Best coffee shops in Qatar

Top 11 coffee shops in Qatar

You may enjoy a delicious taste of coffee and a cafeteria in the wealthy nation of Qatar. The below cafes must offer delightful cold and hot coffee flavors that will make you feel welcome if you’re looking for the top coffee shops in Qatar.

11 Best coffee shops in Qatar

  1. W Café
  2. Costa Coffee
  3. Cafe-Tasse
  4. Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar
  5. Al shurfa
  6. Angelina
  7. Espression by lavaza
  8. Mokarabia
  9. Nomad coffee
  10. Chac’Late
  11. Café 42

W Café

Some songs remind us of good memories, and we like to hear them again in some situations. Do you want to listen to your favorite music while sitting in a cafe? Have such an experience on your trip to Qatar by going to Cafe W. In this cafe; you can order your favorite song and listen to it while you eat your order.

Cafe W is one of the best restaurants in the west of Doha. This cafe has attracted the satisfaction of the local people of Qatar and many foreign travelers by offering delicious food and drinks and a pleasant and cozy environment. Cafe W is considered a very suitable option for friendly meetings and having a snack with your loved ones. If you visit this cafe, try its coffee and rainbow baklava.

W Café, Qatar
W Café, Qatar


Tase Doha Cafe is close to the well-known Doha Bazaar and the notable Qatari attractions, surrounded by ancient and new structures. This café offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages. After sightseeing in Doha and visiting its sights, visit Tase Cafe to relax.

Costa Coffee

Costa Qatar Cafe attracts coffee lovers with its ideal atmosphere and warm and cozy environment. Cafe Costa, which has branches in other countries around the world, is mainly famous for its herbal drinks and is a place you should never miss having a coffee while traveling to Qatar.

Costa Coffee, Qatar
Costa Coffee, Qatar

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar

Have you stomped over Pearl Island all day and are now unable to move? Now is the time to take into the beauty of the sea and the passing boats while sitting beneath the umbrellas of Ellison Nelson’s chocolate shop.

This cafe has branches in many Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, such as UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. The baristas of this cafe are very professional and create beautiful designs on lattes.

The customers of this restaurant have liked its hot chocolate very much, and most of them believe that it is unique. The friendly behavior of the officials of this cafe is a point that can be seen many times in the comments related to it.

The classic brownie of this cafe costs 18 rials. If you want to eat a chocolate sandwich cookie, you have to pay 55 rials.

Al shurfa

Al shurfa is the most luxurious coffee shop in Doha and the best one in the whole of Qatar. The coffee shop’s staff is kind and welcoming, and it has a roomy, airy ambience with a fantastic view of the city.

At the same time, you enjoy a great cup of coffee brewed by Qatar’s most excellent baristas using the best coffee beans from across the globe. Al shurfa is situated in Souq waqif’s Al Jomrok Boutique Hotel. This location completely deserves to be ranked first among Qatar’s most significant coffee shops.

Al shurfa, Qatar
Al shurfa, Qatar


If you’re searching for the most opulent coffee shop in Qatar, Angelina is the place to go. This formation’s heavenly design and furnishings truly live true to its moniker. When you enter the café, you feel like a king/queen entering his/her palace.

To preserve the brand’s status, they once again employed the top baristas in the industry and collaborated with the best roasters. This café is located in Gate Mall on West Way and also has locations in other cities. These facts demonstrate that Angelina is one of Qatar’s most fantastic coffee shops.

Espression by lavaza

If we were to compile a ranking of the best-tasting coffee in Qatar, Espression from Lavaza would unquestionably come in the first place. I think the decoration and seating are not as nice as the other items on the list.

They keep the café’s appearance basic with red and white hues, but the quality of their coffee is unquestionable. We propose that you take your coffee and have a good time. Espression may be found in Gate Mall.


The warm atmosphere and good musical taste are the primary reasons for Mokarabia’s appeal. But we must pay attention to the excellent quality of this place.

Mokarabia is located in opulent Doha. This café began its own company in Italy over a half-century ago.

Mokarabia, Qatar
Mokarabia, Qatar

One of the café’s pluses is the little library the owner provides to clients so they can read books while sipping their coffee.

Another advantage they have is the diversity of their cuisine. They serve a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and other items.

It’s also a suggestion from our staff. You can’t overcome the heat of Doha without the mokarabia’s iced mocha.

Nomad coffee

One of Qatar’s smallest and coziest coffee shops is called Nomad. There is an excellent selection of coffee on their menu for coffee enthusiasts, and their pricing is fair. Their coffee beans were sourced from all around the world.

Their own mix, a coffee with cinnamon and cardamom, is the most popular nomad coffee. In any case, whether you like a traditional espresso shot or a flat white depends on your own preferences.

The Souq Waqif and the Msheireb are connected by a tunnel where this coffee shop is situated.


Chac’Late Café offers the greatest chocolate brands from Switzerland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. You may even discover the best and most genuine handcrafted Arabic tastes here. It is one of Doha’s most elegant outdoor coffee cafes. The café is created uniquely. You share a delicious cake or waffle with a healthy cup of coffee with a friend or family member.

Chac'Late, Qatar
Chac’Late, Qatar

The fresh biscuits and cooked cakes melt in your mouth like hot chocolate. It is excellent for chocolate lovers who want to pair it with a cup of coffee. The cafe’s décor is intriguing and admirable. It is preferable to visit this location if you enjoy the taste of chocolate and coffee. It is located in Katara Cultural Village, Building 15, Doha, Qatar.

Café 42

One of the founders of specialty coffee is Café 42. On D-Ring Road, Café 42 is situated directly outside Al Emadi Hospital.

One coffee establishment that you won’t regret visiting is Café 42. Thanks to the restaurant’s welcoming employees, who always have a grin on their faces, and the prompt service, you will feel at home.

They are also well-known for their delectable drinks, such as well-brewed arabica coffee beans and various pastries, sandwiches, and other items.

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