandy, there are sizable stones close to the coast. The water entrance is convenient and secure.

The beach has no waves, and the water is relatively peaceful. This is owing to the existence of a rocky reef on one of the bay’s edges. Tapao extends to the south with a “wild” length of shoreline. There are no facilities, but the swimming conditions are excellent.

Tapao’s whole shoreline is conditionally split into two halves by a wooden pier. Boats arrive from the mainland and Koh Chang, the nearby island. In the evenings, the platform is used to watch the sunset (it is said that the sunset here is the most beautiful on the island since the sun “drowns” in the water).

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao is a stretch of white sand beach that is located southwest of Koh Kood. A lovely, small beach (about 400 meters long) is ideal for swimming.

The one disadvantage is that during high tide, much of the beach is submerged. However, the area’s resorts prepared huge spaces for sitting at the water’s edge during high tide.

The key aspect that sets Bang Bao apart from the other beaches in the area is its placement in a deep harbor. The water here is often a little warmer than that of other beaches. There are never any waves or winds since the hills nearby act as a natural protection of the coastal region.

Bang Bao Beach
Bang Bao Beach

Ngam Kho Beach

Previously, Ngam Kho was a vertex of the Koh Kood coasts in Thailand. Unfortunately, recent years most of the sand was carried away owing to the coastal erosion. As a result, the shore is no longer as lovely as it once was. However, it is still suitable with a high tide.

The road passes behind Ngamkho beach after descending a few minor hills. This region is largely unexplored, and the seashore is lined by coconut trees. You may approach the shore from the north end through S Beach Resort, from the south, or via Dusita Resort, which is located closer to the middle of the beach.

Try out the pancakes, smoothies, and coffee at Nom Khon Station if you are scooter traveling and need a break. Near the major road is a little hut beside the river.

Ao Noi Beach

One of the top ten beaches on Koh Kood is Ao Noi, which is an excellent beach. Only around 200 meters long, this portion of the shore is rather modest. It is surrounded on all sides by rocks, and on the beach itself, there are big stones. Ao Noi Bay is a very peaceful, remote location. On the sea, a handy pier with a gazebo is constructed.

This beach is not ideal for families with children due to the large number of stones on the beach and in the water. The middle of the shore has a few spots with a sandy bottom. Ao Noi is famous among snorkelers and those searching for a hidden romantic spot on Koh Kood, where they may swim and sunbathe “one on one” with tropical nature.

The regions of the stony bottom on the shore draw in aquatic life because the water is absolutely clean. The ocean gets shallow at low tide.

There is just one hotel on the beach, and all amenities are offered to beachgoers for a price: restaurant, bar, massage parlor, chairs and umbrellas for the beach, kayak rentals, and everything you need for snorkeling are all nearby.

Ao Phrao Beach

Tourists love Ao Phrao Shore because it is the longest and most stunning beach on Koh Kood.

South of the island is where Ao Phrao is situated. Features of the beach include a Beautiful, lush coastline; easy, safe access to the ocean; light, soft sand on the shore and at the bottom; crystal-clear water; few tourists.

The infrastructure on the coast is symbolized by different resorts that provide their customers with a variety of beach amenities for a price. Ao Phrao also has several features such as Kayak rentals, bars and restaurants (at hotels), as well as sun loungers and parasols.

On the hills that rise above the ocean, one of the local landmarks close to the beach is a modest Buddhist temple. The hiking route there is quite suitable; the trip takes approximately an hour. This temple is open to the public for free.

Ao Phrao is the island’s southernmost beach, located fairly far from the main road. There are no other neighboring beaches or towns (only a small village). You may arrive by motorcycle or boat.

Ao Phrao Beach
Ao Phrao Beach

Takhian Beach

Koh Kood Island’s southeast coast has a 400-meter-long beach called Takhian. It was regarded as the best on the island and was wild for a very long period. The lovely nature has now been enhanced with practical service.

Takhian is a really beautiful location. Palm bushes, beautiful sand, and crystal-clear water (the ocean has a special shade here, unlike the other beaches). Beautiful rocks that were naturally thrown here and there along the coast adorn the landscape of paradise. The water’s bottom is clear and level, and there are no stones there.

Takhian does not experience high or low tides. There is some little disquiet, but it is not uncomfortable. Hotels may be found all across Takhian.

This coastline is ideal for a beach vacation and bathing youngsters. It’s lovely, cozy, and seldom crowded. This shore is situated distant from the major road of the island. But you can take a motorbike to the next settlement with cafés and stores in half an hour.

Klong Hin Beach

Klong Hin is a modest attractive beach in a secluded cove on Koh Kood Island’s southwest coast. This is 400 m of white sand between the gorgeous green hills, surrounded by palm palms.

The water on Klong Hin beach is very pure, and getting into it is simple. There are no large waves here because a sandy peninsula in the bay prevents them. The only disadvantage is that the sea is quite shallow during low tides.

There is a pricey hotel directly on the beach, and another one is a few ways away from the beach’s center. Those who go to the beach only to sunbathe might visit the restaurant and café of resorts along the shore.

In addition to renting kayaks, the hotels also provide all the equipment you would need for snorkeling or diving. The coastline is furnished with hammocks, sun loungers, and umbrellas as well as gazebos, swings, and palm-tree-shaded gazebos. A massage parlor is present.

Klong Hin is a sparsely inhabited coastal location that may provide outstanding beach vacation circumstances as well as premium service. It will appeal to individuals who want utmost luxury while also wanting to be alone with nature.

The beach is far from the main road; but, on a motorcycle, you may reach there through a dirt road (about 2 kilometers). The sole community nearby is a little native village built on stilts directly on the sea.

Klong Hin Beach
Klong Hin Beach

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