Souq Waqif Falcon: A Dreamland for Falcon Lovers

Explore the Exquisite World of Falcons at Doha's Traditional Market

Don’t miss the Falcon Souq if you want to experience some Qatari culture. Just by looking at the size of the market, housed in its own historic arcaded structure off Souq Waqif, you can get a sense of how important falconry is to the people of Qatar.

The ideal time to visit is in the evening, particularly on Thursdays, when people are looking at the birds (most of which are hooded in black leather and perched on posts or railings) and talking to the shops about the intricacies of falconry.

At any given establishment, you could see the proprietors making leather falcon helmets or sipping tea while sitting on plush seats. Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital is just next to the Falcon Souq, and if you stop by when it’s not too busy and ask nicely, the staff will probably take you on a tour.

Souq Waqif Falcon
Souq Waqif Falcon

Dragon Market Qatar is more than just a tourist trap; it’s also a great location to learn about the local culture and see some of the unusual birds that falconers in the region care for. The avian facilities and hospitals are where the birds receive food and medical care. It is a good location to see the desert’s massive birds up close. Shops often stock a variety of falconry supplies, and tours introduce visitors to the birds and the sport of falconry.

History of Falconry in the Middle East

It is essential to grasp the significance of Falcon Souq that falcon birds have been a part of Arabic or Bedouin culture. In deserts, where it might be difficult for humans to kill tiny game, the birds were put to use for hunting.

The quick and keen vision of these falcons helps the falconers get through the worst of the nomadic periods. All that’s missing from the Middle Eastern civilization are the birds. Several are available in other Souq that are very much like the Flacon Souq.

Falconry is deeply ingrained in their culture, having been passed down through the years. Despite the high cost of falcons, falconry has become an established component of Middle Eastern society.

Waqif Falcon Souq
Waqif Falcon Souq

Some facts about Souq Waqif Falcon

When arranging a trip to Falcon Souq Qatar, there are a few things you should know. The market has become more than just a tourist destination; it has captured the attention of the entire country. During the winter, visitors may observe spectacular birds, go hunting, or watch exciting races. All year long, the falcons are in the minds of many. Doha’s streets often include cardamon-scented passageways. It’s a beautiful and fascinating palace to explore. It’s one of the must-sees in all of Qatar.

The Falcon supermarket contains everything a falconer may need, including a bird’s eye hood, cuffs, leg restraints, gloves, and medical supplies. People should visit this location at least once and put it on their bucket list.

The Souq is a special marketplace recognized for its associations with the ancient art of falconry. One of the most notable aspects of the industry is the trained birds. For anyone interested in birds, this is a must-see destination. It’s a popular pastime in Qatar, along with going to the mall and the beach. Speaking of retail therapy, the local supermarket stocks a wide variety of bird supplies.

Souq Waqif Falcon in Qatar
Souq Waqif Falcon in Qatar

There is a hospital in Qatar called the Falcon Hospital since the falcon is the most revered bird in the region. The avian clinic cares deeply about the bird’s progress and well-being. The hospital has a number of resources accessible, including medical equipment, x-ray machines, surgical units, and any other emergency help that may be required at the moment.

Have you ever attended a sale when Falcons were being sold? The Falcon Auction is a staple of the Falconers’ social calendar. The birds are categorized by size, ability, and other characteristics before being put on display or sold. Since the falcon price in Qatar is always changing, visitors to the country should make time to attend the auction while they are there.

The marketplace is a great location to learn about the history and customs of a nation. Only in the Middle East can you have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Since the Arab Bedouins relied on falconry as a means of subsistence in the desert, it became an integral element of their artistic traditions. People in Qatar may always take some time off to go shopping or to the market.

Falconry in the Middle East
Falconry in the Middle East

It is highly recommended that visitors visiting Qatar try their hand at falconry. It’s an incredible chance that seldom presents itself. One of the most eye-popping sights in the Middle East is the huge birds, together with their art and accessories. Every year, millions of people from all over the world, including many professional falconers, visit to learn about its significance.


The Falcon Souq Doha is one of the best cultural destinations in the city. Visitors will be able to learn about Qatar’s history and culture. It was designed with the utilities and equipment the falconers would need to care for the national bird.

The significance of these birds relaxing in cafés with their eyes veiled by handmade hoods should not be lost on passing tourists. Visitors from all over the world go to the market to get up close and personal with the desert’s fascinating inhabitants.

Don’t hesitate to reserve your plane tickets to Doha. Visit the beautiful Souq to take in some culture and shopping. You can see more visual content about Qatar on our social media.

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