Top 20 Restaurants in Seville, Spain

The Best Restaurants in Seville

We cordially motivate you to visit the wonderful restaurants in Seville if you’re searching for eateries with stunning scenery, delectable cuisine, and affordable costs. Seville boasts several enticing eateries and tapas bars, ranging from more than 350-year-old establishments where the bills are still written in chalk to eateries with breathtaking river views. Here, we’ll show you several of Seville’s most alluring eateries and tapas bars.

The majority of their leisure time is spent outside since Spaniards are especially fascinated by enjoying the great outdoors. Citizens of Seville may spend their leisure time at the city’s cafés, restaurants, and avenues while indulging in delectable cuisine and beverages. Tapas, which are little Spanish sandwiches, are a staple of street food excursions and can be found in all cafes and food stands.

Apart from street food and snacks, the city of Seville has many local dishes that you should try during your trip to enjoy their different flavors. Overall, trying the local cuisine in a place is one of the pleasures of travel that you should not skip. If you try these few dishes during your trip to Seville, you will fall in love with the Spanish cuisine and local dishes of Seville, and you will forever forget about eating fast food and repetitive dishes in this city.

Top Restaurants in Seville
Top Restaurants in Seville

Top 20 Best Restaurants in Seville

Here we introduce 20 of the best restaurants in Seville.

  1. El Rinconcillo
  2. Casa Moreno
  3. Al Aljibe
  4. Duo Tapas
  5. Dos de Mayo
  6. Mechela
  7. Abades Triana
  8. Taberna Aguilas
  9. Alfalfa
  10. Abantal
  11. Manzil
  12. Lalola de Javi Abascal
  13. Tribeca
  14. La barra de cabañota
  15. Tradevo
  16. Plato Jondo
  17. Brunchit
  18. ConTenedor
  19. Sal Gorda
  20. El Pasaje Tapas

El Rinconcillo Restaurant

The oldest bar in Seville, El Rinconcillo, opened in 1670. You may enjoy eating classic meals in this bar’s elegantly furnished setting. This bar serves tapas on its lower level. For seating, you can go for barrel bar tables or ancient mahogany tables.

El Rinconcillo Restaurant
El Rinconcillo Restaurant

Restaurants may be situated on the top floor. The architecture of this restaurant is Andalusian, with brick walls and metal lighting. This café upholds historical customs by writing your bill with chalk in front of you.

Casa Moreno

Another abacería that is cherished by residents of Seville is Casa Moreno. You can locate a long, thin bar that you won’t want to share with your buddies if you go far back past the dangerously placed supplies.

At Casa Moreno, food selections are limited to what is available in-store, although they do offer a variety of montaditos and small nibbles, as well as an extensive array of wines by the glass. Grab a drink of wine, and some tapas like the anchovies and Cabrales blue cheese, and relax.

Al Aljibe

Al Aljibe restaurant is located in Alameda de Hercules. You get to experience the most excellent nightlife in Seville in that area. You can come to Al Aljibe restaurant for a drink or a romantic meal. This restaurant has a beautiful rooftop facing Alameda with only a few tables for seating.

Beef burgers and fried cod fish are among the best dishes in this restaurant. You can order these dishes as a full press, choose one of the rooftop tables, and enjoy your meal. On weekends, this restaurant may get quite packed, hence it is best to make a reservation.

Duo Tapas

Duo Tapas has one of the most attractive terraces in the Alameda area of Seville. You may eat and drink in this restaurant while taking in the lovely and serene surroundings. Of course, the fame of this restaurant is not only due to its open space. If you want to experience different foods and not only order croquettes and tortillas, you must visit Do Tapas restaurant.

Duo Tapas
Duo Tapas Restaurant

In this restaurant, you can eat dishes such as chicken wings, curry chicken, and salmon tacos; Foods that you might find in less tapas bars in Seville. In comparison to regular restaurants, the cost of the meal is slightly more at this establishment. But it has very good service and the quality of the food is excellent compared to their price.

