Mestalla Stadium: Home of Valencia FC

A Historic Venue for Valencia Football Club

Mestalla Stadium is one of the La Liga stadiums located in Valencia, Spain, and was opened in 1923. Currently, the home games of Valencia football club are held in this stadium.

Introducing Mestalla Stadium

Among the most appreciated and well-followed games in Spain is football, which has an extensive audience. It goes without saying that there are strong and proud teams in this country, and football matches are usually held in stadiums. As a result, there are numerous football stadiums in Spain, and distinct football teams play their house games in each of these places. Now, one of the famous stadiums in Spain is the Mestalla Stadium, which we are going to introduce below and provide interesting information about this stadium.

In Valencia, Spain, there is a football arena called as the Mestalla Stadium, frequently referred to as the Valencia Stadium. It was built in 1923. The Mestalla Stadium, where the Valencia Football Club right now plays, is one of Spain’s biggest stadiums. The stadium is named after the historic Mestalla irrigation canal, which was originally outside the south stand of the stadium and had to be jumped over to reach the pitch. It is interesting to know that the northern location of this stadium is known for its very steep part.

Top-View of Mestalla Stadium
Top-View of Mestalla Stadium

What is the capacity of Mestalla Stadium?

The stadium is a place for football matches and players’ training, and also spectators can watch their favorite matches live by visiting these buildings. As a result, one of the most significant variables taken take into account while building a stadium is its capacity.

It should be noted that the Mestalla Stadium owner set up criteria to draw people to this venue, and one of these criteria is Mestalla Stadium’s large seating capacity. You might find it interesting to know that this stadium can accommodate 48,600 people at the moment, making it the eighth-largest in Spain and the greatest in Valencia, according to Mestalla’s capacity.

Which team plays its home games at Mestalla Stadium?

Valencia Football team matches its home games currently at Mestalla Stadium, where the team generally plays all of its games. Knowing that Valencia Football Club is a professional football club with its headquarters in Valencia can be helpful when referring to Valencia. Among the most renowned and common teams in Spain and Europe is Valencia. La Liga has won in this arena six times, combined with the European Super Cup twice, the Copa del Rey eight times, the UEFA Cup once, and twice finishing second in the European Champions League. Given that the Valencia club has an enormous following, many supporters visit the Mestalla stadium to see their beloved team play.

View of Mestalla Stadium
View of Mestalla Stadium

In what year was Mestalla Stadium built?

It is better to know that Mestalla Stadium was opened on May 20, 1923, with a friendly match between Valencia CF and Levante UD. At first, the capacity of this stadium was 17,000 spectators, which was increased later. The Mestalla was used as a concentration camp and storage warehouse during the Civil War. During the war, the stadium only preserved its structure, as other sections and the audience section were damaged. The stadium underwent rebuilding in the 1950s, becoming one that could hold 60,000 people.

This stadium was severely damaged in October 1957, due to the flood that broke the banks of the Turia River. Hence the Mestalla was soon renovated and opened with more facilities, such as the addition of artificial light in 1959.

In 1969, the stadium’s name was changed to Louis Casanova Stadium in honor of the club’s president, Louis Casanova Gainer. The change took years, when Casanova admitted that he was completely overwhelmed by such an honor and in 1994 requested that the name of the stadium be returned to Mestalla. Finally, it should be added that in the summer of 1973, another change took place in this stadium.

Mestalla Stadium, Valencia
Mestalla Stadium, Valencia

What facilities does Mestalla Stadium have?

Mestalla Stadium has a series of facilities and features that due to these features; football teams can easily hold their games in Mestalla. And also, the spectators can watch their favorite games live in this stadium without any problems. Now, the most important features and facilities of Mestalla can be mentioned: a suitable place for spectators, high capacity, suitable parking, high-quality grass, an air conditioning system, easy access to the stadium, etc.

Access ways to Mestalla Stadium

Mestalla Stadium is located exactly in the eastern part of the historical city of Valencia. If you walk from the cathedral or the central railway station (Estacion del Norte) to the stadium, you will not be more than 30 minutes away.

The stadium is accessible from any part of the city by metro lines. The Aragon metro station, which is on line 5, is located right next to the stadium. Line 5 also takes you to the airport.

If you are driving to the stadium from the north, the A7 road from Barcelona to Valencia takes you almost directly to the Mestalla Stadium. You can reach the stadium by entering the V-21 entrance that goes towards the city.

If you are coming from Madrid via the A3 road towards Valencia, enter the city at the Avenida del Cid exit. After reaching the hospital, turn left and turn right at Turia Junction. The stadium lies on the other side of the Calatrava Bridge, which is reached by proceeding along this street along the river’s course.

Mestalla Stadium, Valencia, Spain
Mestalla Stadium, Valencia, Spain

Cafes, restaurants, and accommodations near Mestalla Stadium

Mestalla Stadium is located in one of the busiest areas of Valencia, near the city center. There are many cafes and restaurants around the stadium where you can spend some time before watching the game. There is a wide range of hotels in the city of Valencia, and some good hotels are located near Mestalla.


Among Spain’s finest football venues, Mestalla Stadium has witnessed numerous periods of history and offers adherents an atmosphere that is unmatched. The Mestalla, the fourth-biggest stadium in Spain with a seating capacity of 55,000, has an individual design that has come to symbolize Valencia’s rich cultural legacy.

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