The Cultural Significance of the Grand Mosque in Doha

The Grand Mosque in Doha: A Must-Visit Destination for Art and Architecture Enthusiasts

Mosques are always one of the most prominent symbols of Islam in all countries. Islamic art and architecture have beautiful subtleties that can attract any viewer. A structure or monument’s magnificence and beauty will be extremely attractive if we mix this exquisite art and architecture with modernism and new architecture.

The State Grand Mosque of Qatar is one of the country’s biggest mosques, titled after the Muslim wisdom and settler of the eighteenth century, “Imam Muhammed bin Abdul Wahab.” Imam Abdul Wahab Doha Mosque is located in the Al-Jubinat area of Doha. Al Jabinat is located south of the Cornish beach resort on top of the hill. This hill overlooks Qatar Sports Club in West Bay. The area allocated to this project is 175,163 square meters, of which 27,645 square meters have been built.

The exterior architecture of the Doha Grand Mosque

Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammed Al Thani, who founded Qatar, constructed the mosque’s original and primary structure in 1878. He built this mosque as a memorial for his father. The restoration of this mosque was started in 2006 with a budget of 420 million Qatari Rials. It should be highlighted that this mosque holds a particular position in the hearts of the Qataris, both politically and ideologically.

The main material used in the facade of this mosque is stone, which can be seen at a glance. During the repair and renovation of this mosque, it was attempted to create a blend of Islamic and traditional design, while also including signs of modern architecture. This mosque has eye-catching lighting that gives a effect to its facade and external architecture at night.

This mosque has 17 secondary entrances and 3 main entrances, the reason for the number of these entrances is the ease of movement of worshipers. If you can see this mosque from above, you will notice the large number of domes embedded in it, which are different in terms of dimensions. Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Doha has 90 domes. 28 large domes form the main hall and 65 small domes cover the outer area of the mosque. This mosque also has a large minaret.

The exterior architecture of the Doha Grand Mosque
The exterior architecture of the Doha Grand Mosque

The interior architecture of the Doha Grand Mosque

The places built in Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Doha can accommodate more than 10,000 male and 1,300 female worshipers. If the open space of this mosque is allocated to the worshipers, up to 30 thousand people can pray in it at the same time. The roofs are dome-shaped and carpets are spread on the floor of the building. Looking up at the ceilings as you go through the mosque’s hallways, you will see gigantic chandeliers that not only offer light to the structure, but also give it a wonderful aspect. This mosque has an air conditioning system in the women’s and men’s sections. Prayers are performed in covered halls and open spaces in the courtyards of the mosque.

The different parts of the building of the Abdul Wahab Mosque in Doha are:

The basement

  • It includes men’s ablution room.
  • It is a part of maintaining machinery.
  • Its area is 3853 square meters.
The architecture of the Doha Grand Mosque
The architecture of the Doha Grand Mosque

Ground Floor

  • The main men’s prayer hall is built in this place.
  • The women’s ablution room is located here.
  • On this floor, there is a special ablution room for people with disabilities and special needs.
  • Its area is about 121.17 square meters.

Half a floor

  • The women’s prayer room is located in this area.
  • If there is not enough room, male worshipers may use a location on this floor.
  • The library is on this floor.
  • 2 rooms have been installed for people who intend to memorize the Quran there. One room is for males and one is for women.
  • Its area is about 2,595 square meters.

Covered parking

  • The parking lot of this mosque consists of 9 parts.
  • Each part of the parking lot can accommodate 300 cars.
  • Its area is about 14,877 square meters.
Grand Mosque in Doha
Grand Mosque in Doha

VIP area

  • Only certain persons are permitted to enter this region.
  • Its area is 650 square meters.

The political significance of the Doha Grand Mosque

The Emir of Qatar inaugurated this mosque in 2011, and Muhammed bin Abdul Wahab was selected as its name. The imam of the Salafi community and one of the sect’s originators is Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab. This person’s history has had high ups and downs.

This mosque is politically important and the following reasons can be mentioned:

  • The opening time of this mosque coincided with the national anniversary of the establishment of Qatar.
  • It was possible that Sheikh Hamad, the Emir of Qatar, named this mosque after his father; But he didn’t. The Emir of Qatar named the largest mosque in Qatar after Imam Wahhabiun.
  • According to experts, this work is consistent with how the Qatari government supports Wahhabism.

When the Emir of Qatar opened this mosque, he mentioned it as a place for sincere invitations to God and reforming people. He also stated that he hopes this mosque will benefit the people and move with the spirit of the present time.

Grand Mosque in Doha at night
Grand Mosque in Doha at night

Entertainment places around Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Qatar

If you are done exploring this mosque and you still have enough time, you can also visit the tourist places around the mosque. We have listed these places for you in the order of their distance from Abdul Wahab Mosque. Among these places, the following can be mentioned:

Khalifa International Squash and Tennis Complex

  • It is one of the top athletic venues in the Middle East, and you have to plan your time no less than one day prior to playing there.
  • It has 24 playgrounds.
  • It can host 7000 people at the same time.
  • It has dining and entertainment halls.
  • Its VIP section is very luxurious and equipped.
  • Its distance to Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Doha is about 2 kilometers.

Albida Park

  • It is one of the biggest parks in Doha.
  • It has many facilities, including volleyball and basketball playgrounds, outdoor gyms, small and large stone structures, an amphitheater, camel riding trails, etc.
  • Its distance to Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Doha is about 2 and a half kilometers.

Park Sheraton Hotel

  • It is located next to the luxurious Sheraton Hotel.
  • A huge playground with immense sand pits and… situated in the park’s northeast corner.
  • There are rock climbing frames in this park.
  • A very beautiful water view is located in front of the hotel.
  • There is also a skateboarding field in the park.
  • Its distance to Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Qatar is about 2 km and 700 meters.
Grand Mosque in Doha, Qatar
Grand Mosque in Doha, Qatar

Museums of Msheireb

  • It is located in the most historical and oldest part of Doha.
  • It depicts the history of Doha from many years ago.
  • Before going to this place, make sure it is open.
  • Its distance to Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Doha is about 4 kilometers.

Qatar National Museum

  • The cultural heritage of Qatar has been displayed in it for the past years.
  • The exterior of the building is very beautiful and derived from the design of clay in the sand.
  • Its distance to Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Doha is about 5 km and 600 meters.

Tips for visiting the Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque in Qatar

  • When visiting this magnificent mosque, keep the following items in mind:
  • This mosque is strictly religious, therefore please wear a full veil when visiting.
  • The parking lot of this mosque is very wide; be sure to write down your parking location information completely.
  • You can enter the mosque for free.
  • The mosque is open every day of the year (make sure it’s open on public holidays in Qatar).


Jama Mosque (Imam Abdul Wahab) Qatar is one of the largest mosques in Doha. In addition to the magnificent architecture, this mosque has also created a mystical place for people. This mosque also has its beauty at night.

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