Dos de Mayo

In the northern part of the old city or Old Town of Seville, a cozy and friendly tapas bar and restaurant is located. Dos de Mayo restaurant is very popular among locals. On weekends, a large crowd comes to Dos de Mayo restaurant and creates an interesting atmosphere in this restaurant with their noise.

You can try some of the best traditional tapas of Seville in this restaurant. Fresh fried fish and other seafood, flamenquines and foi grois, and goat cheese are among the popular dishes of this restaurant.


The small Mechela restaurant has only a few tables. So be sure to reserve a table in advance if you want to experience dining at this establishment. The interior of this restaurant is designed in a minimal style. Maybe the minimal and simple design of this restaurant is a bit in conflict with the food that is served to the customers.


Octopus and homemade pate and Salmorejo are among the popular dishes of this restaurant. The second Mechela branch is located near the bullring on Calle Pastor y Landero. Both branches of this restaurant have good service and great drinks.

Abades Triana

In the neighborhood of Triana, by the river and right in front of the Torre de Oro or the Golden Tower, the chic restaurant Abades Triana is located. This restaurant presents one of the most beautiful views of Seville to its customers.

The restaurant tables are beautifully covered with white tablecloths and silver dishes stand out on them. Abades Triana restaurant prices are slightly higher than other more expensive restaurants on this list. But when you’re enjoying the wonderful view of the Torre de Oro and the Giralda Bell, the price of the food is the last thing on your mind. This view turns orange after dark and becomes much more beautiful.

Taberna Aguilas

In the taberna restaurant, you can serve a variety of Spanish, Mediterranean, dietary and vegetarian dishes. The food served in the eatery is of outstanding standard, and it is also extremely affordable. The working time of this restaurant is from 12 noon to 12 midnight and it has free internet.

Taberna Aguilas
Taberna Aguilas


Seville’s Alfalfa is a little eatery that offers tasty meals at a very affordable price. The appearance of this restaurant may not attract you at first, but the Mediterranean, Spanish and diet food it serves will surely appeal to you. In addition, the restaurant serves all meals and you can use the restaurant’s free internet.


The fish and seafood served at the fine-dining Tribeca restaurant are all from the Gulf of Cadiz. Both the meal and the experience are excellent. Since they provide a sampling menu by the booking, every dish is unexpected and a treat.

Even for finicky eaters, the menu uses ordinary ingredients to create dishes that are well-known and simple to eat. Therefore, Tribeca is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a distinctive culinary experience. Given the excellent service and food, the costs are considerable (between 75 and 110 euros).


Manzil’s cuisine is incredibly creative, and each course presents Andalusian elements in a special way, producing an incredible trip. The restaurant is amazing, easily accessible, and classy, with paintings on the walls featuring culinary themes. Seville is much above the national average! It provides the Manzil and Morada tasting meals. The average ticket price and gluten-free alternatives come to roughly 80 euros per person. Please reserve your position before it becomes hard to get in as a courtesy to yourself.


Lalola de Javi Abascal

If you want to have lunch close to Seville’s old center, Lalola de Javi Abascal is an ideal option. You may have a date with your lover here since the cuisine is exquisitely prepared and there is cozy, romantic surroundings. The Iberian pig, which is the restaurant’s specialty, lies at the heart of Lalola’s gourmet concept.

The many meals showcase various steak cuts, as well as cooking and presentation techniques. In addition, the restaurant offers choices for celiacs, and the side dishes “sea and mountain” are noteworthy. The cost ranges from 25 to 40 euros on average.


A gourmet eatery called Abantal offers avant-garde cuisine while still serving traditional Andalusian fare. The only Michelin-starred eatery in Seville is also there! With 10 tables available to seat between 35 and 40 people, it provides a cozy environment. The meal is of outstanding standard, and the presentation is stunning. The service is also faultless. The typical cost is about 80 euros.


