From Dune Bashing to Star Gazing: Qatar Desert Safari

What to Wear & Bring: Essential Tips for a Comfortable Desert Safari in Qata

Qatar is one of the modern countries in the Middle East region. This country has grown greatly in tourism for several years due to increased comfort and recreational facilities. With its vast expanse of flat desert, Qatar is the hub for some of the best desert adventure activities, making it a destination for families and groups.

It is the largest desert area near the Persian Gulf, which extends to the Empty Quarter in the Arabian Peninsula. With the rugged terrain of these deserts, you can go up and down with rolling sand dunes. Doha Desert Safari is one of the most attractive tours in Qatar. On this safari tour, you can see the inland sea of Qatar and discover the beautiful deserts of this region.

Doha Desert Safari includes overnight Doha camping, ATV rides, Ford rides, group adventures, and other exciting activities. Qatar’s desert regions are the place for adventure in and around the country, offering you the best activities to make it the ultimate family vacation full of excitement and adventure.

Safari in the Qatar desert
Safari in the Qatar desert

Safari in the Qatar desert

Safari itself is an exciting activity, which can never be missed. With a safari in the Qatar desert, you can go up and down the sand dunes and discover the abandoned desert areas. Desert safari tours start with an SUV ride that goes up and down the sand dunes, where you experience the thrill of a breathtaking adventure. Depending on your schedule, you may reserve a desert safari trip in Doha, Qatar, including overnight and half-day itineraries.

Suitable equipment for desert travel in Qatar

For a safari in the deserts of Qatar, you should use a suitable cover depending on the weather conditions. In Qatar, you must wear proper clothes and a hijab. To avoid sunburn, you should bring long sleeve clothes, sunscreen, a hat, glasses, and enough water.

One-day safari in Qatar

A day safari tour in the Qatar desert starts early in the morning and ends late at night with meals and adventures throughout the day. One of the best things to do in Qatar, foreign travelers often enjoy this safari category as they can enjoy a full day of fun and excitement. Spending a full day in the deserts of Doha means discovering the panoramic beauty of the area, a memorable experience of adventure during the trip.

Qatar Desert Safari
Qatar Desert Safari

The experience begins with the best adventures, such as camel riding, four-wheel riding, henna, sandboarding and camel riding, and field volleyball in the evening. It ends with camping to relax under the moonlight at night. Spending a night under the clear sky of Qatar, watching the sunset and sunrise is the most enchanting sight. Finding the desert’s beauty is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Another attraction travelers enjoy on a full-day safari is spending time at a Bedouin camp in Qatar. In this Bedouin camp, tourists can enjoy a delicious meal and sit around the fire and eat at sunset.

Half-day safari in Qatar

With the short travel time of tourists, there is also an intensive schedule. Tourists can admire the captivating beauty of the inland sea and experience an exciting safari in the desert. Half-day desert safari tours are basically for those who want to experience it in the shortest possible time. The half-day Qatar desert safari tour starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon.

Desert Safari in Qata
Desert Safari in Qata

Morning safari in Qatar

For a morning safari in the deserts of Qatar, it is better to wear loose clothes, clothes made of natural fibers. The air in the desert turns a little chilly in the early morning and after dusk. Therefore, you should bring warm clothes with you, having the right shoes is one of the most essential options for a safari in the desert. On the morning safari, you can watch various species of desert animals and plants.

Evening safari in Qatar

The evening safari starts in the afternoon and continues until the end of the night. Therefore, there is no more burning sun and you can go to the desert with more comfortable clothes. But remember that the desert air gets cold at night and you should take a warm jacket with you.

One of the best things to try on a Qatar evening safari is Dune Bashing, an activity that every traveler dreams of enjoying. This exciting entertainment is called cars that pass through high and low sand dunes. Apart from Dune Bashing, camel riding is another fun activity that you can enjoy as part of an evening desert safari in Qatar. The approximate duration of the evening safari in Qatar is 4 hours, not to be missed.

Desert Safari, Doha, Qata
Desert Safari, Doha, Qata

Night safari in Qatar

On a night safari, you should bring camping equipment with you. A camping tent, sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, warm clothing, and further things are needed for this trip. It is advised to carry some winter socks, a jacket, and a hat with you because the desert has chilly nighttime air. You can spend the whole night watching comets and all kinds of big and small stars at night camping in the Qatar desert.

Wildlife in the deserts of Doha

One of the most attractive parts of the safari in the Qatar desert is its special plant and animal ecosystems. When you go to the south of the Qatar desert and Khor al Adaid, you can see animals such as Arabian gazelles, sea urchins, flamingos, foxes, and wild camels.

The best location for a safari in Qatar

Most of the desert tours in Qatar are in the Inland Sea. This spectacular and beautiful desert is located at a distance of about two hours of driving towards the southern borders of Qatar and the common border with Saudi Arabia. On the way to this beautiful desert, you will pass Bedouin settlements, camel herds, several camps, and a sea of golden sand. UNESCO has registered this tourist attraction. What distinguishes this place from other desert areas is joining the desert to the sea in one frame, so you may never find it anywhere else.

Desert Safari, Qata
Desert Safari, Qata

This place has golden sands and dunes of indescribable beauty that we suggest you don’t miss. Khor al Adaid Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Qatar, which completes the excitement of your desert tour. The best time to go on a safari in the Khor al Adaid desert and see all its beauty is in the early morning. Of course, at night, the soft sands covered with white seashells look special and spectacular under the moonlight.

Qatar Desert Safari Experience Details

  • Address: Qatar’s inland sea is the best place for a desert safari
  • Main highlights: Desert adventure like paragliding, hill climbing, camel riding, sandboarding, camping
  • Working hours: It will vary depending on the desert safari tour


The Qatar Safari is an exhilarating way to see the huge desert region of the nation, and there are also exhilarating optional side activities like camel riding, sandboarding, and hill climbing. Along with thrilling excitement, safari trips also let you take in the beauty of the golden beaches that sparkle in the sunlight.

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