From Cattle Trade to Spanish Fiesta: Seville April Fair

Parades, Rides, and Festive Fun in Seville's April Fair

Every year, two weeks after Easter, there’s a massive party in Seville called the April fair. What started in 1947 as a cattle trading event is now one of Spain’s coolest parties, with loads of people coming to have fun and see the bright colors.

The fair really gets going with a “Dining of Fish” event. The mayor leads a parade and as midnight gets closer, they turn on all the lights. Big fireworks shoot up, telling everyone that it’s party time.

But it’s not just about partying. The fair is a big deal for flamenco dancing too. Seville has been home to many top flamenco artists. So, during the fair, you’ll see some amazing performances by dancers, singers, and composers who really love this dance style.

Seville’s Riverside Festival Grounds

The Seville April fair, held near the Guadalquivir River, turns into a pop-up city of colorful tents, spreading its festive spirit all across town. It’s not just a fair; it’s a massive, bright, and lively party that everyone gets drawn into. The whole city gets soaked in its joyful and vibrant vibes.

Seville's Riverside Festival Grounds
Seville’s Riverside Festival Grounds

In Spanish, these tents are named “Casetas” and each one becomes its own little party house. They’re filled with dancing, shows, and merry-making that doesn’t stop until sunrise. Every tent has its own kind of fun happening inside, turning the area into a patchwork of mini-parties.

Even with all the festive craziness, each Caseta has planned activities and performances. The tents stay alive with parties, shows, and non-stop dancing from evening to early morning, making sure the celebratory vibes touch every corner of the temporary tent city.

Celebrating Seville’s Flamenco Flair

During the festival in Seville, ladies dress up in colorful Flamenco outfits that are Gypsy-inspired. The town comes alive with folk tunes, flashy costumes, and epic parties that everyone, locals and visitors alike, enjoys.

There are these tents called Casetas which are super important to the festival and other local celebrations. This fest, though, goes big with the tents. All sorts of people, from the city’s elite families to politicians and big companies, set up these tents.

Each tent, or Caseta, has its own style based on who’s hosting it. While they all look amazing, many are exclusive and you can only get in if you’re invited.

Celebrating Seville's Flamenco Flair
Celebrating Seville’s Flamenco Flair

Dancing and Celebrating Together in Seville

In Seville, during a week of festivities, colorful tents called casetas are where all the fun happens. Lots of casetas are open to the public, so visitors can join in and feel the special vibe of the ongoing celebrations.

A traditional dance from Sevilla, known as Sevillanas, is a big part of the fair. If you learn a few basic steps of this twirly dance, you’ll enjoy the fair way more. People from all walks of life—whether they’re young or old, rich or poor, men or women—love performing it.

The whole city gets into the spirit, turning every nook and cranny into a dance floor. So the Sevillanas isn’t just a dance, it’s a celebration that brings everyone together, creating shared moments of joy and unity.

Dancing and Celebrating Together in Seville
Dancing and Celebrating Together in Seville

Seville’s Festive Spectacle

Every day during the fair, the city of Seville gets super lively with parades of horse carriages that are all decked out in flowers and decorations. For the kiddos, there’s a must-visit spot named ‘Street of Hell’ (Calle del Infierno), filled with cool things like merry-go-rounds and super fun, but kinda scary rides.

People from all over the world come to visit the fair, making the city’s hotels, hostels, and places to eat really busy. It’s a big deal for the city, bringing in lots of visitors and helping businesses in the area, especially those where you grab a bite or spend the night.

Even though the fair is a big hit with tourists, it’s kept its traditional vibe. It continues to be a real, heartfelt celebration of Andalucian culture, where everyone, whether you live there or you’re just visiting, gets to dive into its bright and friendly traditions.

Seville's Festive Spectacle
Seville’s Festive Spectacle

Dressing Traditionally for the Seville Fair: Tips and Suggestions

At the Seville Fair, many people wear traditional clothes. Men on horses or in carriages often wear the “traje corto”, which is a stylish outfit with tight pants, a short jacket, and a big hat. Women usually wear the colorful “traje de gitano”, a flamenco dress with accessories like a flower, comb, jewelry, shawl, and fan.

