Top 11 beautiful Ibiza attractions

11 Best tourist attractions in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is among the most well-known, beautiful, and frequented of the Balearic Islands. The island may be modest in area, but it is jam-packed with exciting activities. Ibiza has a vibrant nightlife, but the island also offers a wealth of activities during the day. Ibiza is a beautiful island with a rich history to explore in Ibiza Town and relaxing beaches like Cala Llenya.

Top 11 tourist attractions in Ibiza, Spain

We’ve made a pocket list of some of Ibiza’s best attractions for those of you who are planning a trip to this magical island.

  1. Cala Llenya
  2. Dalt Vila
  3. Ibiza Cathedral
  4. Playa d’en Bossa
  5. Sant Antoni de Portmany
  6. Santa Eulalia des Riu
  7. Punta d’es Moscarter
  8. Es Vedrà
  9. Es Canar
  10. Portinatx
  11. Cala Comte

Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya might be a good option if you’re looking for a less crowded beach in Ibiza. The rather tiny beach is only ten minutes away from San Carlos. That also implies there will be fewer people there. This amazing beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Ibiza.

Cala Llenya is surrounded by pine forests rather than bustling bars and restaurants. Several families come to this beach for the calmer environment and the beach volleyball. Before hitting the beach on Sunday, don’t forget to peruse the stalls at the weekly Cala LLenya markets.

Cala Llenya
Cala Llenya

Dalt Vila

Ibiza Town, the island’s main port, is the island’s most popular tourist attraction. There is a fortified fortress with cobblestone alleys in Ibiza Town, and it looks out over the Mediterranean Sea. Eivissa is the name given to the city by its native people. Dalt Vila and Eixample are two of the neighborhoods that make up Ibiza Town.

Dalt Vila, also known as Old Town, is the historic district that overlooks the lake and is home to several excellent eateries and pubs. Eixample, often called Extension, is the lower neighborhood where most of the newest construction is located. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows is worth a visit since it has some of the nicest views in town.

Strong renaissance defenses erected by Charles V in the 16th century protect the tallest and oldest area of Ibiza Town. The walls were built to protect the city against both Berber pirates and sovereign troops, such as the French.

Ibiza Cathedral

You may have a great time exploring the maze of narrow, steep alleyways inside the walls of Ibiza Cathedral. Art galleries, unique shops, and convenient services like bakeries may be found in abundance here. Sometimes they lead directly out onto historic plazas like Plaza de Sa Carrosa and Plaza de la Vila, both of which are really attractive.

The cathedral dominates the skyline above the old city and offers a breathtaking view of the harbor below. Take a few minutes to wander inside and take in the 14th and 15th-century gothic panel paintings and gold and silver monstrance, as it is one of the top attractions in Ibiza.

  • Address: Plaça de la Catedral, 1, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain.
Ibiza Cathedral
Ibiza Cathedral

Playa d’en Bossa

It’s a common fact that the island of Ibiza draws numerous visitors due to its many luxurious beach hotels. Playa d’en Bossa is perhaps Ibiza’s most desirable beach destination and one of its best attractions. This beachfront resort is perfect for anyone seeking a relaxing beach vacation with all the amenities.

Being the longest coast on the island, finding a spot to set up your beach chair or daybed is a breeze. Playa d’en Bossa is where you want to be if you’re visiting Ibiza for the party scene. There are many places to go out till the early hours of the morning, including some that are set up on the beach itself.

Sant Antoni de Portmany

Sant Antoni de Portmany, or simply San Antonio, is the island of Ibiza’s second-most popular tourist attraction. It’s well known as one of Ibiza’s best spots to party until the crack of dawn, and the island is packed with clubs and bars that cater to this crowd.

Get the night started on Sunset Strip, where you can watch the sun go down from a variety of restaurants and pubs. The West End is where you’ll find most of the clubs and bars. You may spend days at the beach or wandering down the beautiful Passeig de ses Fonts, as long as you don’t stay out too late.

Sant Antoni de Portmany
Sant Antoni de Portmany

Santa Eulalia des Riu

On the eastern side of Ibiza, you’ll find the popular tourist attraction of Santa Eulalia del Rio. It’s ideal for individuals who want to combine their beach vacation with some culture and fine dining, and it’s only a short drive from Ibiza’s major airport.

Santa Eulalia del Rio’s extensive coastline promenade is a major tourist attraction in Ibiza. The promenade, which is lined with palm trees, provides access to the beach and allows for long-distance views of the coastline. Being a beachfront location, shopping and dining possibilities much outweigh the nightlife.

Punta d’es Moscarter

It’s incredible how isolated and wild Ibiza’s northern point can feel, given the island’s small size. This region of the island is home to pine forests, agriculture, and a coastline dotted with little resort towns tucked into secluded bays. This landmark is one of the best tourist attractions in all of Ibiza.

Put on a sturdy pair of shoes and take the Cliffside path from Portinatx to the lighthouse for a change of pace. It’s the island’s tallest point, standing at 52 meters, and it was constructed back in the 1970s. The hike through the juniper and pine scrub is difficult, but the views from the headland are well worth the effort.

  • Address: 07810 Sant Joan de Labritja, Balearic Islands, Spain.
Punta d'es Moscarter
Punta d’es Moscarter

Es Vedrà

The island of Es Vedra is one of the most interesting places to visit in all of Ibiza. Es Vedra is an uninhabited island off the shore of Cala d’Hort on the island of Mallorca’s western coast. Yet, it has a deep history of mystery and legend.

Es Vedra was associated with the Phoenician moon goddess Tanit, according to myth. In Homer’s Odyssey, the island was where the sirens attempted to seduce Odysseus away from his ship. Es Vedra is rumored to have a magnetic strength third only to the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. A cruise is a great way to experience Es Vedra and the surrounding area up close and personal.

Es Canar

On the island’s eastern coast, at a place called Es Canar, you’ll find one of the popular tourist attractions in Ibiza. Although it is perhaps most famous for its hippie population, it has much to offer visitors of all stripes. Es Canar has pine trees and sandy shores, providing striking contrast and stunning visuals.

Because of the abundance of places to do windsurfing and parasailing, it’s also a fantastic place for those who enjoy active vacations. The famous hippie market is something no traveler should miss. The market is held weekly, on Wednesdays, and is a terrific location to pick up unique gifts and souvenirs.

Es Canar
Es Canar


Portinatx is a resort with three beautiful beaches located on the northern shore of the island and one of Ibiza’s top attractions. S’Arenal Gros is the largest sandy beach, with smaller and less popular alternatives, including S’Arenal Petit and Playa Porto. There are sunbeds, merchants, and lifeguards at all three.

Apart from lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun, Portinatx is a favorite destination for snorkelers and scuba divers because of its pristine seas. It’s a fantastic destination for families and a superb jumping-off point for hikes along the coast. The best part is that each of the three main beaches is within easy walking distance of the majority of the area’s hotels.

Cala Comte

This beach on Ibiza’s western shore is often considered the greatest on the island. In the summer, you may take a bus or boat from San Antonio to get here, and the trip won’t take too long. When you finally arrive, you won’t believe your eyes with all the beauty that appears in front of you. The pristine nature and beauty of this island make it one of the best tourist attractions in Ibiza.

The beach is 800 meters long and follows the undulating shoreline. A tiny, wedge-shaped island lies offshore, contributing to the formation of enormous, lagoon-like pools of glistening blue water. In the summer, this is a popular place to watch the sunset, and the pubs on the cliffs behind will be packed with the crowd.

Cala Comte
Cala Comte

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