Kunafa Lovers Unite: 7 Best Places to Try in Qatar

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These Delectable Kunafa Treats

There is no doubt that Qatar is one of the most picturesque places to visit, as it is rich in culture and has many sightseeing spots. If you are looking for a place to travel, consider putting Qatar on your travel itinerary.

You can have an enjoyable time in Qatar, visiting sightseeing places or trying delicious dishes. Different types of sweets can be found in Qatar, such as Baklava, Mahalabia, and Kunafa.

If you are traveling to Qatar, try Kunafa in Qatar, which offers the best ones. If you love Kunafa but need help finding the best places to enjoy it, read this article. We introduce you to the best Kunafa in Qatar in the rest of the article.

What is Kunufa?

As this dessert originates from the Middle East, some people may need an idea about Kunafa. We explain to you what Kunafa is in the “best Kunafa in Qatar” article.

Kunafa or Kunafeh is a delectable dessert soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup called attar made from spun pastry called kataifi.

It is filled with cheese or other ingredients such as clotted cream, pistachios or nuts, depending on where you get it. Along with Kunafa, sugar syrup is served warm. Aside from Turkey, you can find this dessert in Greece, the Balkans, Iran, Qatar, and Lebanon.

What is Kunufa?
What is Kunufa?

Taste the Magic of Qatar’s Top 7 Kunafa Desserts

When you travel somewhere, you want to gain the best experiences regarding food, culture, adventure and more.

As a visitor, you may want to taste Kunafa dessert, but you need to know where you can find the best Kunafa in Qatar.

Let’s now explore some of the best Kunafa restaurants in Qatar:

  1. Al Aker Sweets & Bakeries
  2. Konafa Factory
  3. Al Bisana Restaurant
  4. Dr. Kunafa
  5. Kunefe House
  6. Yasmin Palace Restaurant
  7. Nafeesah

Al Aker Sweets & Bakeries

The first place we want to introduce in this article is Al Aker Sweets & Bakeries.

Al Aker Sweets & Bakeries is the first place that comes to mind when one hears the word ‘Kunafa’ or any other Arabic dessert. So, this place is one of the best Kunafa in Qatar.

Kunafa, a cheesy, tasty dish, is prepared right in front of you in this store so that you can see the entire process from beginning to end. This ensures the highest level of quality while you enjoy it.

This bakery is located on Al Salwa road, so call them at 4411 3111 for more details about their services, offers, and hours of operation.

Al Aker Sweets & Bakeries
Al Aker Sweets & Bakeries

Konafa Factory

One of the best popular places in Qatar to try delicious and delicious desserts like Kunafa can be found in Konafa Factory.

A Konafa Factory in Tawar Mall makes some of the nation’s best and finest desserts.

If you need more information about their operational timing or location, you can call them at 4432 5409.

Al Bisana Restaurant

At Doha city’s Shakespeare St., the Al Bisana Restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious desserts.

Undoubtedly, the Kunafa served by Al Bisana restaurant is a must-try and highly recommended by its customers as they have tried it, and it is one of the best Kunafa in Qatar.

You can be confident about the dessert quality by reading other people’s comments.

If you want more information about the available services and timings, you can call 4408 1200.

Al Bisana Restaurant
Al Bisana Restaurant

Dr. Kunafa

Dr. Kunafa is a famous place to find Kunafa in Qatar to enjoy tasty dishes, located on Wholesale market street in Doha.

According to the comments that we have gotten from both residents and tourists, Dr. Kunafa serves the premier Arabic dessert in the area.

For more information about this outlet’s daily schedule, contact them at 5071 7444.

Kunefe House

Kunefe House can be a wise choice for those who want to taste the best Kunafa in Qatar.

Traditional tastes of the Middle East are present in its flavor, which has remained in your memory for years.

The outlet has attracted more clients throughout the years due to the fresh ingredients it uses to make its Kunafa.

Aside from the Kunafa, you can try other Arabian dishes here.

To contact Kunefe House, dial 3100 1453 to be informed about their services and how you can book.

Kunefe House
Kunefe House

Yasmin Palace Restaurant

Yet you need help finding the best Kunafa in Qatar; let’s see what Yasmin Palace Restaurant is like.

After reading this section, try Kunafa in Qatar.

The Yasmin Palace Restaurant is a Lebanese restaurant that offers you a delicious experience of eating Kunafa.

Known for its Middle Eastern cuisine and especially its Arabic desserts, like Kunafa, this restaurant serves authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in a peaceful atmosphere.

You can reach them by calling this number 44111503 or 44111502 to ask about the services they can provide for you.


When it comes to the most delicious and memorable Kunafa, sweats from Nafeesah shouldn’t be overlooked. The Kunafeh bun box is our favorite.

The Kunafa box contains eight pieces of deliciously flavored Kunafa; they are filled with syrup and accompanied by pistachios!

In addition to Kunafa, you can get other tasty Arabic sweets in the box. Nafeesah is the best Kunafa in Qatar.


Let’s recap

As mentioned earlier, Qatar is one of the great places for vacation, which can deliver memorable experiences to visitors. Along with visiting beautiful places, tourists can enjoy Qatar’s delicious cuisines and dishes. Many favorite sweets in Qatar can draw visitors’ attention; among these sweets, we focus on the best Kunafa in Qatar.

What is kunafa, and where can you find the best Kunafa in Qatar were discussed. If you have yet to try Kunafa, it is recommended to try it in Qatar since the best Kunafa in Qatar is served.

We hope this article helps you to find the best place for Kunafa in Qatar to gain a memorable experience.Please share in the comments where you decided to try the best Kunafa in Qatar and what you thought about it.

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