Spain Dress Etiquette: What to Wear and Avoid

From Beaches to Cathedrals: Spain's Diverse Dress Codes

If you’re planning to travel to Spain, you might have a question abound Dress codes in Spain. Generally, there is no dress code in Spain, and you can wear what you want, but you need to consider a couple of rules. Also, when you travel to Europe, you must have good style because no matter what Europeans do, they will do it stylishly. This article will help you decide what to wear in Spain.

Dressing rules in Spain

There are some rules for dressing in Spain that you need to know before traveling.

The first rule is that if you are Muslim, you cannot wear Niqab or Burqa because it covers your face and make you unrecognizable, so in public places such as libraries, Municipality, Public Market, and so on, you can’t wear it.

The second rule is that you cannot wear sandals when you drive a car; this rule is for both men and women. Even if you travel and decide to rent a car, you should respect this rule and act accordingly.

The third rule is that you cannot be topless if you are in Barcelona. Generally, there is no problem with being topless, but if you are in Barcelona, you cannot do it, and even you might get a penalty of around euro 800 for that.

Dressing rules in Spain
Dressing rules in Spain

The fourth rule is that when you visit a church, you cannot show your Shoulders or Knees, so when you visit a church in Spain, you avoid wearing Sleeveless Tops, Mini Skirts, or Shorts. This dress code is a must to do action, and you must comply accordingly to be granted entry. Also, consider that the Church Dress Code applies to both men and women.

What to Wear in Spain

When you travel to Spain, the Spanish will get their first impressions of you, depending on your dress. You may only get the best treatment at hotels and restaurants if you are dressed appropriately. So, in this article, we will guide you on how to blend in and not stand out as tourists.

The style in Spain is a combination of modern with Innovative cuts and colors. While the dress code in Spain is not as same as in other European countries, there are a few rules you’ll need to follow to avoid embarrassing style blunders.

What to Wear in Spain
What to Wear in Spain

1. Look sharp

When you visit Spain, you’ll rarely see the Spanish wearing sportswear or shabby clothes. Spaniards take great pride in their appearance; every season, they put their look well together. It’s time to throw away your dirty jeans, sports T-shirts, and old shoes, especially if you are going to visit cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

2. It’s all in the fit

Baggy shirts and shorts won’t fit in Spain. You should choose high-quality fabrics and fitted ensembles, as quality and cut are crucial to mastering the Spanish style.

3. Keep it classy

By culture, the Spanish avoid wearing mini-skirts or skimpy outfits. Also, you can wear swimwear just when you are at the beach. Also, if you want to visit the church, you have to wear an appropriate dress as we told you before.

4. Seasonal style

Spaniards dress according to the season, not the weather. So, even if it’s hot in the spring, locals will wear jeans and a jacket.

Seasonal style
Seasonal style

5. Wardrobe staples

When you visit Spain, at any time of year, you can wear a pair of well-fitted denim; in fact, it’s common for both men and women to wear trousers or jeans daily. Despite the heat, shirts and classic button-downs are also year-round favorites and can be easily layered with a winter jacket. Also, consider that your style never goes wrong with black, grey, and other earthy hues.


If you plan to visit Spain, you must consider their dress code to avoid unwanted attention from Spanish people. In general, there are not many rules about dressing, but you need to consider that as a Muslim, you cannot wear Niqab or Burqa, you cannot wear sandals when you drive a car, you cannot be topless in some cities, such as Barcelona, and when you visit a church, you should cover your Shoulders or Knees. Also, consider that style is essential in Spain, and you need to choose your outfit with more thought.

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