Memories of Kuwait City: Top 5 Must-Buy Kuwait Souvenirs

From traditional garments to exotic spices: explore the best souvenirs to bring back from Kuwait

There is more to Kuwait than Islam. Everything from a distinct local culture to a thriving economy driven in large part by the oil sector can be witnessed in this region. These factors keep drawing foreign workers to the United States in search of greater employment opportunities. This article can help you get the answers you’re seeking if you want to know what presents best symbolize the magnificent country of Kuwait.

If you’re an ex-pat in Kuwait and you’re able to return home for a visit, you can offer your loved ones thoughtful presents and mementos. Use this opportunity to wow them with the finest of Kuwait that you can provide. If it’s a tradition in your culture to bring presents back to loved ones when you travel, they’ll certainly appreciate your gesture.

In this article, we are going to talk about Kuwait’s best souvenirs and the best places in which you may find these products. Hope it comes in handy when you are planning a trip to this beautiful country.

souvenirs to bring home from Kuwait
souvenirs to bring home from Kuwait

Top 5 souvenirs to bring home from Kuwait

Let’s take a look at Kuwait’s top 5 souvenirs which you can bring home from this colorful country.

  1. tote bags
  2. wooden shields
  3. metal or woodwork figures
  4. Perfumes
  5. gift boxe

tote bags

A tote bag is a great souvenir to pick up when traveling to a new place. There are simple tote bags with printed pictures or text, as well as more elaborate tote bags with well-considered color combinations and design details.

As souvenirs of your trip to Kuwait, you might purchase an embroidered tote bag from a local shop. You can find them at souks and tourist shops all throughout Kuwait. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

tote bags
tote bags

wooden shields

Shields were used to protect soldiers from harm during battle. These days, miniature versions of them are commonly made and used as ornaments or decorations, especially for display on a wall or mantle. There are some that are round, others that are triangular, and all sorts of colors and patterns in between.

Wooden shields are standard, and we propose them as a nice keepsake option that won’t weigh you down too much. They are considered one of Kuwait’s best souvenirs. Some shields are designed to be hung, while others may double as serving trays. Souq Al Mubarakeya, a market in Kuwait City, is a good spot to look for wooden trays.

metal or woodwork figures

A metal or wooden figurine is one type of souvenir you may take home with you, as it is one of Kuwait’s top souvenirs. Arabic script, patterns, or even an image may be engraved on a few of them. Common souvenirs in Kuwait include camels, models of the Liberation Tower, and ships made of metal and wood bearing the word “Kuwait” inscribed on the side.

Metal, wood, and hybrids of the two can be found in souks, mall gift stores, and airport shops. There are plenty of options for non-clichรฉ souvenir shopping in this Middle Eastern nation. Arabic teapots and teacups, platters, wooden cups, and vibrant lamps may also be found for sale in shops and marketplaces.

metal or woodwork figures
metal or woodwork figures


Perfumes are a popular souvenir for the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait. They do this as part of their hygiene regimen because they value having a pleasant aroma when going about their day, whether at work or with friends and family. There are several options for purchasing fragrances in modern-day Kuwait; nevertheless, consumers need to take care to ensure they are purchasing authentic brands.

Keep in mind, too, that fragrances are made in this nation. Authentic perfumes from well-known companies like Abdul Samad al Quraishi or the Fragrance Kitchen (located in Kuwait) are great souvenirs. In any case, oud-based high-end perfumes are a great alternative.

gift boxes

You might present a gift box as a keepsake to a friend or family member who enjoys collecting trinkets, as it is one of Kuwait’s top souvenirs. Why not surprise your loved ones with a little wooden shield or other gifts within the box?

Keep an eye out for them at your neighborhood shopping centers; they may be found in a variety of materials, from paper to acrylic. You may also pick up some wooden or even metal boxes while you’re here.

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