These dresses can be pricey, but if you’re thinking of coming back to the fair, it might be worth getting one. Wearing the local dress makes you feel more a part of the celebration and connected to the culture.

For guys not on horses or who don’t feel the “traje corto” is for them, a regular suit works just fine. Just have fun and enjoy the party, regardless of what you’re wearing.

Dressing Traditionally for the Seville Fair: Tips and Suggestions
Dressing Traditionally for the Seville Fair: Tips and Suggestions

How is the Seville Fair organized?

Real de la Feria is a temporary town that pops up with lots of little streets coming out from the main one, called Calle Antonio Bienvenida. It’s neatly organized into 25 separate blocks, each surrounded by its own streets and squares. Every block has between 20 and 50 little tents, called casetas, making a total of about 1,050 casetas.

The map has different color zones to help you navigate. In the yellow zone, you’ll find the casetas, scattered along 15 streets, each named after famous bullfighters. The red zone is where all the fun happens – it’s called La Calle del Infierno and it’s packed with funfair rides and games.

But it’s not just about fun and games. Real de la Feria also makes sure you’ve got what you need. There are public casetas, places to catch buses and trains, bathrooms, help desks, and even a police station, all to make sure everyone has a great and safe time.

What are the casetas?

At the Seville Fair, there are special tents called casetas. They’re set up just for the fair and then taken down until next time. There are over 1,050 of these tents, showing how big this event is for the people of Seville. These tents are like mini-parties, owned by local families, friends, or even businesses and political groups.

The casetas
The casetas

A lot of the tents are private, so only some people can get in. If you know someone from Seville, they might invite you into their tent. But if you don’t, there are 17 bigger public tents anyone can enter.

The city runs the main one, and others represent different parts of Seville or organizations. There’s a map to help you find your way. Look for the green house symbols on it to find public tents. It’s a fun way to enjoy the music and feel the fair’s energy.

What goes on in a private caseta?

People have a blast at the Seville Fair, especially inside little tents called casetas. Everyone starts hanging out, munching on tapas, and sipping drinks from around 1:00 or 1:30 pm, and the fun doesn’t stop until 6:00 or 7:00 the next morning! All while listening to a local type of music, sevillanas, which keeps things lively.

Each caseta is like a tiny party spot with its own bar and kitchen, so all the food, drinks, and tunes you need are right there. Some have their own sound systems, while others might have live music to keep everyone energized and happy. It’s a cozy spot where pals get together and enjoy the festival.

So, the big idea is to get together with folks, enjoy yummy eats, and groove to the music, making the whole thing a super cool social and cultural dive. If you’re at the Feria de Abril, get ready to munch, sip, and dance all night to the upbeat sevillanas, and soak up all that happy Spanish vibe!

Feria of Seville 2023

Seville’s Feria from April 23rd to 29th in 2023 is going to be a blast with music, dancing, and bright festivities. Everyone’s excited about this event, enjoying the sounds of flamenco and tasty Spanish dishes. The city buzzes with life, celebrations, and fun everywhere.

Feria of Seville 2023
Feria of Seville 2023

Hotels might be a bit costly during this period due to the rush of guests. Many believe it’s worth paying extra for this special experience. Each day is different, and the nights are full of fun memories.

If you’re planning to go, join in fully. Maybe wear a flamenco dress or groove to Sevillanas tunes. It’s not just any festival; it’s a deep dive into Seville’s vibrant culture. So, set your dates, gear up, and get set for some amazing nights in Seville.


Seville’s April Fair started in 1847 as a cattle show but has since turned into a week-long party. Picture over a thousand “casetas” or tents on the fairgrounds where locals gather to chat and dance all night. The festivities begin on a Monday night with the fairgrounds lighting up brightly.

Inside these tents, or casetas, you’ll find delicious food, wine, and lots of dancing. Some tents are private, but there are open ones where anyone can join the fun. It’s common to see people dancing even outside in the streets. At this fair, men dress in traditional Andalusian outfits and women wear flamenco dresses.

During the day, folks ride around in carriages and on horses. You can also hire a carriage if you want. There’s also a fun area called “Calle del Infierno” with rides and games. Every day, there are bullfights at the Plaza de la Maestranza. The fair ends with a big fireworks show, leaving everyone excited for next year.

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