Top 10 Beaches in Hua Hin, Thailand

The Best 10 Thailand's Hua Hin Beaches!

Hua Hin is situated on the Gulf of Siam’s western shore, approximately 150 kilometers southwest of Bangkok. It is a site known for its top-notch beaches and warm waters, which make the city the ideal vacation spot for both Thais and visitors from other countries. The historic resort has a long history of involvement with the Thai Royal family. Families taking a quick getaway to the region will love it for its relaxed pace of life and breathtaking surroundings.

It is quite viable to spend the day beach hopping because many of the beaches are near to one other and there is convenient and inexpensive public transportation available between numerous beaches. Numerous bays provide a variety of recreational opportunities, such as horseback riding, kiteboarding, and other water sports. Nearly all have tiny pubs and eateries that provide fresh Thai food and seafood along with sunbeds for rent.

Top 10 Beaches in Hua Hin

If you just have a brief trip to Bangkok, you can still find time to explore this hidden seashore beauty. The following beaches in Hua Hin are worth seeing while you’re there.

  1. Khao Takiab Beach
  2. Suan Son Pradiphat Beach
  3. Had Sai Noi Beach
  4. Cha Am Beach
  5. Khao Tao Beach
  6. Hua Hin Beach
  7. Khao Kalok Beach
  8. Dolphin’s Bay
  9. Ao Manao Beach
  10. Pranburi Beach

Khao Takiab Beach

Khao Takiab Beach is located not far south of Hua Hin Beach. Despite being just a short distance from Hua Hin Beach, Khao Takiab Beach has a totally distinct vibe. The beach is considerably less busy and seems a little bit more natural.

The Buddhist monastery Wat Khao Takiap, perched atop a hill overlooking the beach, is worth visiting for its panoramic views of the gulf. The hill has earned the moniker “Monkey Mountain” due to its abundance of macaques and 20-meter-tall golden-standing Buddhas. You could even see some macaques climbing onto local fishing boats or down on the rocks beside the lake.

Khao Takiab Beach
Khao Takiab Beach

Suan Son Pradiphat Beach

There is a long stretch of sand called Suan Son Pradiphat Beach that extends out from the mountain and parallels Khao Takiab Beach. One of Hua Hin’s most picturesque beaches is Suan Son Pradiphat Beach. This isolated beach that is flanked by woods will be loved by everyone looking for a relaxing shore adventure with the opportunity of spotting some rare birds.

It is a special spot around 9 kilometers from the city center for anyone looking for a peaceful evening far from the crowds. Due to the fact that locals keep this beach a secret, foreign travelers may stand out on it. This part of the beach is under control of the military, and there is only one way to get thereโ€”through a military camp. The beach is still in a similar condition as it would have been decades ago, with no stores or eateries.

Had Sai Noi Beach

If you prefer a tranquil environment, spend the day in the tiny beach Had Sai Noi Beach. For those who have never been to Hua Hin, the beach still appears to be relatively unexplored. As a result, Had Sai Noi might be considered something of a “secret” among Hua Hin veterans.

Approximately 15 kilometers south of Hua Hin city, in the Khao Tao region, is where you’ll find Sai Noi Beach. At the base of a mountain with temples and Buddha statues lies a little settlement called Khao Tao.

The little Sai Noi Beach is located on the southern slope of Khao Tao Mountain. The water deepens rather quickly and the beach is less than 1 kilometer long, making it particularly suitable for swimming for adults. Children should be kept in mind when traveling since there may occasionally be good waves in the ocean.

There are a few more modest beachside eateries along the shoreline. In addition to serving food and beverages, these establishments also rent out chairs and umbrellas for the beach and neighboring sites for Thai massages. Along with the ever-present beach lovers working on Sai Noi Beach, there is also the option of getting a Thai massage right along the beach.

Had Sai Noi Beach
Had Sai Noi Beach

Cha Am Beach

On the weekends, Cha Am Beach is a well-liked and enticing destination that usually draws a sizable number of people. The beach is next to a lovely road that is bordered with trees and stretches for kilometers in every direction. Both of these beaches provide a wide range of activities, despite the fact that the mood here is different from Hua Hin Beach. Visitors to the beach may enjoy unlimited amusement on banana boats as they travel back and forth.

