Travel guide to the pearl island of Qatar, Doha

The Pearl Qatar

The Artificial Island is situated on the shore of Qatar, the Pearl- Qatar known as one of the most popular places among people in Doha. The pearl flaunts perfect architecture and an idyllic atmosphere, it is one of the finest tourist destinations around the world. the Pearl is situated in the heart of Qatar and offers an outstanding experience to visitors. Luxurious and comfortable accommodation, delicious cuisine, entertainment, shopping, and whatever you want are available in the Pearl- Qatar. The Island was expanded by the United Development Company (UDC) and is situated 350 meters offshore of Dohaโ€™s prestigious. This man-made Island was the first progress in Qatar to devote freehold rights to international customers. Buyers and investors from all over the world, have capitalized on this island.

pearl island Qatar
pearl island Qatar


For people who desire to spend a night in a little secluded location, hotels near Pearl Island are the best option for them. There are numerous accommodations for a stay in loneliness that you can choose from based on your needs. Here, a list of hotels near The Pearl, Doha is prepared.

1. Hilton Doha Hotel

Hilton Doha The Pearl Hotel and Residences is a 5-star accommodation which is one of the excellent residences in Doha where all the rooms have ample space and are well-equipped with T.V., kettle, wardrobe, a private bathroom, sauna, and sun terrace. Individuals can experience world-class service in this residence. And also, by accommodating Hilton Hotel, Porto Arabia, Medina Centrale, and Lagoona mall are easily accessible for guests.

pearl island in Qatar, Doha
pearl island in Qatar, Doha

2. Marsa Malaz Kempinski

Marsa Malaz Kempinski is a fine and fancy hotel that offers people a luxury oasis. The hotel with its European and Arabian architecture overlooks the Arabian Gulf and ensures people have a luxurious and pleasant stay. the hotel offers unique facilities like Spa, a private beach, a tennis court, a fitness center, outdoor pools, a kidsโ€™ club, and also seven stylish restaurants and four elegant bars. Enjoying the hotel’s facilities is one of the things that everyone should do in Doha.

3. The Ritz-Carlton Qatar

Providing a variety of facilities like a sauna, massage, steam room, and pools makes The Ritz-Carlton Hotel a unique place. This luxury hotel features stylish rooms with sea or garden views. All of the rooms are equipped with a desk, a television, a private bathroom, a ceiling fan, and a TV. Moreover, its restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere serves the finest local cuisine and excellent desserts. Experience the best of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

4. Sedra Arjaan By Rotana

Sedra Arjaan by Rotana is one of the best Doha hotels to stay in which is situated across the coastal shores of the Arabian Gulf. The rooms have ample space and are well furnished to make travelers feel at home. the penthouse of the hotel offers travelers in the kitchen, living areas, and pool. The bathrooms are equipped with valuable facilities in each room and ensure guests have a full staycation. in Sedra Arjaan hotel, travelers can use the outdoor swimming pools, the Jacuzzi, and the fitness center to enjoy the comforts and leisure.

pearl island in Qatar
pearl island in Qatar

A shopping experience in Doha

The Pearl-Qatar is the place of an elegant lifestyle and you can find posh fashion and jewelry boutiques. The Gold Souq in the Pearl-Qatar puts itself apart with its unmitigated size and variety. if you want to explore everything in the Gold Souq, it may take days. so, as a suggestion focus on a certain interest. Popular buys contain pearls, jewelry, perfumes, dates, seafood, and the like.

Amazing spots in Pearl of Qatar

As soon as you walk on the island the extensiveness of the island will leave you in awe. travelers have many options with regard to the accommodation facility and it makes The Pearl spectacular for gusts. There are many things to do on Pearl Island and you are never bored. Inhabitants of the island enjoy a wide range of breathtaking hobbies and facilities, from art and dining to shopping, fitness, and fun. Here are some of the amazing spots at pearl island that individuals should put on their list as places to visit because no holiday is complete without seeking the beaches and spectacular spots of a place.

1. Qanat Quartier

Qanat Quartier is a spectacular and private area that blends Venetian charm with Arabian chic together. This area is called Qatarโ€™s own Venice. from low-rise buildings or their pastel-colored to intricate canals, stylish bridges, and pedestrian-friendly squares represent Qanat as Qatarโ€™s very own little Venice. A wide range of boutiques can offer a memorable shopping experience. you can enjoy several places in the Venetian of Qatar like visiting the mini Rialto Bridge, experiencing a water taxi, and using ice cream houses stretching down to the waterโ€™s rim.

Travel guide to the pearl island of Qatar, Doha
Travel guide to the pearl island of Qatar, Doha

All of them take you to the heart of Venice. Qanat is the hottest new spot for both locals and ex-pats to live. After reaching the pearl, a man-made island, the Qanat Quartier is on the left-hand side. Itโ€™s easy to get to and around, with regular water taxis and a certain kind of motorcycle named tuk-tuk that residents use on their journeys around the Pearl.

2. Porto Arabia

Porto Arabia which is known as the heart of pearl island is one of the most famous places of all. It is the heaven of food lovers, offering food stores that are serving mouthwatering cuisines that will persuade you to eat more than your capacity. Different parts of Porto Arabia, illustrate the Mediterranean vibes, modern lifestyle, and liveliness. The abundance of famous international brands, a wide choice of F&B options, and also five-star hotels and resorts, make Porto Arabia a complete destination for living, leisure, and recreation.

The abundance of famous international brands, a wide choice of F&B options, and also five-star hotels and resorts, make Porto Arabia a complete destination for living, leisure, and recreation. The area provides friendly accommodations and services. A range of residential choices is accessible in Porto Arabia, same as one to four-bedroom apartments, penthouses, and the like.

3. Medina Centrale

Medina Centrale inspires by the charming brilliance of the Mediterranean. The structure of the precinct contains a glorious green area, elegant canopies, and public plazas. Medina Centrale represents a simple living and it combines all the unparalleled qualities, traditional design, and luxuriance of the island in the most accurate way. you can also find some play areas in the Medina Centrale which have ample space for kids to play and socialize. And also, parents can relax in a calm environment while taking care of their kids. Celebrations and events regularly take place in the precinct because it turns into a place for walking on winter weekends.

Travel guide to the pearl island
Travel guide to the pearl island

4. Floresta Gardens

Floresta Gardens is situated in the East of the Viva Bahriya precinct in Alameda County and is one of the most valuable locations at The Pearl-Qatar. The garden can be home to more than 5,000 residents plus an enormous shopping center for convenient living. Floresta Gardens precinct shows various kinds of communities that are determined by the Mediterranean lifestyle and architecture. Floresta Gardens has an area of 145,967 sqm and, 115 villas within three gated villa compounds, ten mid-rise residential towers, and a 3,500 sqm shopping center. Moreover, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in the Floresta Gardens.

5. Costa Malaz

Costa Malaz is situated in The Pearl and offers a wide option of water sports. since Qatar is sunny all of the year even in the winter and has perfect beaches, so water sports lovers will have a memorable experience at Costa Malaz. you can satisfy your hunger by doing every kind of water sport under the sun, from stand-up paddling to standard surfing and kite surfing. This location is an oasis that is soaked in luxury and style. This marina is a favorite spot for sailing lovers too, fishing fans can experience the best fishing experiment. Enjoy visiting Costa Malaz.

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