Top places to visit when you’re in Qatar

Best places to visit in Qatar

Qatar is a country based in the western parts of Asia, next to the Gulf shoreline. The capital of Qatar is Doha which is a very beautiful city. Whenever you’re in Qatar, you can have the most fun and a memorable time.

Recreation centers and the unique nature of this country can truly make the best memories for every person with every taste and priority in travel. It doesn’t matter if you’re a shopping and fun person or you’re just simply fascinated with the history and pure nature of a country; Qatar can offer a great memory to you.

We want to talk about the best parts of this country in general and get an overall look over the opportunities for a traveler who wants to visit the country for the first time.

Coasts of Qatar

Qatar is a peninsular country and a big part of its border area comprises a long Persian Gulf shoreline of beaches and desert. Even the capital of the country (Doha) is based on the coast. East, north, and west parts of the country are surrounded by water. This geographic term has created an atmosphere for travelers around the world to come and visit the rocky and sandy beaches of Qatar every year.

Most of the coasts are public and open to everyone and you’re welcome to use these coasts anytime you want. But some of them are private and require a process of confirmation to get in.

Coasts of Qatar
Coasts of Qatar

There are some rules according to appearances that were established by the government that obligates every person who lives or travels to Qatar to wear and appear according to them which contains the coasts too. But the private coasts do not run under these rules.

On the coasts of Qatar, you can experience a lot of water sports like scuba diving, kitesurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, etc. This grand circle of choices makes it much easier for you to choose an experience.

Mosques of Qatar

Qatar is one of the Islamic and Arabic countries situated in the middle east which has over 2000 mosques that some of them are considered the sights of the country and part of the places to visit for tourists.

Mosques are a place for Muslims to pray in there but the unique architecture and atmosphere of mosques in Qatar make it a great place for tourists from around the world and other religions to visit.

Qatar has the most modern and glamorous mosques in the world that contains so much of the culture and history of Islam.

Desert experiences in Qatar

Bedouin tribes used to live in the deserts of Qatar and move across the desert to graze their animals. Nowadays this kind of living is outdated and no longer in the culture.

But today this tradition and way of living remain in the cultural history of Qatar and there’s an opportunity for tourists to experience this way of living for a few days and camp in the middle of the desert.

Desert experiences in Qatar
Desert experiences in Qatar

Other than that, there are a lot of unique experiences that you can have in the desserts of Qatar like a camel riding or going on a desert safari over the dunes in the desserts of the country.

You have the opportunity to sandboard in the desert or bike in the dunes, other options are paragliding or kitesurfing.

Museums of Qatar

Archeological discoveries show that human life and culture have existed from 50,000 years ago in Qatar and this long-term life and culture has given some great historical sites to the country and along with that, there are some great museums in Qatar that you can visit and learn about the culture and history of Islam, Qatar, primitive and history of the middle east.

Most of these great museums are located in Doha which is the capital of Qatar. Some of Qatar’s famous museums are named above:

  1. Museum of Islamic art
  2. National Museum of Qatar
  3. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim al Thani museum, etc.
Museums of Qatar
Museums of Qatar

Historical sites of Qatar

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the historical sites of Qatar preserve the signs of prehistoric life and some museums present this evidence for people to see and inform themselves about the history of Qatar.

But other than these museums you can go and visit the historical sites and have firsthand experiences around the history of Qatar or the history of human life.

There are historical places in Qatar that offer the exciting opportunity to explore the old forts, towers, and marketplaces that are the remainders of the past.

The rustic vibe and authentic experiences are the most offered things in the historical sites of Qatar.

Famous cafes and restaurants of Qatar

You can’t prove me wrong that one of the most exciting parts of every travel is the time that you get to try the local food. Qatar is an Arabic country and among the rich culture, they have great delicious food.

Czn Burak and Nusrat are two famous middle eastern chefs that are known for their great food and unique way of hosting and serving the food.

Famous cafes and restaurants of Qatar
Famous cafes and restaurants of Qatar

If you’re not a risky person and you don’t like to try new things, famous restaurant chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks have branches in Qatar that you can go there.

You can have a lot of unique and diverse experiences in Qatar. Not so many places and countries give their tourists this much of different choices. Qatar tried its best to give as many choices as it could, to its guests in the country.

When you are in Qatar you can have the experience of modern sports and recreation centers. Meanwhile, you can have experiences inspired by the history and culture of the country or see the untouched nature.

These multiple choices can be the reason that every year a lot of travelers around the world pick Qatar as their destination.

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