Visiting Kuwait? Here’s Your Complete Visa Guide

Your Ultimate Kuwait Visa Handbook: From Application to Approval

Kuwait is a small country near the Persian Gulf. While it lacks the commercial appeal and glitz of its neighbors, it makes up for this with a fascinating history and quaint atmosphere. There are a few must-sees in the nation that will make for an unforgettable visit.

The government of Kuwait has made obtaining a visa easy for visitors. E-visas, which may be applied for on the government internet, has just been implemented. Only citizens of certain countries and GCC nationals are eligible to use this service.

Residents of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman are qualified to apply for a Kuwait e-visa. Residents of any of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, including India, are eligible to apply for a Kuwait e-visa.

The official website allows you to check the progress of your Kuwait visa application at any time. The Ministry of the Interior of the State of Kuwait provides a simple way to check the status of your application, papers, visas, etc. To find out where your visa application stands, all you need is either your passport number or your visa number.

Kuwait visa types
Kuwait visa types

Kuwait visa types

Kuwait visa requirements and eligibility vary by nationality and length of intended stay in the country.

  1. On arrival, if you’re flying: If you are a citizen of one of the aforementioned countries and are visiting for a short period of time without the intention of working, you may be able to get a visa upon arrival.
  2. eVisa: The eVisa application process may be completed online. If you are a citizen in one of the countries that we already mentioned and are visiting Kuwait for less than 90 days and have no plans to find permanent employment there, you may be able to apply for an eVisa.
  3. In the consulate or embassy of Kuwait: If you are not a citizen of a country that offers an eVisa/VOA or if you want to stay in Kuwait for more than three months, you will need to apply for a visa at one of Kuwait’s diplomatic missions.

Kuwait eVisa

Applying for a Kuwait eVisa may be done online at the Ministry of Interior website. Simply respond to some questions about yourself, your travel plans, and your passport. Visa fees can be paid online using a debit or credit card; a scanned copy of your passport’s bio page must also be attached.

Verify if there are at least six months left on the passport’s expiration date.

The online application for a Kuwait eVisa takes only a few minutes to complete and is often approved within three business days.


If your application gets accepted, you will get an email from the Ministry of Interior of the State of Kuwait. If you want to enter Kuwait, you’ll need to print this out and provide it to immigration officials upon arrival.

To enter the nation, you will need to pay a charge of KD 3 (around USD 10).

Kuwait visa on arrival

Traveling to Kuwait without a visa is possible for citizens of certain countries; visitors may then apply for a visa upon arrival. Only flying travelers can make use of Kuwait’s visa-on-arrival service. You’ll need to show your passport (valid for at least another six months), your plane ticket, and the money for the visa. You might also need to bring in the following:

  • Your Kuwait visa application form. To submit an application, you can find one on the website of the Kuwaiti embassy in your country.
  • Photographs are the size required by most passport agencies.
  • Documentation of a secure place to live and sufficient funds to live on are required.
  • Business-related paperwork, such as a letter of invitation, may be required.
  • There is a KD 3 (about USD 10) entrance fee.
Kuwait visa on arrival
Kuwait visa on arrival

Kuwait visit visa

A Kuwaiti business or a family member who is a permanent foreign resident in the nation must sponsor a tourist for a visit visa. A tourist to Kuwait can obtain a visa and have his passport stamped at the nearest Kuwait embassy.

A faxed copy of the visitor’s passport can be used by the sponsor in Kuwait to apply for the necessary visit visa. The traveler can go to Kuwait after receiving a visa copy through fax.

Then, upon arrival in the nation, they can meet each other at the airport to exchange original visas. The sponsor can drop off the visa paperwork at a designated desk in the arrivals area. At a similarly dedicated station within the immigration area, the traveler can get his original documents. The original documents must be presented to complete admission procedures.

Business visit visa

Getting a visa to enter Kuwait takes around 2 business days. Business travelers can have their hotel secure a visit visa for them in around 7 days. Visit visas for business are another option for those who are traveling for business to Kuwait.

A sponsor is required to apply for a business visa to Kuwait.

Kuwait visit visa
Kuwait visit visa

Required documents to get a business visit visa to Kuwait:

      • A Kuwaiti backer or sponsoring firm
      • The sponsor completed the visa application and security form for entry into Kuwait.
      • A photocopy of the visitor’s passport
      • An official record of the sponsor’s signature for use in commerce
      • The original or a copy of the letter of invitation from the sponsor to the company outlining the goals of the visit.

Relatives Visit Visa

Family members from other nations are welcome to visit their loved ones residing in Kuwait. There are zero prerequisites or requirements. If you have family or other ties in Kuwait, you should be able to use your visitor’s visa to travel there.

The following items are necessary to apply for a visa to visit family:

      • Claim to or demonstration of kinship
      • Valid passport copy of the guest
      • The original and a copy of the sponsor’s (or the sponsor’s immediate family’s) civil ID card.
      • Proof of current wages for an international sponsor

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