Barcelona Stay Guide: Motels, Hotels, Inns

A comprehensive guide to Barcelona's diverse lodging options and what sets them apart

If you only spend one day in Barcelona, you’ll want to stay forever, whether it’s because of the city’s beautiful location on the river or its amazing wine culture that goes back to Roman times.

Barcelona’s beauty will enchant you. This place has culture, food, and buildings that are unique in Europe. There are lots of things to see in Barcelona. Medieval quays, towers, cathedrals, and gates coexist with 18th- and 19th-century mansions in a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walk around the city to see it.

Barcelona is a big city with many places to stay at night, such as motels, hostels, hotels, guesthouses, inns, and other types of living. This article introduced some of these places, facilities and general differences between them so you can choose where you stay in Barcelona.

Motels to stay in Barcelona

One thing that makes motels unique is how they are set up, mainly in Barcelona. Rooms are usually placed around a parking spot so that cars are easy to get to.

Most motels have simple services and amenities that are good for short stays. Different rooms have different sizes, but they all have basic things like a bed, a private bathroom, a TV, and sometimes a tiny bar.

Many motels have parking spots close to the rooms so that guests can leave their cars there for ease and safety. Some motels have extra options like swimming pools, Wi-Fi, and continental breakfasts.

Motels are mostly for travelers on a budget, families, and people who want to stay somewhere cheap and convenient while traveling, and one of the most popular options on where to stay in Barcelona.



In cities and tourist spots like Barcelona, hotels are the most popular type of place to stay. They have rooms for work travelers, families, and tourists, among other types of guests. Hotels are usually bigger than motels, and they have a range of room types, from simple rooms to fancy ones.

Most hotels offer a lot of different services and amenities to make sure their guests have a pleasant and easy stay. Some of these are restaurants, exercise centers, conference rooms, room service, concierge services, and more options like minibars, flat-screen TVs, and work desks in the rooms.

Hotels are also known for having a professional staff that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help guests with their needs.

Hotels reach a wide range of people because they cater to different types of visitors with different tastes and budgets. The hotel business gives people a lot of possibilities, from cheap hotels to high-end, fancy hotels.


Inns and Hostels

Inns and hostels tend to be smaller and have fewer rooms than hotels. They often have unique designs, like old buildings or houses that have been turned into apartments. This adds to their character and charm. They are a popular type of accommodation in Spain.

A big part of making an inn a warm and welcoming place for people is making sure the rooms are comfortable. Amenities can be different, but they usually have comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and common places where travelers can hang out and talk to each other.

Inns are usually aimed at tourists who want a more personal and intimate experience and who value a sense of community and connections with people in the area. Bed and breakfast (B&B) places are often inns, and they take pride in serving homemade breakfasts and having a cozy atmosphere.

Inns and Hostels 
Inns and Hostels

Guest House

There are guest houses in Barcelona where you can stay. These are the only places for tourists to stay who need family or friends in the area. One thing that sets a guest house apart from a hotel or inn is that it only has part-time staff.

Many of the bed and breakfasts and guest houses in Barcelona are run by families, and the families live on the property. However, the families are usually not available in the evenings.

On the other hand, most family members work from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. because they may hire part-time home help. A hotel has staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while a guest house has less staff available. A guest house only has a few workers, so you usually have to make an appointment to check-in.

There has been a huge rise in the guest house business in Spain, especially in Barcelona. The guest house industry has come a long way in recent years. Now, even a house that has been turned into a guest house can offer amenities that are on par with 3-star hotels.

Guest House
Guest House

Lodging House

In Barcelona, “Common lodging-house” is a Victorian term for a cheap place to stay where people who are not related to each other stay together in the same room or rooms, whether they are eating or sleeping.

The slang words “flophouse” (North American English) and “dosshouse” (British English) mean places that are similar to popular lodging houses. A hostel is the most recent thing that is like this.

In Barcelona, there was no official meaning of the type of house that was meant to be included in the phrase “common lodging-house.” However, the above definition was used to have all places required by the Public Health Act 1875 and other laws registered and inspected.

The Public Health Act said that every urban and rural district council had to keep records of the names and addresses of the people who ran all the typical boarding houses in their areas, as well as the locations of those houses and the number of guests they were allowed.

Lodging House
Lodging House


An attempt was made in this article to introduce some different types of places to stay in Barcelona. Barcelona has no shortage of modern and popular accommodation types to offer. Hope this article helps you pick a place to stay in Barcelona that suits your budget and the number of people that you’re traveling with.

You should look into Barcelona hotels, hostels, or every place you plan to stay and pick one that meets your needs if you plan on visiting this beautiful city.

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