From Peso to Euro: Demystifying Spain Travel Costs

Weathering the Costs: How Seasons Affect Your Spanish Sojourn

Due to the many tourist sights, it has to offer, Spain is one of the top vacation destinations in the globe and is greatly prevalent by travelers from all over the world. Visiting this country is a worthwhile activity that will not cost you a fortune. Simply follow us till the conclusion of this post to get complete schedules for seeing this wonderful nation.

Spain was formerly a low-cost travel destination, but not any longer. A surge in prices for everything from lodging to food and drink has been brought on by an unexpected spike in visitors. Costs are quite high, especially around the seaside. Consider going out to a good lunch and preparing supper to help you stay within your budget. During lunchtime, a great deal of restaurants provides a special “menu of the day” that is considerably cheaper, enabling you to have a satisfying meal. If your schedule permits, think about forgoing the train in favor of a bus because buses are also significantly more affordable than trains. Couch surfing in Spain is another fantastic option.

What is the cost of traveling to Spain?

For your holiday in Spain, you should budget around €150 ($165) each day, which is the standard daily price based on the costs of other tourists. The average cost of meals for one day for previous tourists was €40 ($44), while the average cost of local transportation was €27 ($30). A couple may stay in a hotel for an average cost of €134 ($148) in Spain. Thus, the average cost of a stay of one week for two individuals in Spain is €2,101 ($2,314). All of these usual travel rates were gathered from previous travelers to assist you in planning your own trip budget.

View of Spain
View of Spain

In general, a seven-day trip to Spain for one person costs roughly €1,050. Hence, a seven-day trip to Spain for two individuals will run you about €2,101. In Spain, a two-week vacation for two individuals costs €4,202. Because child tickets are less expensive and hotel rooms may be shared, the cost of a trip for a family of three or four frequently reduces. Your daily budget will fall if you drive more slowly over a longer distance. A month’s worth of travel in Spain for two people tends to cost less per person per day than a week’s worth of solo travel.

How much do package tours cost in Spain?

An organized trip package costs, on average, $252 per day in Spain. This is the daily average cost of tours in Spain based on our study of the many guided tour packages that are offered around the nation. While each trip varies in terms of total expense, length, locations, and quality, they are all generally of varying quality.

Category of travel cost to Spain

Is it expensive to travel to Spain? All those who desire to visit this country are asking themselves this question. For this reason, we tried to present the average cost of traveling to Spain by category in this section so that you can fully and partially get to know the costs of this trip. All Spain travel costs mentioned below have been calculated from real travelers’ budgets.

Travel cost to Spain
Travel cost to Spain

Cost of living in Spain

A popular holiday destination, Spain has plenty of accommodation options for all budgets. There are thousands of excellent inns as well as five-star luxury hotels for travelers to stay in this country. Prices will also vary depending on where you visit in Spain. For example, staying in Barcelona is more expensive than staying in smaller cities or the suburbs. But generally speaking, a person’s daily hotel expense in Spain is 67 euros. For two people who are in a normal double hotel room, the average cost is estimated at 134 euros per day.

Transportation Budget in Spain

Getting around in Spain is very easy. Passengers can easily use trains and public transportation. Spain has a train and bus network that makes it simple to go to popular locations, just like many other European nations. Those who have a small budget can also use the bus network of this country. Though much slower than trains and subways, buses are also more reasonably priced. If you’re looking to get off the main tourist trail, buses are more convenient for smaller, more rural destinations. Previous visitors to Spain paid an average of €27 per person, per day, for local transportation.

Transportation Budget in Spain
Transportation Budget in Spain

Cost of dining out in Spain

The daily average price of a dinner in Spain is €40 per person, however, costs might change. A typical supper in Spain should cost about €16 per person, based on the spending patterns of past visitors. Typically, breakfast is a little less expensive than lunch or supper. When compared to quick-food or street food, local and Spanish restaurants frequently have higher food pricing.

Cost of entertainment in Spain

In Spain, the average daily expenditure on entertainment and leisure is €27 per person. The cost of admission to museums and other attractions, day trips, and other sightseeing costs are included in this price.

Tips and Handouts Budget in Spain

In Spain, tips and gratuities typically cost €5.38 per day. In Spain, a gratuity usually ranges from 5% to 15%.

Tips and Handouts Budget in Spain
Tips and Handouts Budget in Spain

What is the best month to travel to Spain?

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy good, but not too hot, weather, we recommend visiting Spain in April or September and October in the fall. If you are going to Spain in the spring, you should note that everything may be a little more expensive than usual because of the good weather and the welcoming of travelers to visit this country.


The cost of going to Spain varies greatly depending on the region you visit. Many expats know Spain as a “cheap” European destination, which can be true in smaller cities. In terms of costs, large cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are equivalent to other major European cities.

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