Tibidabo mountain & Amusement Park in Barcelona

A Fun-Filled Adventure at Tibidabo: From Breathtaking Views to Thrilling Rides!

If you enjoy stunning architecture, fascinating history, delicious Spanish food, and relaxing on the beach, then Barcelona should be your next vacation destination. But Mount Tibidabo is the place to go if you want a birds-eye perspective of the city. Views of Barcelona can’t be beaten from atop Mount Tibidabo.

When you stroll through Barcelona, you’ve undoubtedly spotted Mount Tibidabo. At a peak height of 512 meters, it dominates the surrounding Serra de Collserola mountain range. A chapel built on it provides breathtaking views of the city below. The soaring, open-armed Jesus statue atop this chapel is immediately eye-catching. Even from Barcelona’s sidewalks, you can see it.

Tibidabo, in the Sierra de Collserola, is the highest peak at 512 meters. The hill, located on the city’s outskirts, is a popular destination for sports and leisure activities due to its spectacular views of Barcelona and its lush, natural surroundings. From almost any place in Barcelona, you can see the hill.

The mountain is home to a multitude of structures, including the church Iglesia del Sagrat Cor and the amusement park Parce de Atracciones del Tibidabo. The parallels in dรฉcor between this church and Paris’ Sacrรฉ-Coeur, as well as the fact that both were constructed at very lofty elevations and had the same name, have led to connections between the two.

Top-View of Tibidabo mountain
Top-View of Tibidabo mountain

Highlights of Tibidabo mountain in Spain

The Park d’Atracccions may be found at the top station of the Cablacarca cable car, which travels to the peak of Tibidabo. For similarly breathtaking panoramas, visit one of the amusement parks that have rides like Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and roundabouts. Inside the park’s boundaries is the vending machine museum Museu d’Automates del Tibidabo.

Sagrada Corazรณn, a chapel modeled after Paris’ Sacre Coeur, can be seen next to the park’s main entrance. During your time in Tibidabo, you must, of course, check out the area’s most well-known landmark: the church. Mount Tibidabo is home to the fantastical Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazon. It’s a little basilica whose name literally translates to “holy heart.” Designed by Spanish architect Enric Sagnier, the building process took place between the years 1902 to 1961.

A church dating back to the early 20th century is on the ground level of the Sagrada Coazon. A modest plaza and basilica built in the Gothic style make up the first floor. The elevators go up one of the buildings. A statue of Jesus stands atop the basilica.


A trip to the Torre de Conserolla’s observation deck will reward you with a panoramic vista that stretches far into the countryside. Visibility to the island of Montserrat is possible on a good day. The tower, which stands at an impressive 268 meters, saw action at the 1992 Olympic Games. The Englishman Sir Norman Foster, known worldwide for his role in the creation of iconic structures, was responsible for the design of the building’s steel, concrete, and glass componentsโ€”you enter the observation deck via a glass floor.

Highlights of Tibidabo mountain in Spain
Highlights of Tibidabo mountain in Spain

During the weekends, a small tourist train or bus, line 111, connects the Tibidabo and the Conserolla Tower, both of which are accessible from the mountain cable car station.

If you’d rather see the tower first, you may take the F.G.C. (Calatan transport firms, incorporated into the metro network of Barcelona) line S1 or S1 to station “Peu de Funicular” and then ride the funicular up to the mountain station. This may be seen in the picturesque town of Vallvidrera. It’s roughly a 500-meter walk to the tower.

If the weather isn’t cloudy and the view is spectacular, you should wait till the clouds clear. After your time at Tibidabo, stick around for the sunset.

History of Tibidabo mountain

You may be wondering where the name Tibidabo came from. The Bible’s Luke 4:6 is supposedly the source of this saying. Both the devil and Jesus appear to be perched atop a mountain, looking out over the entire planet. Satan said to Jesus, “All this power will I give you, and the glory of them: for that is handed to me; and to whomsoever, I will I give it.”

And the Latin translation of Tibidabo is “I will give it to you.” Mount Tibidabo’s evocative name suggests that this scenario occurred at the peak!

History of Tibidabo mountain
History of Tibidabo mountain

After seeing the region, you can believe the fact that believes Tibidabo is a hidden gem of Barcelona. To be sure, the panoramas are breathtaking. All of Barcelona, the Mediterranean, and even Montserrat and Montseny are visible in their entirety. The Amusement Park’s natural integration with the surrounding landscape gives it a distinct sense of nostalgia. To top it all off, it appears to be a wonderful destination for families to vacation.

How to get to the top of Tibidabo mountain?

The journey to Tibidabo is enjoyable in and of itself. Take the train to Avinguda del Tibidabo with the local L7 rail from Plaรงa Catalunya. Many bus stations are located only 200 meters uphill on the right side of Av. del Tibidabo from that intersection. A ride on bus 196 will get you to the base of the Funicular del Tibidabo in the valley. Every day of the year, bus 196 makes its rounds. Ride the funicular to the amusement park’s upper levels.

The ancient “Tramvia Blau” tram, which for a long time was the sole tram in Barcelona, is currently not running as a result of refurbishment. When exactly Tramvia Blau resumes service is unknown, but that could be your other option for getting to the top of Tibidabo mountain.

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