Al Zubarah Fort: Secrets of a Desert Fortress

Journey to the Heart of Qatar's Historical UNESCO World Heritage Site

Qatar is an Arab peninsula with an arid desert and a long shoreline of dunes and beaches along the Persian Gulf. Its capital city is Doha, home to the limestone Museum of Islamic Art, one of the world’s foremost museums of Islamic art and skyscrapers.

Given that it is a fast-growing country, you can find a lot to do in Qatar, but it is small.ย Qatar offers a combination of old and modern, permeated with Arab traditions and cultures, and has a supernatural modern horizon.

Qatar’s architecture entices tourists to come and see its rich culture and unique structures. Al Zubarah fort is one of these architectural structures. If you want to learn more about Al Zubarah in Qatar, read the rest of the article.

Al Zubarah fort

The Al Zubarah or Az Zubarah archaeological site was built in 1938, located on the northwestern coast of Qatar. This fort 2013 was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The site, located approximately 100 km northwest of Doha, stretches 2.5 km from the Al Zubarah Fort to the coast.

Al Zubarah fort
Al Zubarah fort

This city, founded in the middle of the 18th century, became the country’s largest and most significant settlement. It could attract the attention of other Gulf countries.

Although this site abounded in the early 20th century, now it is covered with remains of houses, mosques, madaris (date presses), large fortified buildings, and a shop.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has become essential in preserving the rich history of early Qatari culture, introducing people to how residents live, and developing a long-distance trading platform.

In this article, we explain Al Zubarah from different perspectives.

Let’s see what you will learn about Al Zubarah in Qatar.

Al Zubarah: one of the historical & archaeological sites of Qatar!

Al Zubarah: one of the historical & archaeological sites of Qatar
Al Zubarah: one of the historical & archaeological sites of Qatar

Arabian architecture

When you look at the structure of the Al Zubarah in Qatar, it reminds you of Arab and Gulf fortification architecture.

This is because of pointed crenellations, traditional type of roof, a mix of square and round towers, and sloping walls.

In addition to its striking structure, the fort has thick walls that protect residents from invasions and act as insulation in the summer.

All of the windows and doors in this building are made from wood and secured with traditional sliding bolt locks.

Several ventilation holes can also be seen on the walls. You can feel a cool breeze blowing against them even during the hottest days.

The courtyard

A typical example of 18th-century architecture, Al Zaburah in Qatar, mainly consists of courtyards, which are common in the Middle East and are a traditional form of Arab architecture.

A large courtyard is in the center of the fort, which is square. Assembling the soldiers would take place here.

Upon entering this area, you are given a panoramic view of the scenic landscape. Three circular structures, one rectangular structure, and a tower are located at each corner of the fort.

The sides and towers of the building each house have a few exhibits that you can explore.

The courtyard
The courtyard

The Well of Al Zubarah

Al Zubarah Fort’s well reaches 10 meters down, providing residents with fresh drinking water throughout the year. It was dug by hand through a dense limestone bedrock to access clean water.

While in the past, people used a wooden bucket to collect drinking water.

Only one well on the surface is visible, which is currently arid and barricaded to protect visitors.

Beauty showcase

What makes Al Zubarah in Qatar a more fantastic place for tourists is that it serves as a showcase for them.

Al Zubarah offers visitors an exhibition of flora and fauna that illustrates its hidden beauty.

Each circular plate contains information about different wildlife species on the interactive table at the end of the exhibit area. Upon lifting, the plate reveals an image of that animal or plant.

Information about Qatarโ€™s Past

If you are interested in learning about Islamic archaeology, you can explore Al Zubarah Fort.

This fort exhibits Qatar’s Islamic archaeology and heritage, which allows visitors to know more about it.

Because a team of experts from Copenhagen University started cooperating with Qatar Museum, more information about the heritage site is being provided.

Information about Qatarโ€™s Past
Information about Qatarโ€™s Past

The Nature of Al Zurbarah

This site is a significant example of human interaction with the desert and the sea.

As a pearling and trading site, Al Zaburah in Qatar allows residents to use the natural harbor to make a living.

The economy of Al Zubarah in Qatar is closely related to the sea as it provides sustenance, wealth, and trade for the people of Al Zubarah.

Traders used the seaside of Al Zubarah to bring foreign trade, and pearl divers explored the deep oceans for wealth. Additionally, fishermen relied heavily on fish for food.

Gallery inside the Al Zubarah

You will see a gallery on the right-hand side of the building when you enter. There’s a wall decorated with black-and-white photos of abandoned Al Zubarah in Qatar villages. A showcase frame is a living example of ruins and structures from the town.

You will see benches throughout the gallery, allowing visitors to rest and enjoy the gallery.

Gallery inside the Al Zubarah
Gallery inside the Al Zubarah

Final words

Qatar, as mentioned earlier, has become one of the best places for a vacation because of its wide range of places for sightseeing, exciting activities, and rich cultures.

Due to Qatar’s wealth, it has made significant progress in investing in tourism and providing high-quality facilities for tourists.

This article discusses Al Zubarah, one of Qatar’s most popular tourist attractions.

This structure is an extensive historical archeological site founded in the 18th century, where you can learn about Qatari Islamic archeology.

This article aims to give you some information about Al Zubarah in Qatar and help you decide whether or not to visit it.

Please let us know in the comments if you have questions or experiences about visiting this site.

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