La barra de cabañota

Do you prefer to eat a premium good in an enjoyable and informal setting similar to that of a conventional Sevillian bar? The great quality and diversity of the fish sold at La Barra de Cabota make it one of the top seafood markets in Seville. This restaurant serves seafood tapas created traditionally using tinned, salted, seasoned, and fried fish.

Everything is prepared in front of the consumer. At the table or the bar, you can order off the menu or dine from a tasting menu. Even though costly, it is well worth it. A normal supper can run you between $30 and $40. You should also heed the advice of the personnel. They are the most knowledgeable!


Tradevo offers a novel and ground-breaking proposition that aims to revitalize the cherished “tapa” cuisine. Tradevo is an acronym for TRADition + EVOlution. I definitely suggest the eatery since the cuisine is really beautifully presented, in well-sized quantities, excellent, fresh, and flavorful. Each meal readily shows that the finest ingredients were combined with seasonal and organic ingredients.



Brunchit must be on your list if you’re looking for an area in Seville to have a hearty brunch breakfast that includes pancakes, avocado toast, delectable coffee, and fresh juices. This is Brunchit, a restaurant that serves high-quality food and has bright tables piled high with fruits and vegetables, as well as locally sourced and organic goods.

This is probably one of the locations you will realize is open early in the morning since, as you may know, the lunch hours in Spain might be a little perplexing if you are a foreigner. The meal is delicious, and the quantities are considerable for the price. Furthermore, their coffee is brewed by trained baristas.

Plato Jondo

If you want to enjoy excellent quality, expertly prepared, tasty meals in Seville without being let down, Plato Jondo is another solid option for a restaurant. Javier Abascal and Javier Vargas, the cooks, are also highly regarded.

There are many intricate and creative dishes made with seasonal ingredients. It is not a normal Seville tourist restaurant serving the same foods everywhere. Although the menu is not especially wide, the prices are fair (the Tasting Menu is 42 € and the Tapas Menu costs 24 €).

Plato Jondo
Plato Jondo


ConTenedor is the place to go if you want excellent dining in an inviting atmosphere. It provides excellent and fresh cuisine. The service is quite special since the personnel is so hospitable, and the menu varies slightly frequently to account for seasonal ingredients.

The setting, which features acoustic concerts, DJ sessions, and artwork, is elegantly decorated and well-matched with the idea of a “slow food” restaurant. Seats on the terrace are recommended since they provide beautiful views and should be reserved in advance. Prices are reasonable and range from 20 to 45 euros depending on the event.

El Pasaje Tapas

Modern tapas restaurant El Pasaje Tapas offers global cuisine, authentic Sevillian tapas, and aged meats. Everything is tastefully displayed, giving the atmosphere a more sophisticated vibe. They are also likely a little priced higher than other organizations, but meals are of a very good standard, and customer service is excellent. A typical dinner costs between 15 and 30 euros.

For those who enjoy observing people while traveling, you may opt to eat at high tables or casually on their indoor patio, which features a rooftop garden. Booking a table is advisable since they do become crowded.

El Pasaje Tapas
El Pasaje Tapas

Sal Gorda

Sal Gorda is located on the Hotel Soho Boutique Cathedral’s first level. A modest yet tasty meal with Mediterranean roots can be found at this eatery. It uses unique techniques and displays a little fusion of cuisines from different continents, including Asia and Latin America.

It works an excellent task of blending and enhancing the tastes of Sevillian and foreign cuisine. The interior design of the hotel’s restaurant is magnificent. You can watch the job being done in the kitchen while enjoying your evening because the area is nice, tidy, clean, and faces the customer.


In Seville, you can find the most delicious Andalusian tapas. Sitting in the courtyard of one of the restaurants near the river and tasting the taste of balsamic in a colorful salad bowl, you will never forget.

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