In addition, a lot of guests like to play volleyball and football all day. The beach is lined by a huge number of massage parlors, cafรฉs, stores, and restaurants. Cha Am is well-known for its outstanding Thai food and seafood and is located just a short distance from the beach. In comparison to other beaches, it is a little simpler to locate a range of food alternatives here because all the attractions and activities are clustered close to the shore. On a clear day, tourists may even be able to view Hua Hin’s highest structures from the beach.

Khao Tao Beach

In comparison to the other beaches in Hua Hin, Khao Tao Beach is rather modest. Even so, it makes for a fantastic day trip destination outside of the city. A little cove roughly 20 kilometers from Hua Hin is where the beach is situated. It is difficult to see farther up or down the beach because of the rocks that surround it on each side.

The hill that has a view of the seashore gives Khao Tao its name. An amazing Buddha statue may be seen at the summit of this hill after navigating a deep jungle. This beach’s topography gives the impression that it is particularly remote and serene.

Khao Tao, like Suan Son Pradiphat Beach, is an excellent area to come if you want to spend a calm and undisturbed day at the shore. In addition, a little hut nearby gives guests the option of getting a soothing massage. Khao Tao is one of the greatest beaches for swimming since, in contrast to some of the other beaches in the area, it drops out swiftly.

Khao Tao Beach
Khao Tao Beach

Hua Hin Beach

The Bangkok neighborhood of Hua Hin is where you can find the Hua Hin beach. The term ‘Hua Hin’ is derived from the words stone head,’ referring to the massive rock formations visible from the beach and placed at the end. A 4-kilometer-long white sand paradise, the captivating beach offers a panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand. Hua Hin Beach is conveniently situated between the town center on one side and Khao Tokiap on the other. It is also very active throughout the day.

Travelers may enjoy a broad range of attractions at Hua Hin Beach. Hua Hin is not only a lovely and clean beach but it is also lined with excellent eateries that provide guests with real Thai food at very reasonable costs. Hua Hin Beach may get very crowded on various weekends and national holidays. On the other hand, it’s simple to choose a quiet area to enjoy the beach and sun on weekdays.

On this beach, there are many fun things to do. Family-friendly beach activities include horseback riding, water skiing, kiteboarding, and jet skiing, to name just a few. There are several sunbeds available for use in the afternoon once visitors have completed taking part in the recreational activities.

Khao Kalok Beach

Khao Kalok Beach in Hua Hin is a beach that provides a ton of amenities while yet managing to maintain its pristine nature and seclusion. Even at the height of tourist season, few people visit this beach, which is located 30 kilometers south of Hua Hin at the base of the Khao Kalok hill. The fine white beaches are ideal for strolls along the water at daybreak and dusk. Tall trees cover a significant portion of the beach, providing adequate shade for those looking to unwind during the hot summer months.

While venturing further out into the sea provides ample depth for skiing and surfing, the waters close to the beach are shallow, making them perfect for swimming with youngsters. Great cuisine is also available at affordable costs at the cafes and restaurants located across the street from the beach. For those wishing to explore the area further, Khao Kalok Hill makes for a fantastic trekking location.

Khao Kalok Beach
Khao Kalok Beach

Dolphin’s Bay

The bottlenose dolphins and finless porpoises that make periodic appearances in Dolphin’s Bay gave the area its name. The beach is vast and covered with a fine layer of snow-white sand. Coconut palms are dispersed around the beach in various densities.

The visitors who arrive are catered to by several affordable resorts. Families like to frequent this beach more because there is hardly any nightlife there. Small offshore islands can be accessed by using particular operators. They’re excellent half-day excursions from the bay.

Ao Manao Beach

The travel to Ao Manao from Hua Hin takes around one to one and a half hours, but what a wonderful experience. The beach, which is about 2 kilometers long, is situated in a narrow harbor surrounded by mountains and rock formations.

At Ao Manao, the sea is gradually growing deeper, and while it is gorgeously turquoise, the water is still extremely pure. In our experience, there are often no large waves at the beach because of the mountains that are submerged in the water off the shore.

Ao Manao provides more than just a beautiful beach; it also has a 9-hole golf course and a chance to see monkeys up on a neighboring mountain. Ao rooms in Ao Manao start at about 900 THB.

Ao Manao Beach
Ao Manao Beach

Pranburi Beach

The Pranburi Forest Park, a smaller section of the larger Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, borders this 1-kilometer length of serene and undeveloped beach. Swim in the small sea, wander along wooden walks through the mangrove jungle, and get pampered at one of the surrounding boutique hotels while tanning on the golden sand.

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