Málaga Festival: 20 Years of Spanish Cinema

Malaga Film Festival: Showcasing Spanish & Latin American Cinema

The Costa del Sol region’s principal city commemorates an occasion. The Malaga Film Festival is celebrating its twenty anniversaries by showcasing the finest works of Latin American and Spanish seventh art. Actors, directors, and industry leaders will once again walk Malaga‘s red carpet, which will stretch from March 17 through March 26 in front of the Cervantes Theatre.

The history of Málaga Film Festival

The inaugural edition took place between May 29 and June 6, 1998. The retrospective honored Montxo Armendariz; Fernando Fernán Gómez was the special guest. Salomón Castiel was in charge of directing the festival’s first 11 iterations. Carmelo Romero succeeded Castiel as festival director in 2009, serving in that capacity through 2012.

The festival’s original dates ranged from March to June. The most significant Spanish cinema releases from the previous year, including documentaries and shorts, are featured in several screenings at the festival.

The history of Málaga Film Festival
The history of Málaga Film Festival

The festival expanded its scope in 2017 by including Ibero-American works, leading to a more extensive official selection. Director Juan Antonio Vigar acknowledged the difficulty of deciding on March as the festival’s official date beginning with the 2019 edition in a statement from 2018. However, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the 2020 and 2021 editions’ timetable.

Are the Malaga Films in Spanish Language?

Although not all of them, most movies are in Spanish since the Malaga Film Festival honors Spanish-language filmmaking. Those who are the original version (VOSE) identify themselves as such in the program’s details.

The Mosaico Panorama International section of the 2023 Film Festival featured non-Spanish films that had received accolades but had yet to be shown in Spain.

Can you see famous stars in the Malaga Film Festival?

Although the list of VIP attendees has yet to be announced, it’s safe to assume that many well-known people will attend, as tickets for the Gala Night presentation sold out long ago. The area in front of the Cervantes Theatre, the Albeniz Theater, and the AC Palacio Hotel, where many stay, are the most significant locations for spotting celebrities. You can see them all on the enormous screen at Plaza de la Constitución.

Málaga Film Festival
Málaga Film Festival

Venues of the Malaga Film Festival

The official section film screenings and the opening and closing galas will all take place in the Cervantes Theatre. Following their release, these movies are screened in the Albéniz theater with films from the ZonaZine, short films up for competition, and special sessions. The Mara Victoria Atencia Cultural Center, the Malaga Picasso Museum, and the Echegaray Theatre are other festival locations.

Tickets of the Malaga Film Festival

The Unientradas web store is the most convenient place to purchase tickets. Additionally, they may be purchased over the phone at 902.360.295 and 952.076.262, in person at the screening locations (available at the Cervantes Theatre and Albéniz Cinema as of March 2), and at the new box office opening in the Plaza de la Merced as of March 16.

Is the Malaga Festival just about Movies and Films?

No, Malaga also hosts other events. Like:

Exhibitions: Spanish films are shown on Calle Larios, covered in a vast red carpet throughout the Malaga Film Festival. The most incredible images of celebrities attending the event over the past 26 years are included in this year’s theme, Paseo de las Estrellas (the stars’ promenade). From March 10 to March 19, the pictures will line the roadway.

Málaga Film Festival, Spain
Málaga Film Festival, Spain

Prizes and awards of the Malaga Film Festival

The festival concedes both honorary and competitive awards. Like:

  1. Best Director
  2. Best Actor
  3. Best Actress
  4. Best Feature Film
  5. Best Original Screenplay
  6. Best Film Editing
  7. Best Soundtrack
  8. Best Special Effects
  9. Best Cinematography
  10. Best Fiction Short Film
  11. Best Animation Short Film

The ‘Golden Biznaga’ for best picture is the top honor, and it is given to the finest Spanish and, in a distinct category, best Ibero-American films. Silver Biznagas are given to recipients of other awards, such as “Critic’s Choice” and “Best Direction”. The festival also holds roundtable conversations and panel discussions on topical Spanish film issues.

Film Festival, Málaga, Spain
Film Festival, Málaga, Spain


Documentaries, features, and short films in the Spanish Language are presented at this festival every year. So, it made Malaga became a center for discussions and debates, a place for meeting players in the film industry, and a venue for displaying various productions. In addition to honoring numerous industry experts, film series, exhibitions, and related events are planned. This festival is an excellent opportunity for those interested in learning about Malaga, a welcoming and diverse city.

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