Understanding the Qatari Rial: Your Essential Currency Guide

Using Debit Cards & ATMs: Convenient Payment Options in Qatar

The Qatari riyal is the country’s official currency. The government of Qatar has formally recognized the Qatari riyal as the country’s legal tender, making it the only currency that may be used to pay for products, services, taxes, and debts within the country.

The State of Qatar, on the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula, uses the Qatari riyal as its official currency; its ISO 4217 currency code is QAR. One riyal is equal to one hundred dirhams in Qatar. In English, the money symbol is QR. The word riyal can also be spelled as a rial. The Central Bank of Qatar is responsible for issuing all currency in the country, with goals including maintaining price stability and controlling inflation.

Payment methods for travelers in Qatar

Finding the most convenient method of payment while traveling to Qatar might be challenging due to the country’s unique currency, banking system, and money conventions. Thankfully, several methods of payment have become standard around the globe.

Qatari Rial
Qatari Rial

VISA and Mastercard are taken at many businesses in Qatar, notably those catering to tourists.

You may make purchases at POS terminals and cash out at an ATM using a debit card that is linked and connected to your bank account.

Have some Qatari riyal bills on hand in case of emergencies, little purchases, or gratuities. In most cases, you may convert your funds at a bank or exchange bureau either before you go or after you arrive.

In-App Purchases: It’s important to research the availability of alternative payment options in Qatar since mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay are becoming increasingly common.

Prepaid travel cards can provide excellent value, security, and simplicity when you fill them with Qatari riyal.

Prepaid travel cards are typically the most cost-effective payment option in Qatar, as they charge far cheaper conversion rates for the Qatari riyal than credit cards or bank debit cards. Prepaid travel cards offer the same degree of security and convenience as your standard credit or debit card, and many allow you to maintain balances in multiple currencies so you may avoid DCCs and other hidden costs when you travel.

Payment methods for travelers in Qatar
Payment methods for travelers in Qatar

Exchange rates for Qatari Rial

Among the world’s roughly 180 official currencies is the riyal of Qatar. What this implies is that the Qatari riyal is traded against all other official currencies across the world, providing us with exchange rates.

There are a number of economic, political, and market variables that might affect how much one currency is worth in another. When one currency’s value rises relative to another, the exchange rate rises, and when one currency’s value falls, the exchange rate falls. Whether you’re planning a trip to Qatar or want to make some purchases or money transfers there, knowing the current exchange rate is crucial.

One of the first steps of traveling to Qatar is to find out the exchange rate of your country’s currency to the Qatari Rial. This will give you an overlook of your budget for traveling to Qatar.

Rial of Qatar
Rial of Qatar

The History of Qatari Rial

Gulf rupees, based on the Indian rupee, were used as Qatar’s currency until 1966. Qatar and the other counties that had been using the Gulf rupee abandoned it after India devalued it in 1966.

Initially using the Saudi riyal, Qatar eventually created its own currency after signing the Currency Agreement with Dubai on March 21, 1966. Prior to its devaluation, the Gulf rupee was equivalent to 1.0655 Saudi riyals, whereas the riyals of Qatar and Dubai were worth exactly one Gulf rupee.

On May 19, 1973, when Dubai joined the United Arab Emirates, Qatar began issuing the Qatari riyal independently of Dubai. For a period of ninety days, both the new and old notes circulated simultaneously.

Qatar’s currency
Qatar’s currency


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