15 Forbidden Thailand Tips for Traveling

Important Tips for Traveling to Thailand

One of the nations in Southeast Asia is Thailand. This country has many historical and touristic attractions and has beautiful beaches. Also, the cultural and religious works in this country have a special glory and attraction. All these together have made Thailand an attractive tourist destination and made Thailand tour one of the main choices of tourists.

Thailand has a population of 70,183,997 people and the capital of this country is Bangkok. The official language of the people of this country is “Thai” and because Thai people often have a smile on their face, Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Most of the people in this country follow Buddhism and there are many temples in Thailand.

Essential Tips for Traveling to Thailand

Thailand, like other tourist countries, has its own rules and customs. From the specific culture of its people to the social rules that you must follow in order to experience a comfortable trip. If you have a plan to travel to Thailand, it is good to know important points about this country before your trip.

Avoid Shaking Hands, When You Meet Someone

When meeting strangers, Thais don’t shake hands; instead, they bow and place their hands together on their chests as a symbol of respect. When meeting someone older than you, don’t offer your hand; instead, bow gently out of respect. You don’t have to bow to children or those who are younger than you. You can just fold your hands over your chest if you don’t enjoy bowing to people.

Avoid Shaking Hands, When You Meet Someone
Avoid Shaking Hands, When You Meet Someone

Avoid Using Forks and Knives, While Dining

Many Thais spend their food in street and public restaurants in this country. The existence of millions of restaurants with different prices in this country has made it not felt like there is a shortage.

You will be given a spoon and fork when you visit any restaurant by the staff. So far, everything has been done in accordance with other countries. But if you look closer, you’ll find that nobody actually eats with a forkโ€”they only use it to help the food get into the spoon. They hold that only the spoon should go into the mouth, and that using a fork to eat would be a sign of contempt for the other persons there. This concept is founded in the traditional culture of this lovely Asian nation.

Thai cuisine is also frequently served in restaurants without a knife since it is so soft and cooked to the point of breaking readily. Consequently, you won’t need to use a knife. You should also know not to bring knives or forks with you when traveling to Thailand.

Avoid Falling for Tuk-Tuk Drivers’ Tricks

In the Thailand travel guide, you should also caution about falling for tricks from tuk-tuk drivers. One of the most common types of public transportation in East Asian nations is the tuk-tuk. These three-wheeled automobiles are used to carry visitors. Tuk-tuk drivers are more prevalent in cities like Phuket.

However, the issue with these tuk-tuks is their dishonest drivers. These drivers cleverly persuade visitors to visit stores that offer expensive and gorgeous stones. Uninformed tourists believe their words and go to these stores with them. However, things become worse since tuk-tuk drivers frequently lead you to shops that sell bogus items. These drivers have also been observed to steal the possessions of visitors or to demand exorbitant fees for local transportation.

Avoid Falling for Tuk-Tuk Drivers' Tricks
Avoid Falling for Tuk-Tuk Drivers’ Tricks

Don’t Export Thai Buddha Statues

Regardless of how bizarre this may sound. In any case, you should be aware that it is illegal to take a photo or image of Buddha out of the nation, and you face a fine from the government if you do. Of course, getting permission beforehand will save you from getting penalized. It has been harder to handle this problem in recent years, so shops try to sell visitors Buddha pictures for which they have official approval.

Avoid Pointing with Your Fingers

When calling out to individuals around, it is not customary in Thai culture to use your fingers. In circumstances like hailing a cab, ordering a waiter at a restaurant, and so on, avoid pointing with your fingers. In this situation, it is better to shake your hand with your palm facing down and your fingers completely closed. This strictness stems from the fact that it is utterly unethical to point a finger or whistle to refer to someone as a dog in Thailand.

Take Off Your Shoes

Most Thai people wear light sandals and slippers if you look closely at their footwear. Due to respect for this nation’s holiness and tradition, this style of covering is worn. So always remember to remove your shoes before going inside a house, a temple, or even certain shops.

We also advise using the slippers or shoes given at the door if you intend to visit a temple or other public area in Thailand. If you don’t see anything like that, you should visit the area barefoot in order to show your respect for Thai customs and culture.

Take Off Your Shoes
Take Off Your Shoes

Thais have no such thing as a queue

It is interesting to know that these lovely people do not believe in queuing. So, prepare yourself for big crowds and don’t expect to obey the law in crowded places.

Do Not Mention the King of Thailand

During your trip, try not to talk about the king of Thailand and the politics of this country, and enjoy your trip enough. Political issues in such countries are sensitive, so there is no reason to enter such matters.

Have proper coverage

Thailand has religious values, much like any other nation. Wear proper apparel when visiting temples and monasteries in Thailand to prevent issues. Of course, in Thailand, you will have the freedom to cover. But some religious places have special rules.

Don’t forget the Thai massage

For a very small amount, you can enjoy a full Thai massage. So be sure to try it during your trip. This part will usually be the most interesting part of your trip.

Donโ€™t forget the Thai massage
Donโ€™t forget the Thai massage

Don’t touch the head of Thais

The head is a sacred part of the Thai people. So, try not to touch the heads of the people there during your trip to Thailand.

Avoid Eating Anyplace

Try to select eateries where the cooking process can be witnessed and pick busier more reputable establishments. Because as we said Health is not well respected in this country.

Do Not Drink Water

Another important tip for traveling to Thailand is to try not to drink water from the city water in this country and drink bottled water to maintain your health during the trip.

Stay Close to The Public Transport Station

The ideal area to reserve a hotel is in the Sukhumvit district because there are both train and metro stations there, saving you money on taxi and tuk-tuk fares to explore the sites of Thailand.

Eat mango

Thai mangoes are one of the most delicious mangoes in the world. So, if you are a mango fan, eat mangoes as much as you can. In general, if you can, visit their Sefi market. This market is very attractive and crowded.

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