Shop, Dine, Play: Royal Plaza Mall Family-Friendly Taste

Experience a day of fun-filled activities for the whole family at Royal Plaza Mall

Royal Plaza is a stylish shopping mall in Doha, Qatar, in the Middle East. Royal Plaza is a trendy shopping center with 105 unique stores spread across three floors.

The mall’s planning and construction incorporated all the elements necessary to create a sophisticated and welcoming space. Visitors may easily navigate between floors thanks to thoughtful design.

The architecture of Royal Plaza is meant to evoke two different feelings. During the day, guests may bask in the radiance of the sun streaming in through the main skylight and eight other skylights. Another nice and relaxing atmosphere is created by the artificial lighting throughout the evening hours.

Visitors can leave their cars in the comfort of air-conditioned garages on either of Royal Plaza’s two basement parking levels. Two of the building’s seven floors are also devoted to office space for various businesses.

The mall features the best shopping in the state and a convenient layout that allows customers to easily browse the many stores.

Royal Plaza Mall
Royal Plaza Mall

Amenities & facilities provided for visitors to Royal Plaza Mall

The Royal Concierge at Plaza Mall Doha, Nestled on the ground floor of the mall, is available to serve you and offer answers to all your inquiries. It is an information hub where visitors are presented with all news like deals in process, ongoing promotions, and news on new collections.

No matter what your query is, the guest executives are there at all times to take care of all your inquiries. By doing this, the mall ensures that tourists enjoy the greatest possible experience of shopping in Qatar and that there are no unanswered queries.

The Royal Concierge is stocked with basic first aid supplies like bandages and disinfecting spray, and the kind staff will be pleased to provide these to guests if needed.

The Violet Room, a small banquet of the mall, is a fantastic venue for organizing theme gatherings. The area can seat up to 75 guests and is furnished with chairs, tables, projection equipment, a stage, and much more. The mall offers comprehensive food and drink options to its guests. The shopping center will handle everything for you, so you won’t have to.

Royal Plaza Mall's nights
Royal Plaza Mall’s nights

The mall has several amenities for children that visit with their parents. The Royal Plaza offers a variety of amenities, including those listed below.

The mall’s women’s toilets are equipped with changing tables for parents with young children.

The Royal Concierge sells disposable diapers for a small cost if your baby requires one.

The Royal Concierge can help you rent a stroller with a fun motif from the mall. The money is repaid to the guest when the stroller is returned.

At the food court of the Royal Mall in Doha, one of the nicest features is the availability of high chairs for infants and toddlers.

Royal Plaza Mall's Interior
Royal Plaza Mall’s Interior

Ray’s Reef, a new attraction within the mall, is one of the greatest locations in Qatar to take kids as young as six months old and as old as fourteen. The ceilings and walls of this area were designed to seem like the ocean floor, coral reefs, and other underwater characteristics to give children the feeling that they are actually under the sea.

The entire region is divided into age-specific sections. Role-playing games, arts and crafts, water play, bumper cars, and more may all be found here.

Meet Helen the Hermit, Polka Dot Polly, Elvis the Lobster, and more at Ray’s Reef! However, the party room must be reserved in advance if you plan on using it for a celebration.

The Royal Plaza Doha, like all the other malls in Qatar, has a theater where people may go and enjoy themselves. There are three theaters at the mall’s movie palace. The facility, which features the newest English, American, and Arabic films, is decorated in the style of a 1920s theater and has cutting-edge sound and projection equipment. Those who aren’t exactly the right height can use the available booster chairs.

The mall’s wheelchairs are provided at no cost to customers. Wheelchairs are available for single use at the Royal Concierge of Collection or by calling the shopping center in advance.

Royal Plaza Mall's View
Royal Plaza Mall’s View


Those looking to buy, relax, and have a good time in opulent surroundings can visit Royal Plaza. The mall’s design would mold a facility with a sense of elegance and comfort, making for a pleasant shopping experience at any of the stores located on all three floors.

The Royal Square Mall has changed the face of shopping in Doha and consistently impresses tourists with its innovative features, meticulous attention to detail, and tireless pursuit of entertainment quality. Head to our Twitter and Instagram for more visual content.

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