Katara Green Hills Park: A Tranquil Retreat in Qatar

Walking Paths, Recreation and Majestic Waterfall River: Discover the Beauty of Katara Green Hills

Katara Hills Park is the ideal location if you wish to get out and enjoy a tranquil setting. One of Qatar‘s biggest parks is this one. You may select an area where you can relax and delight in the day. You can visit museums and see other exhibits while you are in the site. You can select the best one from among the many restaurants to eat.

Park for walking and relaxing in Katara Green Hills Park

Katara Green Hills includes about 361,500 square meters of grass and trees around the Katara Cultural Village. These gardens are divided into northern hills and southern hills on both sides of the village and have walking paths and recreational facilities.

The hills that give the park its name are home to about 3,300 trees from around the world and give a natural look to the Katara Cultural Village. Overlooking Katara Beach, Katara Green Hills provides a very pleasant place to relax and unwind at the same time.

Park for walking and relaxing in Katara Green Hills Park
Park for walking and relaxing in Katara Green Hills Park

The park’s fundamental information is provided below:

  • It is one of Qatar’s biggest parks.
  • Hills in the north and south make up the area.
  • The artificial slopes are ideal for hiking.
  • It is the only place in the nation where a river has a waterfall.
  • There are benches located beneath the trees in case you become tired from wandering.
  • The park’s decorative trees were grown in a number of nations, including the Philippines.

With all the lights illuminating the garden at night, the park also comes to life. Some restaurant facades have nighttime lighting.

Katara Green Hills Park
Katara Green Hills Park

The foreign eateries provide food from Armenia, India, Turkey, Egypt, and Paris. There are additional food options in the Tasty Street area. Food consumption is prohibited in the park’s manicured parts.

You can only image how freezing it may be when you ascend to the upper places if you visit the Katara Cultural Park in the winter. You should bring a jacket to stay warm.

Water Fall River

There are two sections of the Katara Hills Park: north and south. Go to the North Hill portion if you want to witness the waterfall river. You can unwind thanks to the water’s relaxing effects. You can rest your eyes while admiring the well-kept flora.

Katara Green Hills Park Water Fall River
Katara Green Hills Park Water Fall River

Other attractions at the Katara Cultural Village

If you wish to go outside the park, there are numerous additional sites to see. You may discover libraries and museums all across the village if you like those things. The mosques and amphitheaters have distinctive architectural styles. You can enjoy Qatari culture even more by visiting the planetarium and the galleries.

In addition, if you’d like to go swimming, you may also go to the shore. Children older than 6 can enter for QR 50 while adults must pay QR 100. Starting at 10 AM, the beach is open.

Access information for Katara Cultural Village

In West Bay sits the Katara Cultural Village. You can enter through the free entry located next to the Doha Exhibition Center. While you wait, you should enter through Lusail Street if you need to find a parking space.

The Doha Metro is a good option whether you’re using the bus or train. Get off at the Katara Metro Station by using the Red Line. Make advantage of the exit next to Galeries Lafayette.

attractions at the Katara Cultural Village
attractions at the Katara Cultural Village

To get to North Hills, travel to Shakespeare Street and cross the street. The South Hills, meanwhile, are close to the Pigeon Towers and the Katara Mosque.

The park’s operation hours are shown as 6 AM to 10 PM on the signage. There is no admission charge.


Katara Green Hills Park is actually the name given to the man-made green hills. These artificial hills have considerable splendor and are surrounded by beautiful plants. Katara Green Hills Park is one of the most ideal spots to visit in Qatar with family and friends.

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