Family Fun & Relaxation at Sheraton Hotel Park Qatar

Family-Friendly Facilities & Playgrounds at Sheraton Hotel Park Qatar

Since its public opening in May 2016, Sheraton Park has been a favorite spot for weekend picnics, bike trips, and quiet afternoons with friends and family.

Located directly in the middle of Al Dafna, this eight-hectare green space is very next to the Sheraton Grand Doha Hotel. There’s a grassy pyramid-shaped hill that kids may climb as their parents take in the stunning panorama of West Bay and the Corniche.

What to do at Sheraton Hotel Park Qatar?

Wide paved paths traverse and encircle the park, making it ideal for a brisk run or a leisurely stroll with the family. Even at peak times, the sidewalks are broad enough for strollers and ride-on toys.

While strolling through Sheraton Park is pleasant, families may make the most of their time there by going on bicycle rides and having picnics. Young cyclists will like the park’s dynamic and interesting routes, which make use of its wide paths and geometric, almost labyrinth-like design. Some of the pathways, especially those on the north and west sides of the park, come perilously near the main road, and there were no obvious barriers at the time of writing to prevent youngsters from walking into the busy road.

Sheraton Hotel Park Qatar
Sheraton Hotel Park Qatar

After the kids have worked up an appetite from running and cycling, they may relax with a picnic in one of the many open, grassy places. There are five new restaurants in Sheraton Park, so there’s no need to bring along any additional food if you don’t want to.

The hotel’s dancing fountain is a tourist attraction that draws in guests of all ages. It shoots water straight up from the earth, and after 5 o’clock in the evening, it glows with rays of color. Allowing kids to splash around in the water is a nice perk during the warmer months.

Features & facilities of Sheraton Hotel Park Qatar

Visitors may be drawn to Sheraton Park’s lush grassy banks, but the park’s true star is the water. Children and adults alike will appreciate the five distinct fountain and pool sections.

In the northwest part of the park is a tidal pool where you may see a reflection of the landscape. The area leading to the park’s eateries, none of which were open at the time of writing, is animated by waterfall fountains. Water jets emerge from the earth in the Wadi Area, and there are also countless tiny ponds and streams.

Sheraton Hotel Park in Qatar
Sheraton Hotel Park in Qatar

Water jets hitting cymbals create melodic sounds in the Discovery Zone. The park’s many signage provides maps of its many sections, making it easy to turn finding the fountains into a game or even a treasure hunt.

In the park’s northeastern corner, there is a sizable, partially-shaded playground that is suitable for children of varying ages. There are three huge sandboxes, four little slides, two swing sets, and one swing set with complete bucket seats. The metal climbing frames and the skateboard ramp-like structure are great for kids of a certain age.

Parents may take a load off on the park’s large stone benches while still keeping an eye on their kids. The summer sun will be beating down on any benches that aren’t undercover.

There is a tiny workout zone with eight pieces of equipment just next to the playground, and it seems like it doubles as kid-friendly entertainment. Not only is there no cover over the training area, but the equipment is made of metal, making it unbearably hot to use in the heat.

Night-View of Sheraton Hotel Park
Night-View of Sheraton Hotel Park

Parking is free of charge immediately across the street from the Sheraton Grand Doha during non-peak hours. Sheraton Park, on the other hand, has its own 2,500-space parking garage that’s four stories underground.

Wheelchair and stroller access to parking garages, restrooms, and dining areas is made possible via lifts located throughout Sheraton Park.

There will eventually be five eateries in Sheraton Park. However, none of these were available at the time of publication. The Sheraton Grand Doha has various dining options within the hotel, and the Corniche has a few cafes as well.

Two restrooms are available in Sheraton Park. Both are below ground; the one near the playground and the one near the restaurants’ waterfall fountains.

View of Sheraton Hotel Park
View of Sheraton Hotel Park


The Hotel Park is a unique addition to the city of Doha. The West Bay neighborhood of Doha has become a popular weekend spot for families thanks to the area’s many parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and other amenities. Head to our Instagram for more photos and videos.

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