From Oval to Football Paradise: Estadio El Arcángel’s Tale

The remarkable evolution of Estadio Municipal Nuevo El Arcángel and its rise to football glory

Córdoba, Spain is home to the multi-purpose Estadio El Arcángel. The football team Córdoba CF calls it their home field, and it is presently utilized largely for games.

The original stadium’s capacity was 15,425, and its form was roughly oval, with an athletics track separating the playing field from the spectator stands.

The stadium has been undergoing renovations since 2004 to turn it into a dedicated football venue. The stadium’s field was shifted closer to the west stand after three of the original stadium’s four sides were removed to make room for an athletics track. The east stand was the first of the three sides to be reconstructed, and it was transformed into a two-level structure with a massive eight-story office building behind it that is still unoccupied as of 2017. Following the East Stand’s lead, the North Stand and eventually the South Stand were also rebuilt with two levels, but with significantly lower second-tier heights.

Estadio Municipal Nuevo El Arcángel
Estadio Municipal Nuevo El Arcángel

History of Estadio Municipal Nuevo El Arcángel

El Nuevo Estadio Municipal’ El Arcangel’ was constructed in 1993 to replace the dilapidated Estadio El Arcangel in Cordoba.

Bowl-shaped, open-air, and featuring an athletics track, the new stadium was constructed 500 meters distant from the previous one and had a capacity of roughly 15,000. On November 7, 1993, the first league match between Cordoba and Recreative Huelva was played there.

Fans quickly grew dissatisfied with the new stadium due to the location of the stands in relation to the playing field. Since then, Cordoba has been making plans for a major renovation of the stadium, and it has only been 10 years. Construction on this structure began in 2005 and continued over the years that followed.

The pitch was relocated closer to the west stand, and a new stand was constructed on the opposite side. This was followed by the construction of two brand-new stands, one at each end; the most recent of these was finished in 2012. Plans to additionally reconstruct the west stand were considered but ultimately scrapped.

Estadio El Arcángel
Estadio El Arcángel

How to get to Estadio Municipal Nuevo El Arcángel?

The Estadio El Arcangel is situated in the northeastern part of the city of Cordoba. It takes roughly 15 minutes to walk between the Mezquita mosque and the Puente Romano Bridge.

It takes more than half an hour to walk from Cordoba’s main train station, which is located north of the city center, to the stadium. You may also wait for Bus 3, which comes around once an hour. You need to get off at Periodista Eduardo Baro.

Top-View of Estadio El Arcángel
Top-View of Estadio El Arcángel


Córdoba, Spain is home to the multi-purpose Estadio El Arcángel. It serves as the home field for the football team Córdoba CF and is mostly utilized for football matches at the moment.

Estadio Municipal Nuevo El Arcángel is one of Spain’s most famous and developed stadiums. We tried to share a brief profile of it in this article. Let us know if you’ve been to this fascinating stadium. You can share your experience with us through our social media accounts.

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