Lights, Camera, Action! Al-Rayyan Film City Takes the Stage

Unveiling Qatar's Spectacular Film Production Hub

AlRayyan Film City (Al Rayyan) is a contemporary artificial located on one of Qatar‘s most picturesque sites. It is entirely deserted and includes the Dahl Al Misfar Cave and ZekreetBeach, making it a must-see.

Visitors may have stepped into one of the ghost towns of the American west, with unusual palm trees instead of tumbleweeds providing a visual treat in the never-ending arid landscape.

You can have an exciting vacation in Al Rayyan with incredible things to do. The municipality offers many fun experiences, including desert plains and exotic beaches.

Visit this article to learn more about Filmcity (Al-Rayyan) if you are planning a trip but still need to figure out where to go.

What can you do while visiting Al Rayyan?

Al Rayyan city lies in the most thriving metropolitan area west of Doha and includes a historical attraction.

A great way to enjoy Al Rayyan is to stroll along the lively streets and explore its world-class facilities, especially its rich Arab culture.

To enjoy more adventure in Qatar, venture out to the countryside of Qatar, which is rich in natural wonders such as deserts and beaches.

Check out this list of cool things you can do during your visit to the film city (Al-Rayyan). These spots may be out of the way, but don’t worry; it’s worth the trip to gain memorable experiences.

Al-Rayyan Film City
Al-Rayyan Film City

Zekreet Beach

In Al-Rayyan, Zekreet Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches for a peaceful holiday in Film city (Al-Rayyan).

Beautiful scenery with clear turquoise waters, a peaceful ambiance, and sandy shores entice more people to this natural paradise. Within 85 kilometers of Al Rayyan, the beautiful waterfront promenade is a haven of tranquility.

Asoul-soothing vacation awaits you on the dramatic coast. If you want to escape the crowd and enjoy a day with your loved ones in serenity, then Zekreet is the right place for you.

AlRayyan offers adventure activities such as snorkeling and swimming.


Those of you who are passionate about nature and seek thrills might enjoy a visit to Mystery Village if you plan to visit Zekreet Beach in Film city (Al-Rayyan). This is because it is near Zekreet Beach and you can visit both together.

It takes about 90 minutes to reach Mystery village from Al- Rayyan. Traveling through the Zekreet peninsula will take you across rugged terrain and a wide-open desert. For this journey, it is better to use 4*4 vehicles.

Built to film a TV series for ArabicTV, this village was built to look like an old village that has never been inhabited.



TheMusfur Sinkhole is the deepest cave in the Qarar Film City (Al-Rayyan) and provides shelter for those running away from the heat.

Although there are many caves in Qatar, the Musfur Sinkhole is believed to have a diameter of 100 meters, the deepest cave in Qatar.

Inside the Musfur Sinkhole, climbing boulders enables you to get some exercise and can be a pleasant place for those interested in meditation.

It takes about 45 minutes to reach Musfur Sinkhole from Doha.

Barzan Towers

The reason behind the building of Barzan Towers is to protect Doha’s water source. This tower offers a unique view of the sea and is one of the places you can visit in Film city (Al-Rayyan).

The structures are located in the village of Umm Salal Mohammed and are 16 meters high. You must drive 25 minutes to visit them.

Since the roof is made of bamboo, mangrove branches, and wooden poles, it demonstrates Qatar’s architectural power. Spot wooden magazines (gutters)protect the building from excessive rainwater.

Barzan Towers
Barzan Towers

Al WajbahFort

Al Wajbah Fort is the oldest fort in Qatar, Film City (Al-Rayyan), built in 1893 for battle. The structure was a witness to the Ottoman victory against Qatari forces.

In 10 minutes, you can drive to AlWajbah Fort from the center of Al Rayyan. The watchtowers are the first thing that may draw your attention when visiting.

You will enjoy seeing the weapons that are used during battle.

Dukhan PublicBeach

Dukhan Public Beach is a fantastic coastline, 75 kilometers away from Film city (Al-Rayyan), including golden sands and sunsets, making the beach a peaceful place to relax.

You can enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of the beach and refresh your mood by taking a bath there.

At Dukhan public beach, you can have a barbecue or camp on the sand for the night or try diving and exploring the rocky reef further offshore.

Dukhan PublicBeach
Dukhan PublicBeach

Afghan BrothersRestaurant

You can taste the most delicious foods here and enjoy the flavor of Qatari foods in Film city (Al-Rayyan). This restaurant offers world-class hospitality and is known for its culinary skill in preparing traditional Arabic cuisine.

Enjoy a special dessert after the main course meal and end up with a hot beverage for a genuinely soul-satisfying experience.

Al KaranaLagoon

Al Karana Lagoon is a fantastic destination for those who want to enjoy quiet time and beautiful nature, which is 60 km from Al Rayyan.

Be sure that you will experience peaceful moments here and can discover the mesmerizing flora and fauna. Taking food, water, medicines, and an umbrella in Al Karaana Lagoon, Film City (Al-Rayyan), is recommended because there is no store nearby.

Al KaranaLagoon
Al KaranaLagoon

Villagio Mall

Villagio Mall in Qatar provides entertainment, family fun, and retail in a luxurious setting. Here, you can enjoy shopping for top international brands and the finest local designers in one spot.

The split-service system enables you to enjoy feeding along with shopping.

MATHAF ArabMuseum

If you are interested in design and art, particularly modern and contemporary art, you must visit the MATHAF Arab Museum.

It has been designed by architect Jean Nouvel and helps you to become familiar with this unique entity of culture. It provides visitors with an outstanding gallery to discover either ancient or modern visual art.

MATHAF ArabMuseum
MATHAF ArabMuseum

Final words

Film City (Al Rayyan) is one of Qatar’s most thriving metropolitan areas located on one of Qatar’s most spectacular sites; Film City is completely deserted.

There are amazing things to do in AlRayyan for an unforgettable vacation. From desert plains to exotic beaches, the municipality provides a variety of thrilling vacation activities.

This article describes the most worthwhile places to visit in Filmcity (Al-Rayyan). This article will assist you in choosing a suitable destination for your next trip.

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